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Harder-Than-It-Looks Backstroke Set

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA

UD3 Drill = “Up-Down” 3 strokes. Swimmer lifts one arm out of the water, brings it back down to the hip, then lifts it again and takes three strokes onto the other side. Repeat.


Monday - Hold the pace

As we start building towards the ACAMIS championships, swimmers need to get more used to feeling uncomfortable at times in training to take their performance to the next level. 155 more words

Swim Sets

A bit of variety

Well done to everyone who did the time trials last week and all of your fantastic efforts.  In December we are going to do a bit of variety and do a few different strokes.   81 more words


Wednesday's Practice: Backstroke Technique

Working on

  • rotation
  • underwater pull (bent elbow)
  • head position
  • Turnover

Warm up


150 fr 50 bk

Drills set – fins (600/1000)

10×50 @ :50… 102 more words

Practice Set

Free and Stroke Set for SCM

Ryan Woodruff
Head Coach
Lynchburg YMCA

We performed this set in a SCM pool, same as for most of the sets I post during the September-May time period. 39 more words


Monday - Freestyle catch / Backstroke rotation

This set is designed to support swimmers in improving their freestyle catch at the top of the stroke and improve body rotation to generate a stronger backstroke pull. 138 more words

Swim Sets

Backstroke body rotation

Generating power in backstroke comes from have a fast flutter kick and the ability to be able to use the arms and shoulders in the pull. 164 more words