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Australian Parliament seeks better backup and disaster recovery services!

The Australian Parliament Services has said it needs to improve disaster recovery and data management services in its premises. Following a power outage, which led to a meager data loss, the Parliament House data Center has issued a notification seeking sophisticated and up-to-date solutions in this segment. 139 more words

Disaster Recovery

How to pick a backup disaster recovery solution for your business?

Disaster Recovery solutions available in the market are many and varied these days. However, it is becoming extremely difficult for the CEOs and CTOs to make a prudent decision while shopping for a complete… 728 more words

Disaster Recovery

Things you should know about Data Continuity!

Data Storage is becoming a valuable asset to companies dealing with data deluge in their premises. This is due to the fact that data sets are turning into crowned jewels and data continuity plans as essential enterprise commodity tools. 683 more words

Disaster Recovery

It will never happen to me!

I think we can all agree that your company data is the life blood of your organization.  Spec sheets, product descriptions, spread sheets with accounting data….the list goes on and on.  576 more words


What is a disaster recovery appliance and how does it offer data continuity?

Disaster Recovery (DR) in storage sense is nothing but to have a quick and easily accessible copy of data in question. A disaster recovery appliance, takes this concept a step further by adding processing ability to the data. 563 more words

Disaster Recovery

Backup Exec 3600 Customers

On October 10, Symantec announced that they would stop selling the Symantec Backup Exec 3600 appliance.

In response, this promotion allows abandoned users to trade-up their existing BE3600 appliance to a comparable Recovery-Series Appliance for… 146 more words

Backup And Disaster Recovery

Why is keeping your backup environment in sync with your storage environment so important?

“Forty-two percent of small organizations have experienced data loss and thirty-two percent have lost files forever”

Everyday we sell storage to our clients and our first question is always “How are you going to back this up?” Sometimes we’ll get an honest answer, but some of the most common responses we get are “We already have a plan in place” in reality, they don’t or “We don’t have budget right now.” I get it, we don’t like to think about disasters, we don’t want to spend money on things that may never occur…. 358 more words

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