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Data backups alone cannot save your business!

Data loss can play havoc in enterprise world and this was proven in a recent survey conducted by Federal Emergency Management Agency. According to the survey, there are only 40 percent of businesses which survive after a data loss and another 25 percent fail in just one year. 411 more words

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San Mateo Insurance Carrier counts StoneFly as valuable asset for VM Backup and Disaster Recovery

SAN Mateo based Insurance Company providing services to policy holders in more than 39 states in America is relying on StoneFly Z series DR Backup appliance to store valuable server and workstation backups. 723 more words

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How to move away from legacy storage systems?

Data storage world is constantly getting updated with latest technological innovations and this is where enterprises using legacy storage systems are getting obliterated.

With various aspects of storage evolution marching forward (like hyper converged storage, usage of all flash systems, Software Defined Storage, Scale out NAS, data value and data security), it can prove fruitful to consider the other side of adopting innovation cycle, i.e. 338 more words


StoneFly CDR365 Disaster Recovery offers direct cloud backup!

StoneFly CDR365 Disaster Recovery software application when installed on customer’s data storage solution offers secure and automated data backup to secure cloud storage. This application combines easy to use interface with a powerful functionality making a disaster recovery plan simple, affordable and reliable. 282 more words

Disaster Recovery

How to plan for a data backup and disaster recovery in law firms?

Disasters bring in inexorable and lasting damages to businesses and law firms are no exception. This is due to the fact that, disasters can drive lawyers out of a firm’s office, prevent access to critical client files, disrupt communications inside and outside of the firm, and ultimately put time-sensitive matters at risk. 980 more words

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Data Storage predictions for 2016 from IBM viewpoint!

Data Storage world is said to witness a slew of changes in year 2016 and that’s from the viewpoint of IBM’s Chief Technology Officer Andy Walls and Dr. 657 more words


Powerful blast at Glasgow City Council’s data center !

Glasgow City Council data center has crashed the previous day halting all the IT systems operating in the premises. The cause of the data center crash was probed to be a fire accident and that was due to a faulty air conditioning unit setting off its fire suppressant system which triggered a powerful blast of gas shattering the building. 96 more words

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