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I Don't Trust Android or iOS for Managing My Data

As of 2017, mobile device has become an inseparable part of human life. You bring it wherever you go, and use it in every occasion. You may be looking at screen while walking, eating or even during conversations. 395 more words


Mail Backup X – Backup Mozilla Thunderbird Email Files in no time

Best Mozilla Thunderbird for Mac Backup Application

If you want a capable Mozilla Thunderbird Backup Tool, this is your best option.

The Mail Backup X program… 580 more words


Code42 ends consumer CrashPlan backup plans to prioritize business services

”Code42, the company behind the CrashPlan online backup service, stopped accepting new subscribers for its CrashPlan for Home plan on Tuesday, with the backup firm shifting its focus away from consumers to enterprise and small business customers,” Malcolm Owen reports for AppleInsider. 229 more words


PostgreSQL: Dump Shortcuts

Creating a Database Dump

$> pg_dump -U postgres -d db_name -W --verbose > dumb_file_name.sql

For example, if we want to create a database dump for database… 58 more words


Do You Need to Retain End-User Data?

An end-user data strategy for most organizations begins and ends with data protection. Certainly the ability to backup and recover user devices is critical and the most high profile component of the strategy, but retention of end-user data may be more important to the organization. 405 more words


Database Backup and Restoration

This guide describes how to make a backup of a server’s MySQL databases.

Back up all databases

1. Execute the following to back up all databases in screen. 270 more words


Whats going to happen to Flickr?

I remember a long time ago back in probably 2004 or 2005 there was this new photo sharing site called Flickr.  Back then there weren’t a lot of places to upload your photos for MySpace except for maybe Photobucket (maybe I still have an account there, I think I should check….) but Flickr was different in that it had lots of tools to edit your photos.   670 more words