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Hvor skal man tage Backup til nu - lokalt eller i skyen?

Data er livslinen for din organisation. Du, som IT systemadministrator, kender dette udmærket gennem de daglige prøvelser med, at babysitter dine it-systemer, gennem trustration og tænderskæren for at få tingene op at køre igen, når de går ned. 387 more words


中東・アフリカの通信事業者がジェムアルトのクラウドバックアップソリューションを採用、加入者の連絡先30億件以上を保護 [ #cbajp ]

デジタルセキュリティの世界的なリーダーであるジェムアルトは、現在中東・アフリカ地域だけで携帯電話の電話帳に登録されている連絡先30億件以上が、LinqUs Cloud Backup ソリューションによって保護されていることを発表しました。この市場をリードするソリューションは、現在同地域の通信事業者22社によって展開されており、そのうち90%がジェムアルトのSaaS(サービスとしてのソフトウェア)型で提供されるフルオペレーションサービスを採用しています。



54. Exploring El Capitan--The Dashboard

I have always used the dashboard feature of Apple’s operating systems from way back.  When I upgraded from Yosemite to El Capitan, I didn’t do a clean install, so I assumed that all the settings including all my widgets and sticky notes on my dashboard would remain in place just as the folders on my desktops have always done upon upgrading. 1,128 more words

Operating Systems

Google your own organization

Welcome to National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2015. Or as I would put it – Business as Usual. Today’s topic is online presence and what attackers can find out about your organization. 446 more words


Uber Goes Unconventional: Using Driver Phones As A Backup Datacenter

A revolutionary step in the Datacenter Backup/Replication and Storage Technology – different from the traditional database replication approach wherein the the master data center is considered the Golden Source and Reservoir of Data and in case of any fail-over, the Master Data store overwrites the client side data (which in turn may affect the end user experience by wiping/overwriting any recent data) : 30 more words


7zip Helper Batch File

7zip is an open source archive utility. 7zip has a nice GUI to create basic archive but you need to switch to command line if you want to include/exclude folders. 269 more words