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Err...Aherrrm. Have You Changed Today's Backup Drive?

It’s inevitable. At some point, if you’ve got BackupAssist managing a pool of multiple drives or cartridges, the person responsible will forget to change them. 202 more words


BackupAssist v9.3.0 - Important Exchange Backup Fix, and New Restore Search Feature

Developer Cortex I.T. have just announced the latest point release of BackupAssist, and it’s a version we’re highly recommending you upgrade to.

In addition to the usual minor tweaks and improvements, there are two particularly good reasons we recommend you upgrade… 415 more words


What is a System Protection Job and How Does it Work?

I’m frequently asked by customers to explain exactly what’s happening when BackupAssist performs a ‘System Protection’ job, so I figured a blog post on it was well overdue! 938 more words


BackupAssist v9 - Faster Backups, Rapid VM Recovery, VHDX Support and more...

Exciting stuff this morning – the latest major version of the ever-popular BackupAssist has been made live on our site and there’s lots in it to talk about. 524 more words


We Need You! Join the BackupAssist v9 Beta Test Program

Our Australian friends over at BackupAssist have been working hard to make sure v9 is the best release yet. They could however, really do with your help in testing the Beta version (released this morning) to make sure it’s as good as it possible can be come the final release. 434 more words


The Great BackupAssist Renewal Sale

If you, or one of your customers, own a copy of BackupAssist with expired upgrade cover (you can check here), for the next four weeks, we’re offering a brilliant opportunity to bring it up to date (which also reinstates the free technical support cover). 342 more words


The BackupAssist MultiSite Manager

BackupAssist’s MultiSite Manager (BAMM) is here, and if you’re a registered partner program member, it’s completely free for your own use.

If you manage more than a handful of BackupAssist customers, I hope this will be music to your ears, particularly if you’re spending more time than you’d like checking the many emailed backup reports coming in from your various client sites every day. 767 more words