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How to create a 'Private Cloud' backup to a Synology NAS using WebDAV

If you are looking for an efficient way to backup files, folders or application data to remote locations the BackupAssist Cloud Backup Engine is the ideal solution. 105 more words


How to Perform a Cloud Backup with BackupAssist

Utilising the cloud to store backups is a great way to add a secure offsite location to your backup strategy. 58 more words


How to unlock troublesome Zip backups in BackupAssist?

Since the introduction of GDPR and related regulations an increasing number of BackupAssist customers are looking to tighten up security on their backups especially backups using the File Archiving engine by enabling encrypted zip backups. 251 more words


Amazon Lightsail - Removing The Last Barrier Between Your Small Business and The Cloud?

Managing your overheads.

It’s just one of the endless art forms you need to master when you take the decision to become the owner of a small business. 1,517 more words


How to Back Up to Amazon S3 Using BackupAssist

On-site or off-site backup.

Which is right for your business?

When you’re thinking about the backup approach that best fits your small business, committing solely to one option is unlikely to be the silver bullet you might like. 1,137 more words


Office 365 Backup Without Lock-in - BackupAssist 365 Briefing Note

The popularity of Office 365 continues to increase. Organizations large and small are adopting the service for office productivity and communications. Office 365 provides excellent service availability. 757 more words