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How good are your backups?

Spider (my Spare Cat) by Mike Shields, Attribution-NoDerivs Licence

An email from a student this week reminded me how often people don’t have an adequate backup strategy for their work. 249 more words

Using Your Tools

Lite-On failure --> NewEgg fail

Lite-On has a great reputation for quality and performance in optical media burners.  I’ve used them (among others) since the 90s and have never experienced a failure. 165 more words


Why Backups are Important

The following infographic is a fantastic illustration of the critical function backups play in today’s data driven world.  Read through and when done, click on the CloudVault link at the bottom of the page to learn how it ensures your business follows the 3-2-1 rule. 43 more words


Veeam backup CIFS static Data Archiving

Have your static files and storage space reached a critical point? Is there a cheaper way to archive the data without paying a high price for an archive solution? 1,338 more words


Data Retention

We all assume that we can keep information forever in our new digital world.

This is not true. Data behind information does corrupt or lose integrity over time. 180 more words


RAID your backups

Let’s start with a very brief definition of some RAID levels.

  • RAID 0 : Stripe your data across multiple disks. Writing a portion of the data to each disk.
  • 544 more words
Microsoft SQL Server

SaaS の調査: データ損失の原因を比較すると、ユーザー・エラーがハッキングを圧倒的に上回る

SaaS and Cloud Computing: Data Loss by User Mistakes Far Outnumber Loss By Hacking

By Dick Weisinger – May 5th, 2016


80 percent of businesses report that they’ve experienced some level of data loss at some point.   236 more words

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