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What to keep & what to delete.......

One thing I have not learned over this last year is to back up my files. I’ve been told time & time again but as of yet I have not really done very much about it. 405 more words


Use Amazon S3 for quick-and-dirty MySQL backups

I manage a few basic web applications, and recently had to make a potentially breaking database change. I thought about just dumping out the database to a .sql file so I could restore it later, but then figured I might as well kill two birds with one stone, and solve the problem for good. 237 more words


My last csh script is gone, replaced by org-fied bash

My oldest extant operational script was the one I used to back up my files at home. It’s now gone and has become a small literate programming (you be the judge) example, complete with definition of key environment variables in org-mode data blocks which are then defined in bash via eval, and in-line collection of run results (via… 20 more words


Back Up Your Work!

I had a mini-heart attack this morning. Okay, it was actually a major heart attack (figuratively speaking).

I plugged in my thumb drive to add a note to my epic fantasy manuscript and saw, to my horror, that my Scrivener file I saved last night after typing was gone! 329 more words


Backing Up the Backup

When I was about seven, a police officer held a speech in my class on why children shouldn’t cross streets outside of traffic lights and so. 394 more words

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cPanel - All Account Migration

Set of simple Scripts which will simplify your cPanel account migration when transfer tool in WHM is not helping you:
1) We need to get the list of user accounts first. 267 more words


Early Warning: Traffic Alerts Coming This Weekend

It’s only Monday, but I’m already thinking ahead to a tough weekend on the roads. A couple major construction closures, combined with a couple major events…you get the idea. 226 more words