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Finding the Offending Directories | FreedomPenguin

Sometimes you really don’t want to back up certain things on a computer. I wrote this article to show how I diagnose when too much is being backed up.

Minimalism versus Product "Back Ups"

november 18, 2015 | by mercedes | filed under: makeup

This is the entirety of my “back up” stash. Not new terminology to beauty junkies, some of us like to hoard multiples of our favorite products, for fear we’d ever be without them. 89 more words


5 Easy Steps to Back Up Your Photos and Videos

Your photos and videos are valuable, irreplaceable…and fragile. Digital photography makes it possible to capture and store thousands of photos, but a malfunctioning disk or power surge can rip them all away in a moment. 103 more words


Finding Recent Files | FreedomPenguin

Here starts my new series of articles on making backups on the command-line. The heart of the process is the “find” program.

Which Storage Device is Best for Backups?

From the largest organization to the single home PC, the importance of backing up data has never been as critical as it is now. With more and more information being stored electronically the more essential its safe keeping becomes. 1,319 more words



Today, I’m going to touch on a few guidelines I’ve picked up for giving a presentation (PowerPoint, flip chart, white board, etc.).

One concept we spoke about in my PIO class (from the previous… 279 more words


VaultPress to the Rescue!

This site is hosted at WordPress.com, which means I don’t have to worry about backing up my content or breaking things. (At least not when I’m blogging — and so far I haven’t broken anything while working, either. 338 more words