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The Re-Invention of Real Food

My generation – Gen-X – and subsequent generations have been raised eating food from a can, a glass jar, a packet of powder mixed up and microwaved. 665 more words


Aussie Backyard Bird Count Begins

We were up and counting before breakfast and I’m certain just the intention behind looking for bird activity produced some rather interesting discoveries. Click here… 42 more words


White Ibis Survey

This follows the post on the National Australian White Ibis Survey running this week.

The boys and I were up early this morning. Nothing unusual about that really. 308 more words


Season of Peppers 2017

I’ve let this go.  I’m never home!  But when I am, it’s precious time and it’s usually spent with mom and/or a turtle.  So nothing much on the house front to report other than the garden.   100 more words

On Living

When Backyards became Backwards

“Wow, you’ve got a garden… you’ve actually got a GARDEN!”                                        Bemused Visitor

I don’t recall a time myself when backyard gardening changed. Not a precise moment.

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Seed Saving Basics

The Basic Rules of Seed Saving

1) Plants of the same species are close genetic relatives and can cross breed or interbreed. It is best to grow either different species of a variety or have them flowering at different times. 1,010 more words


Garden Update: Cincau Perdu.

Sudah lama nggak sempat ngupdate kebun halaman saya. Kemarau panjang dan serangan penyakit karat serta kutu putih membuat kebun menjadi merana. Jadi saya memilih untuk mengistirahatkannya sebentar untuk membantu memutus penularan penyakit-penyakit itu. 101 more words