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Creating A Year Round Garden With Limited Space

My daughter and I repotted our zucchini’s, and our tomatoes today. We moved them into the space where they are going to live this winter, into the frame, that was about to become a greenhouse. 449 more words

Empowering Inspiration

Backyard Gardening - The Basic

Whether you’re growing just one bed for salad greens or perhaps a multiple bed Backyard food factory, the following suggestions should be considered before you start digging. 309 more words


too big for my britches

It started with a sad clematis.

Then I noticed a lilac had taken over the party garden.

I decided to dig up the lilac and put the clematis in its spot, where it will get the sun it so desperately needs. 91 more words

My Yard

Indoor Shots And More Blooms

I so love my tab, it is so easy to point and click, capture some blooms and freeze them forever. Mom says she likes all the flowers blooming in our small garden. 174 more words

Flowers And Blooms


I first noticed the gardening term “volunteers” while reading a novel. I immediately took it and made it my own. I pictured little seeds jumping up and down, raising their hand: “I’ll grow!  133 more words

My Yard

Arizona Summer vs My First Vegetable Garden

This is my first experience with an Arizona summer, and while I am halfway though it, I am sooo over the heat. I have managed to make a solid dent on my… 408 more words


July Bloom

It hasn’t rained for more about three days now so I have to go out and water the Ruellia plants I lined up outside our perimeter wall. 101 more words

Flowers And Blooms