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An Experiment in Backyard Sustainability

Tour Scott McGuire’s “White Sage Gardens” in the back yard of his rental home — a demonstration site for suburban sustainability. He ponders, “How might a household produce and preserve a significant portion of its own food supply?” Composting, a water-conserving greenhouse, and seed-saving are all facets of this beautiful work in progress.


Garden Blooms

It’s been a long time since I updated my blog here. As I only have my cellphone now and my tab used as cameras, I am not taking more pictures. 117 more words

Flowers And Blooms

Physical Requirements To Grow Irish Potatoes in a Small Space . . . .

(The potato is a starch tuberous crop from the perennial nightshade Solanum tuberosum). Adopted from wikipedia. Click on link. Below is an annotated info-graph on some of the approaches you could employ to become food secure. 91 more words

Urban Farming

Spices in the Yard

It all started with that sprout on my ginger as we returned from almost a week’s Christmas vacation away from home. I thought it was good to put it in some soil and give it a chance at life, rather than cook it right away. 107 more words

Crafts, Hobbies

No, bitter greens are not a political affiliation...

Ironically my garden excels at growing bitter greens. So, what do you do when life gives you bitter greens?  Send them back!?!  HELL no. Make a soup? 60 more words


Dapur Hidup: Air Pandan Arum Membuat Keringat Pun Ikut Wangi. 

Kalau lagi di rumah, kerjaan saya memeriksa tanaman dan melakukan sesuatu di kebun. Entah penanaman, pemupukan, penyiangan dan sebagainya. Selalu ada yang perlu dilakukan. … 111 more words