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The Colours of the New Tillellan

Today was our regular site meeting with the Builder and his team.

By the end of today the framing should all be complete. The middle bedroom required some additions to the framing for support plus some ‘packing and… 632 more words


Winter Solstice 2017

I was up early yesterday – as is usual – and managed to see the most glorious sunrise as I entered work with a crescent moon and star shinning brightly through the dark purple clouds. 155 more words

Sustainable Living

Save The Bees - Bee Friendly Plants

Bees need plants and flowers for pollen in turn they help spread the plant in other areas. The relationship with pollinators and plants is a highly evolved and is often more complicated than it seems. 480 more words

Backyard Apiary

June Happenings

The garden has had to take care of itself the last couple of weeks – and it has done quite well. Animals have still required feeding and caring for of course and I’ve had to water a couple of times because, although we have had cool, damp nights – we’ve had some fairly warm,  sunny days and the soil has dried out quite a lot. 540 more words


The Rabbits of Petit Paradis

Our rabbit breeding ventures are under way with Luna, our grey Flemish Giant giving birth to seven kits around the 1st of May. This is the first time we have bred rabbits and we have really only started it at our current property so that we can get a handle on it before we move to the new property and larger garden area. 569 more words


What's New?

If this blog could speak, it might probably say, “you left me all alone”.

“I am sorry, I am really sorry. I got carried away updating my main blog I forgot about you.” 353 more words

Flowers And Blooms

If I Make This Sauce ...

It has to be summer.

It may not feel like it outside: Rain has graced us almost every day of May. Guests spent Sunday’s holiday cookout huddled under the patio eaves and hunkered down in the basement. 270 more words