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How To Plant Your Own Herb Garden.

Who doesn’t love fresh herbs? There are uses for them in almost any recipe and now that spring is here there’s no better time than to go to your local nursery and build your own herb garden. 307 more words

Health And Wellness

Remember last year....

When I said no more plants?  Well, since I decided to build a DIY raised bed out of a pile of scrap lumber I found under a tree, I’m going to ignore that this year.  327 more words


What We Don't Know About Our Food

Until we started our own garden I had never really considered how our food is grown; it was just accepted that you toss seeds in soil, give them water and sunlight, and a plant will sprout. 744 more words


Garden Update - 4/29/18

Despite the unusually cold weather we had in April here in the Northeast, we are finally starting to see things come to life in the garden. 60 more words


Preparing for Spring

It may have taken Mother Nature a little longer than normal to figure out that winter is over, but she seems to have finally gotten the message (and hopefully I have not just jinxed the good weather), and temperatures are starting to creep upwards. 489 more words


Time to Transplant

We planted our first set of seeds in mid-March, but winter is still holding on with a vengeance, and the sprouts are starting to get too big for the pods they were started in. 904 more words


Gardening for Beginners

When I was very young my grandfather had a small garden in his backyard and I remember him taking me out to collect peas, carrots, and radishes with him, but when my grandparents moved into the country he stopped gardening and I was never taught this skill. 562 more words