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Shirley is entering the 9th grade.  She started a Square Foot Garden about two and a half weeks ago.  It is all in the soil.  Her appreciation for this stems from her school trip to Guatemala in the Spring.   13 more words

Sq Foot Gardening

Gardening on the Edge

I have been squash bug free for  7   days.    I have done nothing except check the zucchini plant every day.  No eggs, no adults.  Divine garden intervention, I think.   60 more words


Don't You Dare Try It

Keep doing what you are doing because for you there may be no time for gardening.

How do living things grow to full their potential?  Can we avoid thinking about this as we prepare, plant and harvest a garden?   40 more words

Sq Foot Gardening

50 Ways to Make a Frittata

A few months ago, I was visiting Cleveland and took a cooking class with friends at The Western Reserve School of Cooking. One of the dishes we made with owner and chef, Catherine St. 947 more words


Survival of the Fittest

Out of the possible 60 seeds I planted (twice) these guys managed to climb the trellis.  I’m so proud.  I will be taking the seeds from these and planting them for next year, since there will not be much of a harvest.   37 more words


Backyard Gardening 101

I planted an assortment of vegtable seeds over the weekend. My husband and I went to the mall and bought pots and some seeds.

Today when we woke up we found out that it’s sprouting. 36 more words