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Preparation of the Site

Today we spent more time over at the site remedying the water run-off situation which after the rain yesterday afternoon – it was pretty apparent we needed to do better! 455 more words


My Spacemaster Cucumber Story

I have long been a fan of cucumbers anyway. When my husband had open-heart surgery a few years ago, I used to go to the salad bar and fill up a little cardboard box with cucumbers, maybe a few cherry tomatoes, and just eat them plain. 452 more words


New Adventures in Poop Scooping

Last Sunday I was up early to get out and get some horse manure. I had been offered the unique opportunity to pick up horse manure from a friends horse paddocks.  319 more words


My Eugenia

We have this Eugenia planted in our garden when we have it landscaped a year after my chemotherapy. My son trim it regularly. Every time we trim our  Fukien tea plants, he also trims it. 16 more words

Backyard Gardening

Winds Of Change

Despite the overcast weather and the odd shower of rain, the breeze is warm and hints of a coming Spring.

Over the weekend I caught the scent on the breeze that is unmistakably the perfume of an approaching and not so far off Spring. 329 more words



Today we sold a second rabbit buck. It is nice to meet others that come out of the wood work when you have things for sale or for swapping and there is something so genuine and just so ‘down to earth’ about the exchange. 533 more words


Hoarding has Knobs on It

On which day will that “One day…” finally arrive?

I will admit this, there is a seemingly thin line between storing useful salvaged materials for use in garden and house projects and hoarding piles of absolute shite that will never get used. 807 more words