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The chipmunk
skits across
the stone border
that corals
the rose bush,
thorns and tangle,
her cheeks
with sunflower seeds
fallen below
the birds’ feeder; 39 more words


Sunday 23rd April 2017

Not much going on here today. Troy worked outside a lot, mowing the yard and finishing off spreading the gravel over the driveway. He’s going to go to the garden supply place tomorrow and organise another load of stones, so he can finish it up on Tuesday since he doesn’t have to go to work because of Anzac day. 379 more words

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That Shy Look

An American Goldfinch (Spinus tristis) male.


Cliff Swallows

I have been seeing flight of cliff swallows flying all around my neighborhood & they tried to build a mud nest on the eaves on the side of my house, but it got damaged & it is only now partially left. 58 more words


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Saturday 22 April 2017

I’ve had a busy couple of days. House, car, kids…it’s all been going on.

I taught Thursday morning, which went well. It was actually a really easy start to the term, because I only had to teach the little ones since all the middle and senior kids had an inter-school sports day. 1,440 more words