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Squirrel Guard

My mom contributed this to my bulb growing efforts:

I hope this helps keep the squirrels from digging and taking the bulbs. I need some kind of ‘pins’ to hold it in the dirt but it’s ok like this for now. 198 more words


Travelling in My Backyard

I have the joy of being so closely located to the mountains here in Calgary. Banff National Park is only an hours drive away. So it is very easy to justify quick weekend or even day trip getaways to the mountain. 270 more words

My Dream Interpretation Photograph

Blog Post #2: “My Dream interpretation Photograph”

“My Backyard Jungle” 

I named this photograph “My Backyard Jungle” because my sister once had a dream when she was younger of waking up and looking out the window to see that our backyard was a jungle. 134 more words


While the sun is bright

I didn’t do a ‘small pleasures’ post this Monday, or one a challenge post either.  Partly because I wasn’t in the mood, but more importantly I have nothing to say, nothing to write about.  199 more words

Daily Life

A Backyard Life...


              Naming a blog is not an easy task.  There are a myriad of considerations that must be taken into account and thought through before you actually type in that name and click save; for example, is the name interesting, does it say enough about me and what I want my blog to represent, does it have longevity or the ability to transcend the next year or so??  272 more words


Whose footprints are these?

I decided to take a walk in my backyard a few days ago. Something had been there before me, i realized as I noted a curious set of prints in the snow.   193 more words