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Word for today is old.  This is part of an old push lawnmower that I found in our backyard several years ago,

Manhattan Beach


Look at all those colorful little bits of magic in the snow.

All images used on this site are copyrighted to Bernadette E. 76 more words


Why I bought a guide to my own country

In less than a month, I’ll be flying back to Mauritius to attend the family wedding of the year (yes, I know it’s only March and no it’s not my wedding) and amongst sorting out dresses and accessories – mainly via Whatsapp and Viber -, I also got myself a travel guide to Mauritius. 644 more words


Monday 2nd March 2015

I had a headache all day today, which did kind of spoil a nice day a bit. The weather was lovely, all the children went happily off to school (well, happily enough) and I didn’t really have any pressing responsibilities, so it was a bit of a let down to feel kind of shabby. 350 more words


more already? yup!

I wasn’t quite done with everything last time I took some pictures of my aprons and products, but now I have a few more things up on my… 38 more words


A Week of Photos

The d’Anvers’ hour of penned foraging time has become a daily routine now.

Their beards get so dirty when they’re out foraging.

While not the best photo, I finally have a picture of Suki showing her customized collar. 170 more words


Radio killing,

Television shooting,

Newspaper fire,

Bad news going around,

Killing in my own backyard,

Shooting near my sister,

Fire in my city,

No where on Earth are we safe, 25 more words