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Joe was convinced that the bump in his back yard was a dormant volcano.

Source: Dormant


Pied Currawong Family

The pied currawong is one of my favourite birds. I’ve been lucky enough to have a pair of these birds live around my home. Mum and Dad currawong have been raising a family here every year since 2012 and I’ve gotten to know them quite well. 836 more words


Other Than That, Though

Everyone was looking forward to the fun-filled evening. Family and friends would shortly be gathering in the backyard for the annual Halloween bonfire.

Jack had placed a dozen or so chairs around the large, above-ground, metal firepit into which Stephen had stacked the nicely aged logs on top of kindling sticks and easily got the large fire started. 361 more words

Flash Fiction

Writers block. Sadness. Calling all Muses.

Where should I get my inspiration, feeling so down?

Writing is a form of daily creativity for me. I usually garden, cook, have multiple ideas, vivid thoughts, and fairy tale scenarios flying through my gray matter. 250 more words

Life's a Breeze-Block!

If there’s a single midcentury architectural design element that makes me squeal like a polyester-clad teenager at an Elvis concert, it’s the breeze block.

Depending upon your geographical location, you might also know these as screen blocks, decorative cinder blocks, hollow concrete blocks, textile blocks, Besser blocks (in Australia) or architectural blocks. 1,056 more words


Drinks On Me!

Birdbaths are kind of a pain in the butt to maintain. Mine seem to instantaneously grow algae and SOMEBODY keeps pooping in them. However, they benefit my… 82 more words

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