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"Hoo" Haven

Back in June I began volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation center in Durand, IL. It’s been a great experience! I’ve been involved in volunteer work since I was a teenager, but this has been by far the most fulfilling volunteer work I’ve been involved in. 1,341 more words

Cyrene Krey

Winter Hummer

An Anna’s Hummer.  He looks like he’s staying for the winter.

We have moved the feeder under the deck where it’s sheltered and out of the weather.  They seem to like this!


Hummingbirds in Winter?!

During my morning trip to the backyard to feed Yzma and stock up the wild bird feeder and water bowl, I had a very perturbed hummingbird tell me off and hover close to me. 214 more words

Zoo Tails

The Little Things: Grandma's Backyard

My grandmother’s backyard has always been a favorite of mine. As a kid, me and my brothers would go behind her fence and play on the tire swing hidden in a small world of sand and trees. 129 more words


A female Anna’s turning herself into a pincushion so no other hummingbirds can attack her while she takes a rest from her battles.


I Love This Grin

This little character is fond of our brand of Suet we feed the birds!

I want to say, I love his shit eating grin, but don’t know if I can say that here!!