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Finances: It's All Greek to Me.

17th July

Cottage, Bideford.

Sunny day yesterday and a marvellous trip via Ilfracombe and a somewhat frightening thirty foot tall Damien Hirst statue “Verity” to Lundy Island. 399 more words

Gurroles: 2015-2016 Season

Bacon Sandwiches

Right ladies and gentlemen, listen up. This is my bacon sandwich routine. Not a recipe, because a blind monkey wearing oven mitts could ‘make’ a sandwich with bacon in it: this is MY ROUTINE, which never fails to result in an AWESOME bacon sandwich. 589 more words

Positive Masculinity

Bacon and Egg Butty at Le Swine, KERB Kings Cross

I am well aware that this is my second bacon and egg sandwich this week. I didn’t exactly plan it this way, but I had some time to pop over to… 182 more words


94. Eating a bacon sandwich badly

This week, we discuss conning cabbies out of fares, head transplants, naked mountaineering, and Ed Miliband’s Epic Bellendery.



BLT with a Fried Egg at Tongue 'n' Cheek, Brockley Market

One of my favourite Saturday morning activities is a trip to Brockley Market, and now that so many of my friends have moved to south east London, it has become a social event as well as simply an opportunity to gorge on street food. 166 more words


Reflections on the Election (2015)

“Middle England Rises Up and Saves Britain from Red Ed”

declared the Daily Mail on the morning of the Conservative’s election victory. I disagree. Unfortunately, the Tories’ meagre victory was more about a… 1,819 more words


Bacon and Avocado Sandwich from Duck Egg Cafe, East Dulwich

Today we were in need of serious hangover-busting sustenance owing to rather a fun party at The Palmerston last night to celebrate our friend Jo’s 40th birthday. 125 more words