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Bacon Sandwich

There are few situations not made unequivocally better by a bacon sandwich; particularly those that occur late at night or, most commonly, the morning after. Despite our collective love of this most hangover-busting of meals, great debate exists over how it should be eaten. 57 more words


The Classic with a Twist

Classic Club Sandwich with Avocado Mayo

Writing this food blog has led me try some interesting and complicated recipes all in the hopes of expanding my foodie repertoire. 452 more words


The Beatrice Stubbs Bacon Sandwich

It’s 6.30 and I’m relaxing in my Heliopolis hotel room after a day showing Egypt’s largest road contractor how to make better, longer lasting bridge joints for less money. 333 more words

Historical Fiction

Such a huge mess… 6. December 2014

 Porridge with butter, coffee

 Bacon sandwich

 Some sushi

 Lots of different food. And alcohol. Too much alcohol.


Hate writing… 5. December 2014

 Sandwich with cream cheese and bacon. Also had some persimmon smoothie.

 Chocolate cream cheese sandwich

 Rice with tuna, sour cream, soy sauce and some salad


Bacon Butty / Bacon Sandwich

A national treasure of a recipe found on picturebritain.com

The girl who runs PictureBritain writes: As unappetizing as it might sound to the uninitiated, the bacon butty is truly a national treasure. 281 more words



I am not sure I know anyone that doesn’t like bacon, especially a good bacon sandwich!! :) The other day our local grocery had bacon on sale, buy-one-get-one so we went for the sale. 185 more words