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This Tick Can Give You Red Meat Allergies Forever, And It Might Be Coming To A Town Near You

That’s one prick of a tick! Just one bite from this blood-sucker, and you’re bacon-munching and burger-biting days will be over for good. That’s right! No more double cheeseburgers, no more spare ribs of any kind, no more America (basically). 449 more words


Boats of Oats, Oats, Oats...

Oats can be used in both sweet and savoury recipes. For sweet recipes, add a pinch of brown sugar and top with your favourite fruit (e.g. 353 more words

Gourmet Artisan Pizzas

I haven’t posted about my obsession with creating some amazing Artisan Pizzas lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been experimenting. Check out this bevy of yummy delights I have created over the last few months:

Becoming Player 1 By Eric Peterford, Bacon Lead Dev

#1: Introduction

Before we jump into the fun stuff, as this is my first blog post, I’d like to do a brief introduction. My name is Eric, a Game Design Master’s student and Lead Developer on Bacon. 1,448 more words


Interview: Edson, new lead producer

Arturo: Since this is going to be the blog’s first post. I figured it would be fitting to interview you, the latest lead producer for Cellec. 1,867 more words


Great British Bake-On

Like millions of others, I am mourning the loss of Great Britsh Bake-Off to Channel 4. I’ll probably watch the first episode out of curiosity, when it finally rolls round, but I can’t imagine it will be anywhere near as good as the BBC series. 119 more words


Baked Bacon & Egg Rolls

Bacon butties, one of the simplest, most satisfying sandwiches ever conceived. Throw on some eggs, cheese and call it a day! There’s really very little to improve on, but you can definitely do it right, and this is the way I like to cook it (ie it’s friendly to cook around kiddies and with kiddie interruptions) 336 more words