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Bacon Bits

86 year old grandma in UK defeats robber with bacon. The criminal seriously underestimated grandma, attempting to rob her in the grocery store of the ATM money she recently withdrew. 381 more words


Breakfast at Trauma Farm

Breakfast in this “Rebel History of Rural Life” must surely deliver a little more terror than flavour with one’s morning oats. Trauma Farm is Brian Brett’s memoir and natural history of his family’s small mixed farm on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. 147 more words

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 I et nu havde han taget rundt om hendes liv og kysset hende på halsen. Heftigheden overvældede hende, og hun mærkede instinktivt, at han kunne få hende til meget. 515 more words

Good ol' Canadian breakfast

Item: Good ol’ Canadian breakfast
Date: May 22, 2016
Location: Montreal, Canada

I was never too sure what a real “Canadian” breakfast was, despite being Canadian myself. 108 more words


Sweetcorn fritters with bacon and eggs. 

Today has been a lazy day. A tv and pyjama kinda day. I’ve been stranded at home on my own without a car and with only my dog for company. 359 more words

Loaded Potato Boats

These loaded potato boats take potato skins to a new level! They are the perfect appetizer or side dish.

Instead of using the small to medium size potatoes, I went ahead and got the large ones so I could load them with deliciousness. 246 more words

Garlic spaghetti with crispy tofu

Spaghetti with garlic oil, crispy tofu bites and vegan bacon.

Spaghetti mit Knoblauchöl, knusprig gebratenem Tofu und veganem Schinken.