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Part 3; Sick Like You Wouldn't Believe !

There comes a time when the ‘doctor is in’ but not as the doctor; instead — as the patient.  In the early morning hours of Nov. 1,607 more words

Bacterial Meningitis - Summary


  • inflammation of the leptomeninges (arachnoid mater + CSF)
  • among 10 most common infectious causes of death (135,000 deaths/world/year)


  • Community or Healthcare associated
    • Community: Strep pneumo, Neisseria meningitidis, Listeria monocytogenes (pt over 50-60 yr old or cell-mediated immunity)
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Meningitis Vaccines for Children and Teens

What is Meningitis?

Meningitis is a serious clinical syndrome in which inflammation of the meninges takes place in the layer covering the brain and spinal cord. 507 more words

Instinct and why you should trust it...

Becoming a parent for the first time was overwhelming, a heady mix of feeling madly in love and being completely unqualified for this new job. My biggest fear as I cradled my first born back in the summer of 2014 was how I’d be able to tell if he got ill? 893 more words


Meningitis Prevention and Treatment

What is Meningitis– This health issue occurs when fluid around the meninges becomes infected. This swelling is not only caused by an infection, but can develop as a result of brain surgery or a head injury. 519 more words

A Meningitis Survivor

Fire, Rock and Ice

Iceland’s Wilderness Challenge

For Meningitis Now

Thursday 27th July to Monday 31st July 2017

From Thursday 27th July to Monday 31st July 2017, I am intending to participate in a 3 day (5 days in total) trek in Iceland, called… 1,831 more words

Bacterial Meningitis

Book Review: “Proof of Heaven”

* * * * A

Eben Alexander’s book “Proof of Heaven” is a fascinating exploration of his own near death experience (NDE), which occurred during a bout of bacterial meningitis that nearly killed him, putting him in a coma for a week. 678 more words