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Movie Review: The Corrupted (2010)

Opening with the bland sounds of an acoustic guitar being played by a stoner who goes by the name of Jeremy, The Corrupted doesn’t exactly intrigue in it’s opening few minutes. 524 more words

The Disc

I love a good Bad Movie – they’re terrible, they’re fun, they’re terribly fun, and well…they’re terrible.

Trust me, trying to explain the appeal of a Bad Movie isn’t exactly a science, complete with lots of words. 399 more words


My Evil Lord series get a performance!

What better way to spend my weekend than going for a Creative writing camp! Whoohoo! I’ve been writing since my teenage years, never accomplishing anything but some local publication of my short stories. 82 more words

Bad Acting

Call me a hater idgaf

I do not like Kristen Stewart as an actress at all. I’m sure she’s a very nice person, but her acting is just really really bad. 229 more words


The Forest

Leave Well Alone

It’s been a while since I ventured to the cinema to watch a horror film but here I am lured in by the fact that I had nothing else to do. 529 more words

Film Review

Τα Χρυσά Βατόμουρα: Oι χειρότεροι του κινηματογράφου για το 2015

Λίγο πριν τη μεγάλη και λαμπρή απονομή των Όσκαρ, τα χρυσά Βατόμουρα ανακοίνωσαν τους δικούς τους νικητές, μια διάκριση καθόλου τιμητική, αλλά αρκετά διασκεδαστική, που κάθε χρόνο επιλέγει τους χειρότερους.