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The worst horror movies - and why I am including them in the book!

Recently, someone asked me why I was watching a badly-acted, badly scripted, poor-special-effects ‘horror’ movie. To be fair to them, that movie was all those things and then some, which is why I am not naming it here! 328 more words

Bad Acting

The Emeryville Experiments (2016)

Every once in a while you face plant into a movie that is so bad it’s good and The Emeryville Experiments (Pritesh Chheda, For Sale by Owner) is kind of like that…except it’s more of a tumble…Er…maybe a stumble? 718 more words


I've Got A Blank Face, Baby

Last Friday night, I watched a film. Woah. That film was John Wick, starring Keanu Reeves, released early last year, as far as I’m aware. (I should have mentioned that Keanu was in it before saying ‘Woah.’ You all definitely would have read it in his voice. 2,089 more words


Planet of the Sharks (2016) Review

With the new Sharknado approaching I saw that this was on TV, figured I may as well record it and give it a watch. It’s made by Asylum so I knew what to expect and in that regards it didn’t disappoint. 421 more words

Independence Day: Resurgence ★★

So I saw this movie yesterday and had high hopes and expectation because it was heavily promoted and every time I’m going to watch a movie in the past month, there would be a trailer in the cinema and they showed a clip of the stars in the film inviting audience in the UAE to see it when it’s out. 397 more words

Independence Day: Resurgence was miserable

Independence Day: Regurgitation is the latest flop from 20th Century Fox. The movie opens with an alien watching footage of the first movie when Bill Paxton, oddly being filmed by someone, gave the speech about how Randy Quaid was going to fly a jet into the spaceship and blow it up at the perfect time. 1,188 more words