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Jurassic World blew.

I don’t know how Jurassic World has become one of the top grossing films ever, considering how it sucks ass. 458 more words


Why the bad acting in Terminator Genisys doesn't matter

One of the points that Arthouse Converter disputed hurt Terminator Genisys is the bad delivery of comedic line from relatively serious characters having their actors break the fourth wall. 283 more words


Good Movie? Pssh. Let's Watch Sharknado!

You’ve seen Jaws, right? We’ve all seen Jaws. Jaws is a brilliant movie. It is a classic of cinematic art. Jaws has built lasting artifacts in our psyches: the theme song (duh- 3,872 more words

"Entourage"...An Awkward Movie To See With Your Son

So I wanted to take my freshly graduated son, who is also a freshly minted official adult to a movie this weekend, his choice, so he picked   704 more words


Review: Damien - Omen 2

Damien: Omen 2 is a movie about some mythological tribal religion that somehow became world-wide. Santa is going nuts because Omen kid is back. Damien Thorne the antiChrist is alarming his old crazy ass. 305 more words


Saved By the Bell - Episode 1 - Summer Love

I never liked this junk show. Someone bumps into an extra on accident. Screech falls and it’s morbidly fake. Everyone appears out of no where like they’re out of the lockers on you can’t do that on television. 233 more words


Review: The Lazarus Effect

Lazarus Project is a dumb film about people who haven’t ever attended a science class in their life trying to bring people back to life with shit. 505 more words