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Fake Weather

intrepid weather channel reporter steadfastly carries on despite apparent danger of being blown off his feet by Hurricane Florence – meanwhile, two guys casually strolling by in the background suggest reporter is hamming it up for the camera . . .


Movie Review - #Captured

Director: Joe Homokay
Writer: Lizze Gordon
Stars: Lizze Gordon, Gabrielle Romanello, Megan Medellin

Plot: A group of privileged high school kids run an illicit chat room where they livestream their drug fueled sex parties to paying viewers on the internet. 69 more words

Movie Reviews

Cabin Fear (Hulu)

Not to be confused with Cabin Fever!

Overall rating: 3/10

Recommend? In short, no. I would not recommend this movie.

Short synopsis: 
A group of stereotypical friends gather in a cabin in the middle of the woods for a celebration, and then are one by one hunted by some unknown evil person or force. 292 more words



I crashed an extra night on G’s sofa. I had the most exhilarating dream. I had run the London Marathon, been first over the finishing line and set a world record. 372 more words

Really Me : A Netflix Review

Do you ever watch those shows that are sort of childish and pretty terrible but you still watch it because you just want to see how bad it can really get?? 178 more words


A Wrinkle In Time (2018)

Greetings Loved Ones! Liu Is The Name, And Views Are My Game.

Meg Murray is a troubled child. Her father, a scientist for NASA, has been missing for nearly 4 years, the kids at school are mean to her, and even the teachers think she’s a lost cause. 651 more words

Film Review

Annihilation (2018)

Greetings Loved Ones! Liu Is The Name, And Views Are My Game.

Natalie Portman is a biologist, and former soldier. Exactly one year ago, her husband, played by Oscar Isaac, went into a mysterious, mutated area called “the shimmer” and disappeared. 626 more words

Film Review