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Ad men? Mad men....(absolutely barking)

Undies to be sold in. Not you? Don’t bargain on it. The will of Allah could catch you in your undies any time. Blushmaking? Not in Triumph fashion undies.

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Head On - This Ad's Offensive To The Forehead

You gotta admit … you probably needed something like Head On to relieve the headache you got, once you saw this Head On ad.

Some marketing people apparently believe that causing the audience a pain in the skull is a smart way to attract new customers. 44 more words

Horrible Advertising

Today's WTF: Bad Engrish

Click on picture to enlarge.
Careful, though… you might catch Engrish.

Bad Real Estate Ad

Some ads make you wonder, are they trying to attract the client or scare them away? 36 more words

Worst Osteoarthritis Ad Ever?

This ad so toweringly distasteful and stupid, you can’t help but hope that the campaign from whence it launched crashed and burned mid-flight.

Seriously … the ad campaign manager responsible for this piece of trash ad could not think of a more original, less offensive way to promote a serious health issue like osteoarthritis? 25 more words

Horrible Advertising

Horrible ad 001 : Diet fad garbage

This looks so nasty … you simply can not unsee it. And you’re supposed to eat that?! It looks more like a gross prop from a sci-fi B-movie. 18 more words

Horrible Advertising