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Wants to be rockstar, doesn't want to make music, or How did he even get that gig?

More than twenty years ago my first husband died. Shortly afterword, I got a call from an acquaintance, a former member of the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Chorus. 1,281 more words


Westworld 2.4: Resurrection Postponed

DATELINE:  Lost in Delos-world

Jimmi as William aka Black Death!

We couldn’t spoil this episode if we gave you a plot synopsis.

With most of the cast absent without leave, we faced the prospect of William’s dubious mission. 273 more words

Biting Irony

How Opening My Own Online Store Helped Me Cope With My Mother's Death

I failed my high school art class. I used to phone it in – tracing outlines of fish from images found in my earth science class, having my dad work on projects for me that still garnished me a D because a professional could tell that my skills were not to the level my father’s was. 462 more words

What Is GREAT Art?

Once when asked what Trans-Siberian Orchestra was about, Paul O’Neill replied, “It’s about creating great art. When asked to define what great art was, Paul said, “The purpose of art is to create an emotional response in the person that is exposed to that art. 225 more words

Random Thoughts

Women Who Cloud Their Own Judgment By Feigning "Love" For Their Boyfriend's "Art."

We’ve all been that “woman” at one point or another, when we’ve fallen prey to “loving” an “artist.” Because who isn’t, in the naïveté of their youth, attracted to the “romantic” lifestyle of staying up late drinking Pernod, sleeping in till noon and not really “having it figured out,” save for being certain that something’s just… 238 more words

Bad Art, cont.

Scissorhead MDavis alerts us to one of the most alarming art installations ever: Madame Tussauds unveiled the mango-hued shit gibbon and Melanoma.  Best part? They had Spicy as the Master of Ceremony. 102 more words

Bad Art

Rut and Moonbath

Rut was caught in the forest, Spring of 1878. Sheriff and posey were impressed with the villain’s ability to elude capture by posing as an actual dog and not a bear/ dog hybrid created in a mad scientist’s lab. 107 more words