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Oh, Art

Stop walk because, faux pas

yet bulls shit but bulls cross

Absurd is defining what art is

Absurd is making a pedestal

A trip to the… 118 more words


Vacancy @ No Vacancy

It was the worst exhibition that I have seen for a very long time. Of course I have seen some bad art in my time, many more simply poor exhibitions, but at the far extremities of the bell curve, which ever way you go, examples become rarer. 325 more words

Art Galleries & Exhibitions

ASCP Graphite

Just a quick post as we are getting ready for a trip north at o’dark thirty in the morning. Packing and readying and whatnot.

I had a collection of bad artwork that I gathered from my favorite thrift stores in MD and MA. 126 more words


Hello world!

What really matters?

I ask that introspectively quite often.

I like to get out into nature to see views that feel ancient where the pulse of Earth seems to throb and all I can do is soak up as much of that goddess as I can muster (transcendence: om)-maybe its the Wild West in my blood (yeehaw)-or maybe the Viking spirit in my soul (gggrr)-and when I am gone for a few days and I come back into society (usually from the mountains or desert), I find myself having to endure a small transition of sorts. 347 more words