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One Last Gasp from Oak Island for Season 5

DATELINE: Not Exactly a Cliff-hanger

Nothing here

Lacking the sonorous tones of Robert Clotworthy as narrator, another “clone” ersatz episode of The Curse of Oak Island… 294 more words

Dreaded Satire

Women Who "Do Art" In the "Pastime" Way.

It’s believed that to be human–at least one of an “elevated” variety–you’ve got to have some sense of need or desire to create, to express your feelings through that polarizing medium called art. 357 more words

Art is Subjective: Welcome to Bad Art and Meow

When I was living oversees, my mother ran into my high school art teacher and said, “art is subjective.” My mother was defending someone who mostly traced outlines of other people’s artistic creations and still expected her daughter to get an A for effort. 208 more words


Life in 2049 Once Again Falls Short

 DATELINE: Disappointing


Sean Young with Body Double and Advanced CGI

If Blade Runner 2049 is any indication, Los Angeles is not going to improve any from the first… 303 more words

Dreaded Satire

Oscar Night Under Review

 DATELINE: Awards We Consider

     Uncle Oscar Unshaven!

Gone are the days when we would blindly follow Oscar to the bank. Oh, we think Oscar still points to True North, but usually its global directions system is busted. 471 more words

Movie Reviews

Did Leonardo Forge the Shroud of Turin?

DATELINE: Confounding Conspiracy


Same Face? Leonardo & Jesus

A new documentary comes up with an interesting conspiracy theory from the de-bunkers of the famous shroud of controversy. 254 more words

Biting Irony

Super Dooper Looper Scooper

DATELINE:  Old Meets New!

Well, if you asked us to watch a futuristic sci-fi adventure about time traveling assassins in the 2040s with an old star teamed up with or against a new star, you might think we would tune in to see the sequel to… 291 more words

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