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Bad Art

Every artist does it. We have pieces we are too embarrassed to show anyone. And if someone happens to stumble across a bad piece in their sketchbook, a litany of self-critique is sure to follow: “Oh, her nose was too big”, “The colors didn’t come out like I planned” and the ever popular, “I was experimenting”. 117 more words

On Good Bad Art

I read a lot on how to draw human figures and landscapes; I read a lot on what makes a good visual narrative; I read a lot on the history of comics, on what comics artists from various decades and places have been doing, and why; in short, I do a lot of reading on making cartoons and comics — and yes, funnily enough, I end up spending more time reading about it than actualling doing it. 432 more words


2WetCrew: Doug Pound's Modern Day Fairy Tales

Concept/Region: Fairy Tales, Bad Art, North America

Description: A look into Doug Pound’s video series 2WetCrew in relation to Chakrabardy’s article Provincilizing Europe.

Former editor of the show Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job, Doug Pound, has recently started a small internet phenomena called 2WetCrew. 648 more words


Week 6 Comes to a Header Thanks to David Bowie

DATELINE: Indy, a Space Oddity


The press called him robotic this week, and now the game at Indianapolis has answered the question.

The man who took Julian Edelman to the Montana mountains to experience bears while they practiced this summer showed how fearless he is. 269 more words