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Fan Art Fails (my additions to "if celebrities looked like their fan art" manips)

I didn’t come up with theidea of Photoshopping a photo to match a drawing that’s perhaps a bit imperfect, but I think it’s a lot of fun, so couldn’t resist making one of my own to add to the pile. 207 more words


Are you a photographer/artist or not?

No, definitely not – and no matter how good the pictures become, I’ll never claim to be. Why? Photographers are difficult people – no matter how much others love your products, photographers will find fault with virtually all the work of other visual artists and amateur photographers. 216 more words


Rant re: good art

I cringe every time I hear someone say “good art”! To me art is expression and can’t be judged to be good or bad. If the creator of a piece says it’s art, it is. 63 more words