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Charlatans of Palm Beach

It was a strange night last night, starting with the two crazy ladies at the bar. I came in  to  “The Meat Market” with my two well dressed, classy  girlfriends and James, my very nice, good looking, tall, English wingman, friend.  1,070 more words


19 People Reveal The One Thing People Do That Gives Them An Instant First Impression They're An A**hole

Found on r/AskReddit

1. Push an agenda within the first few minutes of meeting someone.


2. Being rude to people in a service or hospitality industry – waiters, bar staff, kitchen workers, cleaners etc.

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Keeping it real

Disclaimer: To my future Monkey reading this blog…I love you, however bad behavior is not loved.

Getting back to our regular schedule was a bit rough on us all. 136 more words


Go now and spam no more: It's time to end auto-DM's across the board.

It’s kind of rare that I interrupt the stream of articles on this blog about historical events, analyses of movies and geographic anomalies to talk about social media, but it seems an opportune time to do so. 979 more words


Here - Here for Brain rot! Entry for 4/20

I think I come up with some pretty decent journal names, sadly I don’t think my content lives up to the emotion I put out with those titles. 406 more words

Dear Diary

Dear Moms (and Dads): If Your Kid's Whiny, You Only Have Yourself To Thank

Nothing good comes from whining yet from time to time, I have seen my daughter, my nephews and nieces, as well as all my friends’ children complain until the cows come home. 121 more words


ESPN reporter, Britt McHenry has already been shamed for rude tirade. Firing her goes too far.

Last week, ESPN reporter Britt McHenry was caught being very rude to someone working the counter at a car towing facility, where presumably she had gone to retrieve her vehicle and pay the fine. 444 more words