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I don’t talk about my children very often on this blog, in fact I think this is the first post about them. Of course, they are involved in this circus, they have a front row seat! 676 more words


While Weasels Gnaw Our Flesh

Just a quick hit to remind everyone that while the criminal investigation of Trump and co. widens, they’re still pissing on us at every opportunity, and calling it rain. 590 more words


Least Wise Steve King

Wise kings generally have wise counselors;

and he must be a wise man himself

who is capable of distinguishing one.


“Steve King always speaks his mind – it never takes too long”

Sour Patch Kid

If there is one thing that stood out about Rooney as a baby, it has to be her giant smile. It was one thing for her to smile around us and our family, but she would flash that million-dollar cheese to everyone. 351 more words


Al Franken is not joking, Jeff

Senator Franken released a statement on his website:

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ testimony in the Senate Intelligence Committee was very unsettling. We know that a hostile foreign power-Russia-sought to undermine our democracy by meddling in the 2016 presidential election. 180 more words