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Ma'am Versus Miss

After two days of writing in my pajamas under frozen, grey skies, I decided to shower, apply red lipstick and patronize the new restaurant that just opened downstairs. 136 more words

Bad Behavior

Just another Friday

This morning I groggily stumbled down to barn to feed. I dumped their grain in their feed bins and set about putting together hay bags to hang. 878 more words


What happened to the "NEWS"?

Remember when the news was actually NEWS?  We live in trying times and it seems there is so much news worthy information that should be broadcast daily, however, the definition of “news” seems to be changing and not necessarily for the better. 830 more words


Dump Trump!

It may have been a little funny at the onset, but it’s time for true Americans to dump Trump from the presidential race.  His campaign is a little like an impending train wreck, you want to look away but you just can’t.  838 more words


Leaving Your Excuses (for other people) at the Door

Recently, I’ve begun to distance myself from a lot of things. OK, not really things. People. I’ve been distancing myself from people.

I have never been happier. 531 more words


Not today

So okay, Here’s me posting or saying something I think is funny or interesting and someone jumps in the convo, messages me or comments on the post, something condescending from their soapbox. 185 more words

Dark Musings

On May 14, 1998, the Seinfeld show aired its last episode.

This was seventeen years ago, but the plot of the show was incredibly perceptive, both of the characters and society as a whole. 773 more words