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Four Wheels On My Wagon

‘Tis time for a blog post from me after a few weeks of quiet and I was casting around for a subject I could get stuck into with gusto with a topic close to my heart. 1,838 more words

On Life

8 Behaviour Strategies to Put You in Control

In my first year as a secondary school English teacher, behaviour was dreadful. I couldn’t get students to listen to me, follow my instructions or even take me seriously. 1,688 more words

Bad Behaviour

About children who display bad behaviour

There are of course not only exemplary children but also children that have, under certain circumstances, as it sometimes is evaluated, bad character traits. About this I would like to say the following. 181 more words



Are customers always right? I understand that customers are the ones that make a business successful, but come on…folks can be so vulgar, privileged and rude. 309 more words


Why do other people think it’s ok to point people’s flaws out??

I’ve had this done to me numerous times by others,mainly 2 scf.

“Ooo you’ve got grey hair coming through the roots”…..I know as it’s my hair and I have mirrors in my home… 78 more words


Disrespect Me - Disrespect Yourself

I saw a recent affirmation that said something along the lines of – I’m sorry that I wont allow you to disrespect me and if that makes me ‘difficult’ then OK (obviously worded much better than this!) 386 more words

Positive Thinking