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The Boss is still talking...

Ever have a boss that was a great story teller and really seemed like they cared about their people? This person says all the right things, is the center of attention and seems “bigger than life”. 402 more words


when a boss mentions firing people

Two days ago our boss mentioned in a our departmental meeting that the budgetary situation necessitates some sacrifices, including firing people.

We all were stunned for a second and then some of us, including myself, fired back.  149 more words


How to Handle a Bad Boss

You’ve found a job you love, the company is growing, and the benefits are great… and yet, you’re going home miserable and frustrated every day. In fact, you’re considering leaving. 1,634 more words

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My 2-Cents

Randy and I turned off our cable TV in March last year. To save money but also to stop having a fire hose of hate pumping into our faces whenever we turned on a normal channel. 879 more words


The Chronicles of Sharen- Part 51

Part 51- All alone in a big fancy building

We moved our clinic last week. Apparently it has been Sharen’s “career-long dream”, to own the building that her practice is in. 460 more words

The Chronicles of Sharen- Part 53

Part 53- When being yourself is not enough

This was a strange week with Sharen. Things are getting more and more crazy, I decided that I needed to write this stuff down or else no one would believe me that they are actually happening. 430 more words

Dreaming of Better Days

Tamika Lamar keyed in and trudged to the same desk she’d written the factory’s procedures from for four years. What a dead end job. The place seemed to attract pale faced automatons like a robot magnet; the image of an electromagnet on a crane at a junkyard flashed in her mind. 929 more words