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A Business Truism: You Learn a Lot More From a Bad Boss Than a Good One

HERE’S A MANAGEMENT TRUISM you can’t avoid: You learn more from a bad boss than you do from a good one.

I was struck by this when I came across an old… 1,054 more words

John Hollon

12 Definite Signs You’re Actually Working For An Evil Overlord

You just got hired. You’ve got big, big plans and ambitions; look out corporate world! But, wait. Are you 100% sure you’re not actually working for an Evil Overlord? 556 more words

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Day Dreaming.

I went to work today.

For what seems like the hundredth time, my boss sent me an email that includes a discussion regarding a current process that needs improvement. 432 more words

Mental Health

Female Pushback

The meeting started promptly at 2:30, unfortunately half of the staff were absent from their seats.  On the wall, the minute hand moved towards 2:31.  With each ticking that did not produce another staff member through the doorway, the manager grew more irritated. 488 more words

Long Hours Low Pay but its something

I went to work at my second Job, serving fast food to people and my first shift was during christmas holidays so this meant I would now be able to start christmas shopping BUT I will have to learn quickly and fast to keep up with the huge amount of customers, I picked everything up quickly met new people and those “feelings” started to come back, I did not even had these feelings since college because I was focusing so much on getting a job in a gym and then falling into depression everything else did not matter to me. 1,160 more words


I didn't choose the rainbow life....

Today I felt like a naughty school child at work, I mean, I’m a thirty something mother of two, who had to face a dressing down from my ‘boss’ for not being willing to carry heavy boxes across a carpark from the stores area and up two flights of stairs to my office.  220 more words