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Could your boss use your help?

I am unhappy with my boss….he doesn’t give me feedback…..when she gives me feedback, it’s really vague and unhelpful….he doesn’t do what he says he’s going to do….she doesn’t tell me what is expected of me…..he… 1,147 more words


#CharityCats: "Mobile Friendly"

When your ED wants your organization to be fully “mobile-friendly” but doesn’t know what that means

Tune in regularly to Charity Confidential to hear members of our sector anonymously sharing the stories that we usually just whisper about. 57 more words

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Shun These 4 Habits As a Boss to Escape a Wrong Portrayal of You at Work

By now you must have understood that being a boss is not an easy task to do and maintaining a cordial relationship with your team is even more difficult. 767 more words

Smart At Work

Sunday Thoughts

It is Sunday. It is a workday tomorrow so I am pretty much in scare mode. You know when your shoulders are up and you’re ready to bolt any minute? 1,045 more words

Bad Boss

What to do with my life?

That is a good question. I am asking that same one every day for the last approximately ten years. It is a tough one too. I mean, it is not easy to choose. 1,437 more words

Bad Boss

A Letter Never Sent

Very recently, I embarked on what I considered to be a great job opportunity doing something I love. It was mostly rainbows and unicorns, with just a few gargoyles thrown in, but generally speaking, I did my job with professionalism, safety, courtesy and respect for my manager, her clients and her business. 1,142 more words

Say It Like It Is

Leaders Never Make Mistakes

Over the past eight years I have worked closely with many different organizations in their fundraising as a consultant and I, like many others, have an appreciation for how much good work is being done due to their efforts. 433 more words

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