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On Tuesday, March 31, starting at 5 pm, workers, students and allies will
picket to get justice for survivors of employment discrimination by the
world’s richest university. 337 more words

Boston GMB

The Good, the Bad, and the Invertebrates.

After more than 40 years in the workplace, (with a large part of that in management) I’ve noticed that every manager I’ve worked with or for, (including me) can be placed into one of the following categories: 709 more words

How to deal with a pain in the ass boss - be a productivity guru

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The question you’ve all been waiting for somebody to offer quality advice on… This post will give you some common scenarios you would have experienced, and some good ways of dealing with them. 1,604 more words

Ive noticed how some people reffered to as “BOSS” talk to their employees, deflating them just because of the possition they have in the company. Casual employees at a company which supplies electricity are allways complaining that their boss has never said “good work” no matter how hard they labour its never good enough. 82 more words



There are a few things in life I can just roll over for, by incompetance at a high level is not one of them. Let me be more specific-in a position of ‘power’. 1,585 more words