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A Letter Never Sent

Very recently, I embarked on what I considered to be a great job opportunity doing something I love. It was mostly rainbows and unicorns, with just a few gargoyles thrown in, but generally speaking, I did my job with professionalism, safety, courtesy and respect for my manager, her clients and her business. 1,142 more words

Say It Like It Is

Leaders Never Make Mistakes

Over the past eight years I have worked closely with many different organizations in their fundraising as a consultant and I, like many others, have an appreciation for how much good work is being done due to their efforts. 433 more words

Charity Confession

Dear current boss

There are a few things I’d like to get off my chest:

  1. Understand boundaries.

It is not appropriate to ask staff to divulge personal information about themselves by way of introduction. 388 more words


I woke up feeling crappy, like I have so many times as of late.  I let the dogs out then sat with a cup of coffee, trying to figure out what I needed to do.  543 more words

Bad Boss

On managing bad bosses

Dealing with bad bosses is one big professional hazard and creates vicious atmosphere within our self. I came across Zeta Yarwood’s article and found it quite practical and useful in managing bad bosses. 33 more words


How to kill your company

There has been much talk about leadership styles and characteristics of a good leader. However, the flip side of the story is rarely talked about. In this piece, I explore how a founder can destroy his company and make life a living hell for his/her employees. 726 more words

Company Culture


“The young one.” In my very first job this was my nickname.

I was 24 and fresh out of grad school. My boss and most of the staff at the non-profit where I worked were heading toward retirement. 484 more words

Charity Confession