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Making the most of a bad boss

Rarely is there a silver lining to having a bad boss: they make work a real challenge and turn what can otherwise be a pleasant experience into something miserable. 348 more words


My New Office Manager said "You're fired!"

He won’t let me write or tidy the desk or clean the fabric on the chair. When I complained he said, “You’re fired!”


Manager vs. Angajat

Relatia dintre sef si angajati este una dificil de gestionat si sunt situatii in care lucrurile pot degenera, fie pentru ca sunt intelese gresit, fie pentru ca una dintre parti face ceva nepotrivit. 1,425 more words

Here’s Why A Horrible Boss Is The Number One Reason To Quit Your Job

Working professionals will quit their job for a number of reasons. Unsatisfactory pay, office politics, poor morale, atrocious coworkers, inadequate benefits, a mediocre company culture – the list goes on. 1,450 more words

Talking Shop, Volume I

When I was working at the shop, the girls and I would stop for a snack around mid-morning.

It was common knowledge that the village stopped for coffee around half past ten. 1,044 more words

I hate my job

I really hate my job. I handed in my resignation last week and am now working my two month notice period. It’s awful. The job itself is pretty stressful, which I can cope with, but what I can’t stand are the bullying and incompetent senior managers who make it such an unpleasant place to be. 360 more words

Bad Boss