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Straight out of hell

To start this blog off with a bang, I’ll tell you about my little (thankfully brief) run in with the Devil who wears Emilio Pucci, aka, a… 1,584 more words


12 More Red Flags You May Work for a Bosshole

In my previous blog, 11 Red Flags You Work for a Bosshole, I laid out some key indicators of bad manager behavior.

With over ten plus years working in Human Resources, I have either heard of or witnessed all of these behaviors. 184 more words


I'm Not Really Sure Why We Hired You

“I am not really sure why we hired you, it is a total waste of money. Don’t expect any help from me.” Those are never words you want to hear. 671 more words

Charity Confession

Being a Rude little Shizznozzle Riding a Snarknado Isn’t going to Get You Better Service

Let us touch on a … subject that no one wants to think about ever having to deal with.  That thing is being on disability.  This is more of a lesson on how things are supposed to work. 2,100 more words

Kenapa Leadership itu Sulit?

Berdasarkan survey yang dilakukan oleh Gallup pada tahun 2015, alasan utama 50% karyawan di Amerika memutuskan untuk resign adalah leadership atasan mereka yang buruk. Ini menunjukkan bahwa menjadi seorang… 618 more words


Like Yo!

To Whom it may concern,

I’m very frustrated, so much so in fact that I went and punched a punching bag. I thought it would be easy; I haven’t done boxing for long but know basic form and a few punches. 360 more words

the end is nigh

I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am that the summer is almost here! It’s been a hell of a year and I’ll be glad to see the back of it.  77 more words