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Read This Hilariously Horrific Employee Handbook From Hell

No job is perfect, but the workplace with this employee handbook sounds like hell on earth. Would you work there?

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If having my picture posted in the only punishment for extra time in the restroom, I’m going to just go for it. 12 more words

Good Boss - Bad Boss

Probably most of you could agree on some of the characteristics of a good boss or a bad boss, but other elements might well differ depending on your particular perspective. 514 more words

Career Management (General)

The Rant We Have to Have

I hate my job.  I am not the only person to feel this way, far from it.  What’s more, I am certain that my friends and family are completely sick of hearing about it, but ranting is my coping mechanism.   1,050 more words


Consciously Building a Positive Culture

Fortune Magazine lists the best 100 best places to work. For the second year in a row Google has been named number one. Travis Bradberry writes that Google has a number of progressive human practices but there is one that particularly stands out. 480 more words

Positive Organization

The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (09/17/15)

Would you date someone that had the same name as your Dad or Mom?  We also go over 8 of the struggles people that are beautiful deal with plus 5 words that make you seem weak at work.   69 more words


4 Things I’ve Learned “Not to Do” from My Leaders

Recently, I wrote about the things that I have learned to do from the leaders I’ve worked with over the past thirty-five years. You can see that article here. 522 more words

Faith And Work

How To Deal With A Bad Boss

I constantly sat on the toilet.

My boss always yelled at me. I couldn’t say anything. And when I left, I went straight for the bathroom. 634 more words