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After a week of observations, I was pretty shattered. It’s draining to be on edge all of the time.
It was typical for the observer to come and watch one of my most badly behaved classes. 176 more words


Leaders: Don't Be Dicks

Yes I know I may come off a little harsh but I can’t help it. I’ve seen too many incompetent people in leadership roles that just shouldn’t be. 538 more words

When "blessings" are temptations in disquise

Sometimes “blessings” are not blessings at all

At least not in the way we think of blessings.

For one thing, we sometimes call something a blessing when it’s nothing more than the result of… 783 more words


Smart Alec!!

So who’s Alec?

Well, you are going to find out soon. I probably spend more time with him daily than I should. I constantly keep thinking about what he said, why he said what he said and how he said it. 789 more words


Who's Responsible For Bad Managers?

After working for a few psychopaths, this concept has been running around in my head. What’s the consequence for managers who don’t manage well? Is there any? 1,747 more words



Having a tough time with your boss already this new year? One of the main reasons that workers become unhappy at work is bad management. A tough boss can turn even a good working environment into an uncomfortable and unhappy workplace. 1,184 more words

Editors Take


I know a man with long hair and exotic pets who sits behind a shiny desk in a sales office, munching animal crackers and watching infomercials all day. 61 more words