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Holy Hell!

Batshit 1 has totally gone off the reservation. She met with the admin intern this morning. She threatened to take away our bonuses and close the school. 199 more words

Irrational Mind-Anxiety-Depression

How to Discipline Your Employees Without Losing Them

Holding your employees accountable for their work is vital when you are growing a business; but that shouldn’t come at the drastic risk of losing your talent. 499 more words


Why Emotional Decisions Can Ruin Your Business

Emotions can run high in the workplace. Most of our waking hours are spent working and during that time we are expected to shut off our emotions, roll up our sleeves, and ignore our human nature to react when we are offended, stressed, or feel attacked. 642 more words

Self Improvement

A big decision

Wow, I can’t actually believe I did it.  I quit my job.  Not only did I quit my job, I did it with flair.  I am not one of these job hopping kooks who constantly complains about their boss and makes stupid comments like “gotta pay the bills”. 285 more words

Dealing With a Bad Boss

Dealing With a Bad Boss.

I discovered a great blog today from, Source Management System Consultants, on dealing with a bad boss.

There is quite a trend in the blogosphere on this topic. 70 more words

Work And Culture

How to deal with a difficult boss - Dealing with a bully boss

I think this video has some really great advice when dealing with difficult situations with a horrible boss. There is no reason to put up with anyone else’s bad behaviour. 6 more words

Work And Culture