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Why Do We Love Bad Vampires... I mean Boys?

*Author’s Note: I wrote this article when applying for a position writing for a Vampire Diaries fansite back in 2013.  I didn’t get the gig, but found this in my files recently and thought it would be fun to share in honor of the start of TVD’s last season.  544 more words


Playing With Fire

Throughout our lives we are always warned about the risks of playing with fire. It’s never more true than in the world of dating where it is easy to see the error of our ways after the fact,when we find ourselves sprawled out on the sofa, trying to heal those third degree burns with tubs of ice cream and copious amounts of gin. 738 more words


This Is The Difference Between A Bad Boy And A Good One

Bad boy or good guy one of life’s eternal questions. Do you want the rush of a bad boy? Or the steadiness of a good guy? 514 more words

Bang Gang, by Jade West

Grade: B

Doing it at:  14%

Catnip: Second Chance Romance; Just a Gigolo; Light Orgies; Bad Boys; Baby Mama Drama; M/F/M/M/M/M, Tent Sex, Small Town Romance, But It Was 99 Cents… 1,341 more words


Keeping the Bad Guys Away

Keep the Bad Guys Away

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Many girls and women seem to be programmed to attract the bad guys, the wrong guys. 280 more words

Single Mothers