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The Ugly Truth About Bad Boys And Why You Need To Let Them Go

We all love the bad boys. From Klaus Michaelson to Damon Salvatore, we drool over them. They are so confident, challenging, reckless and mysterious. They are a breath of fresh air. 413 more words

Even Though You Used To Be The Bad Boy, You're Perfect For Me

Your friends called you “playboy” and “heartbreaker” and you admitted to me that it was true. You know you were once a bad guy. You played every girl you met, you let them fall for you and dumped them when you were done whenever you wanted. 362 more words

Prince on the white horse or bad boy

I came across a statement: “the prince on the white horse does not exist, because women like bad boys”. Of course when you read a statement, you immediately have an opinion on the matter, whether you utter it or not. 452 more words

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Ashes! Ashes!

Ashes! Ashes!

His temper flared while his hand swiped across the desk launching her laptop, “the avenue of her deception,” he said.

Five minutes ago he moaned about them, how sorry he was. 75 more words


Young Girls Who Go For Bad Boys.

So when I was much younger, what I wanted in a man was much different from what I want now. As you grow and open up your eyes into the real world, where you have to work to survive and you have real responsibilities, you look for different things in a man.Firstly, your definition of ‘having a man’ changes. 498 more words

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Blog Tour: Corrupt Me #GuestPost

Welcome back for my second stop on the Corrupt Me blog tour, if you missed it you can check out my first stop which was a… 941 more words