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Bad Boys Get It In The End

Hostess Humiliates As Men Surrender Dominance…

The rescue helicopter nearest to the building we’re trapped on has finally spotted us. It’s just me and the old man left. 780 more words

Science Fiction

Outlaw's kiss by Nicole Snow

Mellisa and Jackie are two sisters with very bad luck. Their father is dying, their mother died a year before, and they are completely broke. Mellisa or Missy, as she goes by, is the older sister and in college. 298 more words

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Keeping My Power

I’m not one that’s shy to admit my sexual adventures. I’ll tell you all about how I fucked a frat guy on the roof of his house in the middle of a party or how I hooked up with the soccer kid on the pong table that belong to a girl I hate. 317 more words

Taking It Off by Claire Kent

Taking It Off by Claire Kent is a romantic, erotica tale of forbidden love. Riding the wave of stories where male strippers are the moral compass and the only men gifted with the insight into the minds and hearts of troubled young women not living up to their potential for love and life and dirty sex. 391 more words

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Bad Choices

He came up behind me and whispered “You know you miss me.” I paused.

My heart quickened to his touch. To his voice. He was too close. 149 more words


Owning an interview like a boss!

I think recently landing a new job qualifies me as an expert in nailing an interview. So in my EXPERT opinion, here are some pointers that I have not seen anywhere else during my research on how to do well in an interview. 533 more words

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What You Learn From Dating People Who Are Bad For You

Two of my dearest friends and I played a game last night. The game was to come up with a profile for the “type” of guy each of our good friends is attracted to– using exactly five words. 462 more words