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Horrible Bosses

Have you ever had a boss that you would absolutely risk your job just to smack them upside their head one good time? Have you ever had a boss that that tries your patience? 312 more words

This is not a mourning love letter. It's a call out.

Dear 8.,

I never thought I would write to you again. It was weird talking about you now in a way that I’ve never been before, and realize how problematic you were/are. 843 more words

Why Good Girls Go For Bad Boys

I think I broke my comfort zone. Anyone know if you can regrow one? Blogging about relationships and attraction is awkward, y’all!

While I’m figuring out how I’m going to survive my family bringing this article up over Christmas dinner, please enjoy my latest article on  7 more words


2016 is winding down and time has definitely flown. This year has been hard, rewarding, and as always: entertaining.

I started out 2016 on a dating hiatus, my life was too scattered and I wanted to get things a bit more inside the box instead of on 10,000 different pages. 739 more words


Part 178: Excitement

My friend’s sister is getting married and we’re all just fucking sick about it. It’s not jealousy, for once — we really do think she is making a terrible, terrible mistake. 961 more words

Single Life

Draymond Green Tries To Justify Kicking Players In The Head By Tweeting Pictures Of The Bad Boys

By Dan Jenkins

Draymond Green is one of the most polarizing figures in the NBA today.

The 26-year-old Golden State forward plays with as much intensity as anyone in the league. 184 more words


A Family Tradition

My mother, Lori Safford, has always been my main influence.  I was raised by her, so many of my personality traits and lifestyle choices are at least a partial reflection of those demonstrated by her.   1,099 more words