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Haiku #37

You’re the hit parade

No one knows it’s a charade

Our little secret



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I AM CHINA written by Xiaolu Guo is a cautionary story of exiled Chinese musician and former Chinese Punk Jian and his girlfriend Mu. The title comes from Vassily Grossman’s magnum opus, Life and Fate, the epic novel of human survival under totalitarianism and the closing line of his own manifesto . 927 more words

Bad character and propensity

 By Joanna Hastie

Propensity in 1992 to stab can be admissible bad character evidence at a trial in 2014.

  The Court of Appeal has ruled that bad character evidence which predated the current offence by 22 years was admissible and highly relevant:  R v Cox EWCA Crim 804. 562 more words

Criminal Law

Deepti Kapoor: Bad Character The Novel

Vogue India described it as the “literary fiction debut of the year.” The Observer described it a “slender, mysterious and only fleetingly overwrought novel offers vivid insights into what it means to be a middle-class woman in 21st-century Delhi.” 1,042 more words

How Greed Corrupts Character

The best and most recent example of how greed corrupts character is from The Wolf of Wall Street where you see Jordan evolve into a greedy and corrupt stockbroker. 210 more words

Quasimoto - Come on feet

Great vid from Lord Quas, wish he’d put new album with new material out, Maybe Madlib can get him to do it?


Troubled by Nigella Lawson....... and a justice system in tatters

I am somewhat troubled by Nigella Lawson.  No, not the Rubenesque cook who doesn’t apologise for the overuse of salt/sugar/cream, but the Nigella Lawson that was on trial Isleworth Crown Court. 900 more words

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