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The not so perfect, perfect guy

Its been a while. I don’t mean to neglect this blog, but life gets crazy and I get too caught up in it sometimes to update… 452 more words

Where has that penis been?

This post will start off the dating disaster posts. Like most girls in the city, I am playing the dating game, using the apps, because we all know no one has time to meet anyone in real life. 560 more words

Geek Speed Dating

Oh yes, you read that right.  Geek speed dating.  Let me start by giving you a little background information.  For her birthday, my best friend’s husband bought her tickets to a Comic Con.   1,493 more words

Dating Etiquette

So close but not quite perfect...

He was smart, funny and we had the hots for each other…there was only one problem…

In my attempts to move past my office romance gone bad, I set up an online dating profile because that’s what you do if you want a date in 2016, right? 961 more words


Time to move to the countryside and get a pet rock

Growing up in a big, bengali family meant a few things:

  • Everything revolves around food. You fight, you eat. You laugh, you eat. You cry, you eat.
  • 1,158 more words

I Surfed With Glasses On, And It Went About As Well As You'd Expect

We rolled out of our crisp hotel bed to the backdrop of a bright and beaming Santa Monica sunrise, scrambling to get dressed and out the door so we could get to our surfing lesson on time. 1,042 more words

When You Want to Go Home to Play with Your Pussy Rather Than Continue Talking to Your Date...

This one is far less sexual than the title implies…I really did want to go home and play with my pussy…my new foster kitten that is.   263 more words