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Dating again...

If I thought dating as a teen and in my twenties was uncomfortable and awkward, it has nothing on dating in my 40s. First off, I have my own baggage – scars from an abusive relationship, children who live with me full time and whom I actually parent and enjoy spending time with (in a world where divorced dads are part time or less this seems to be an issue for many of them – who knew?), and probably lots of other things I am unaware of. 451 more words


Never date a guy who......is on a reality show

One of my guilty pleasures is watching reality shows.  I prefer these “real” shows and not something that is scripted. One night I came across this reality show on one of the pay channels. 1,793 more words

Movies That Cockblock For You*

We’ve all been on bad dates, amirite, ladiiiies?? Here’s a story from my (Kate’s) younger days: a guy (who I really was not interested in) asked me out, and I was way too shy to say no. 289 more words

Adventures in Online Dating pt. 3

This time I didn’t even get past messaging. The conversation started out pretty standard.

“Hey gorgeous!”


“Hey yes hello”

“You’re so beautiful”

*Roll eyes forever* 85 more words


The Six Stages of a Breakup

Having recently moved to a new city and meeting a whole new group of fabby girls on my course, I have found myself repetitively telling the story of how Lance won and then broke my heart. 707 more words


Never date a guy who's......wife left him for a black guy

Finally I THINK I found the guy. You know the one that offers a future and promises the world if you just give him a chance? 2,092 more words

Bad Dates

Life is too short for bad dates!

I was at a Ridley Road Market Bar with a friend, sitting across from the worst Tinder date in history. 321 more words