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Why Do Good Dates Make Me Feel Like I'm Going To Die Alone?

I went on a first date last week with a guy I met off of Bumble. I initially wasn’t interested in this dude, because when I mentioned to him that I was a professional writer, he used it as an opportunity to tell me all about his journaling hobby. 759 more words

MDR Learns Something

Dating in your 30's

So, I’ve been single for a while now and let me tell you – it is hard to be dating in your 30’s.

I haven’t been on masses of dates since my divorce 5ish years ago. 409 more words


They were both wrong

This past weekend, I read a tweet talking about a man by the of Aziz Ansari. I state it like this because I know he is a comedian and has produced a show on Netflix. 796 more words

Cultural Issues

Online Dating – Love and the Modern Man

Perhaps it’s time I start dating again.

Not many know this, but I was “in the market” briefly a couple of years ago.  I was no Lothario, but, nothing really panned out and regrettably, I became a bit jaded. 1,059 more words

You, Sir, Make Uncle Levar Sad (Dating (Mis)Adventures #1)

After reading my last post, I’m sure you’re wondering why I devised such an escape route.

Let me tell you about one of the worst meetings I had with someone I was interested in. 1,016 more words


He just so badly wanted to be in the blog

“I’m guessing I’ll be in your blog now.”

“I don’t ever write about people I actually cared about. Is that seriously what you’ve been afraid of?” 182 more words

Dating Purgatory: that date where he was a totally nice, normal guy but I completely panicked because dammit, dating is hard.

I know you are all are wondering. How in the world can one person have such bad luck with dating? And many of you have thought, c’mon Ash, the guys can’t all be to blame in these horror stories. 382 more words