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Old Friends

And by ‘friends’, I mean previously used online dating sites.  G-d help me.

I re-activated my profile in OkCupid (forevermore to be referred to as OkStupid for obvious reasons) after almost 3 years.  404 more words


How Not To Date

I don’t mean by not actually dating (which is what I have been perfecting lately).  I mean more along the lines of what NOT to say to your date upon meeting. 795 more words



Top 10 Worst Dates EVER

  1. The racist guy who told me that the Mexicans were ruining California.
  2. The guy who moved his glass out of the way so he could “see my tits better.”
  3. 164 more words

The Male Friend

Growing up with older sisters, I always longed for a brother. A male friend, the next best thing, remained an elusive entity for much of my life, with the refrain ‘there’s no such thing as friendship between men and women’ holding true. 299 more words

Six Years and Counting... Failing at Love

Hello everyone! So this is actually a piece I wrote for another site as a minor humor article. The website called OdysseyOnline was doing publishing by certain cities and area if the communities were big enough. 1,522 more words


Other Random Bad Dates

As I’m reading through my scrapbook, some of these I remember and laugh at. But some I barely remember or not at all. For example, this one I honestly do not remember whatsoever: 468 more words



I’m single, never married, no kids, ambitious 30 something woman living the good life in London. I have a successful job, good group of friends, am socially well-adjusted and not seeking a partner for financial or emotional support. 246 more words