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Online-Dating Disaster

It wouldn’t be healthy living without a good laugh occasionally, and for that, I turn to my dating life!

I got divorced several years ago, ending twenty-two years of marriage.   2,932 more words

Bad Dates

He Clearly Wanted An InstaFamily

What’s a great way to freak out a still relatively newly single woman that has zero kids? Ask her to come to brunch with your parents and child on the second date… 705 more words

Online Dating

Speed Dating Is Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel

**haha, found this uber bitchy post of mine from 4 years ago in my drafts folder.  As I am more than certain that the ‘joy’ of speed dating is the same today as it was then, here you go** 1,107 more words

Internet Dating

Patience Is Someone Else's Virtue

Patience is certainly NOT one of my virtues.  I’m all about instant gratification! That doesn’t mean I don’t work damn hard for the things I want, but it does mean that I have a hard time convincing myself that not everything moves along at the pace that I want it to.  454 more words

Internet Dating

William's First Date

Hello, everyone!! Most of the date ideas I will create derive from the mistakes that I have experienced in the past. I have had my fair share of bad relationships filled to the brim with awkward dates. 1,430 more words

Date History

I Hope No One Snatches You Up

So, Repo Man. The man who I have been waiting to meet for close to 4 months. The one who got lucky ‘had a really good 3rd date’ 2 nights before we were supposed to meet way back in October. 766 more words

Internet Dating