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The Bad Date(s): An Introduction

With apps and websites that allow you to connect with others from across the world who share similar interests, hobbies and lifestyles, it’s a given that the process to find the love of your life should be easy… right? 574 more words


My Awkward Dating Experiences Part 2

A week or so ago, I published My Awkward Dating Experiences Part 1, so I decided to finally write that follow up post. There’s one experience I really wanted to go into, and while I’ve had other weird and awkward experiences, I’ll save them for when I finally write that post on my tinder experiences. 2,235 more words


My Online Dating Chronicles

You can call me old fashioned, prude or uptight, but I prefer to be defined as someone with standards and self-respect.

This is my first time blogging, and after what happened the other night, I just had enough and just need to vent! 5,109 more words

Bad Dates

Can a Bad Start Lead to a Good Relationship?

The ideal way to have a healthy relationship is to have things run smoothly from the very beginning. It doesn’t mean some problems don’t occur at a later stage (some always do), it only means that the relationship has a good foundation before they do. 1,167 more words


My Date from Hell

Everybody has probably had a bad date or two in their lifetime, or known somebody who has had nothing but bad dates. I have had my fair share of dates, being a 24 year old woman in rural Iowa. 1,556 more words


PSA regarding tattoos

Here’s a friendly reminder for the male population in regards to tattoos …

Now, don’t get me wrong .. I’m all for tats. There’s something amazingly sexy about a man with some ink. 184 more words

Perils Of Online Dating

Bad Dates Part 3: what not to say to guys.

A List of things you should not say or do when dating a guy:

  1. Don’t tell him you punch a boy in the balls in third grade…
  2. 383 more words
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