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60 MPH

Here is the second part of my short lived “relationship” with  the French Kisser. Second date, he wanted to take me to the movies. We’d already had the marathon date several days before, so I figured a movie was okay, we’d already started getting to know each other. 504 more words

Bumbling Bumble Date

I finally went on my first date since Cookie! Anddddd it was a big fat flop. But hey – I did it. I had canceled three dates before that and was starting to feel like I’d never be motivated enough to actually do it. 215 more words


Current: Serial Killer in the making

So this one isn’t as current as the sex theater guy but he wasn’t that ong ago. It was another online dating fiasco… Which will probably be the usual trend on here sadly… 513 more words

Dearest Muse

Dearest Muse,

I poetically and apologetically must let you go

I will try to explain as I let myself flow

You; unforgettably with a desired spark in your eye… 137 more words


The Hardest Part of Dating After Divorce

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This might sound strange, but the hardest part of dating after divorce is being so bad at it. I have been trying to go out with different people lately and the only thing the “dates” seem to have in common is that I do something stupid and regret it afterwards. 364 more words

Your Profile Name Say's it All

Curiosity has bitten me right on the behind this morning. What am I curious about you might ask?  Well let me tell you.  As a fairly inquisitive person, my thoughts have wondered to the minds of today’s single men.   539 more words

The Five Types of Bad Dates I've Been On

1. The kind where he doesn’t like me.

He makes his disinterest crystal clear. He even went so far as to pick up another girl from work, with me in the car, and he continued hanging out with her after I left. 202 more words