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Return of the ex....

To the left, to the left, everything you own in a box to the left……..

So my ex is like a dose of genital warts, disappears, but always reappears. 416 more words

Bad Dates

Mr I'm going to string you along...

This is someone who still to this day pops up in my inbox trying to convince me that I should give him another chance. Background to this is that soon after my last long term relationship started chatting to this chap. 273 more words

Bad Dates

Men folk of the world......

So just a little note to all the men of the world. Women thrive and survive without you everyday. We work, rest and play without you. 153 more words

Bad Dates

Mr Impatient

It started so well, well it started  alright for Tinder. We chatted, he seemed cool and we had a few things in common, After a few weeks we swapped numbers and he added me on snapchat. 256 more words

Bad Dates

CWD, 26

  • Name: CWD
  • Age: 26
  • OkCupid AND Tinder – we matched twice

After two fine and pleasant dates this one certainly shook things up…  I had been messaging CWD on OkCupid and then I got annoyed and deleted the app. 334 more words


Bad Dates Part 8: American guys vs. Irish guys

I am happy to say I have the pleasure of dating and interacting with both American (Minnesota) guys and Irish guys. I have decided to make a list of the differences between them, for fun. 724 more words

City Girl

Shadow of Truth

Who made you the King of my words?

You drug dealing  bastard from the underworld?

You don’t speak for me, I didn’t “vote” for you. 288 more words