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heidi ho neighbor...

i cant remember which terrible free site i was on and met the last winner, not like it matters. i dont know if im too nice or just looking for losers in all the wrong places. 250 more words


Adventures in Online Dating - Tokyo Edition

Dating is hard. Every single person knows it.

It’s particularly hard as a foreign woman in Japan. Most of your options are either Japanese men (who will most likely want to stay in Japan, work in Japan, and make babies in Japan) or a very small subset of foreign men who aren’t here to find a Japanese wife. 540 more words


Margaux to Men: Waving the White Flag

It was right after I sent a return text to Derek the Englishman, who was canceling our first face-to-face date scheduled for that evening with a clumsy and insulting excuse that I’m repeating… 659 more words


A Bad Boy with a Spark of Decency

The fact that I’ve been quiet is a sign that I’m living. Maybe living a bit too much, but living all the same.

Since my last update, things have been pretty quiet on the… 1,010 more words

The Artist...AKA the Guy who Pooped in a Jar

Dear Readers,

Yesterday night I had one of the worst dates in my life. Here is the date that was bad enough that I decided I HAD to start a blog to share my horror stories. 551 more words

Bad Dates

Dating and Hating in San Francisco- Here is Where it Starts

Hello there world!

Welcome to my blog, the outlet where I will be sharing my horror stories of twenty something single-hood in the city of tech, drugs, and rock n’roll. 248 more words

Bad Dates

Beginning to find closure on bad memories.

“To the gypsy that remains faces freedom with a little fear

I have no fear, I have only love

And if I was a child… 1,042 more words