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The 28 Second Guy

I had given a guy a ride home after he had too much to drink.

When we arrived at his apartment complex, he was in the middle of a story so I parked the car as he continued on.  179 more words


Blair: The Orchid Giver

This story never fails to crack me up. And remind me that no matter how rational we may appear, the right circumstances can turn anyone into a creeper. 1,916 more words

The Psychologist Guy

I was looking forward to this date.  Another professional – what could possibly go wrong?

I had a couple meetings at work that day so I wore a “work to happy hour” outfit with my favorite heels.  1,011 more words


Part 5: those messages girls get

I’ve held onto this one for awhile, and its a hard one, and I don’t want to get in the wrong either. This Bad Date is not going to be funny, the word dick pic will be used A LOT and that’s my ‘ 1,199 more words


Signs you're dating a 50 yr old boy

As a kid I had a lot of friends who were boys. We rode our bikes together, we explored abandoned quarries, build dams (or fires), and generally mucked about. 465 more words

Life After 40

Chapter 54 - Tinder Date #12

Tuesday, 16 February 2016.

After Work / Day 58

Anna has her next date on her way home from work.

Tinder Date #12 / Tinder Clown #2 – not wasting any more of my time on writing about you. 12 more words

Now What

Just like the movies...

As promised (thought maybe a little late!?) our third addition of our “bad first dates” is here! This story comes from a contributor and some places have been changed to protect anonymity! 471 more words