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A Date with Mr Barn Conversion

Before I went, I’d put the odds of me fancying today’s date (henceforth christened Mr Barn Conversion) at 80%.

Having been out riding today, I was in a generally lovely mood. 1,339 more words


Menage A Phone (Love, Sex & No Man's Land)

Threesome on a first date-

you, me, and your phone.

Your phone got all the love.

That’s a haiku I wrote for Space 55’s 2014 one-night-only variety show “Love, Sex and No Man’s Land”. 38 more words


Send Me a Photo

A friend shared with me this week one of the latest stories from her search. I’ve heard of and have experienced similar behaviour. It’s one I could relate to. 748 more words

Dating Behavior

Are these questions for real?

So, I told another that I cant take things further with him. We emailed and “dated” – to put that term loosely, for about four weeks. 505 more words



Warning: The following blog posts contains emotional outbursts based on anger, frustration, and a dose of sadness.

Dating sucks. Dating just fucking sucks. Specifically online dating. 1,188 more words

Bad Dates

Should I Have Worn Lipstick? The Self-Doubting Questions For The Guy Who Never Texted Back

Was it because I was 5 minutes late? Was it because I drank my drinks too slow? Did my offer to pay seem lame? It’s because I came off like a workaholic, right? 183 more words

Blessing In Disguise or Double Horror

Ive been talking to a guy (we’ll call him C) for a while now and finally, today, the stars aligned and we were finally able to meet. 491 more words