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My Best Worst Date Story

I know I am all about writing medical stories and all so this title may seem a little off but trust me.

Several years ago before I was married I had started seeing this man. 396 more words

10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Go On A First Date On Valentine's Day

I “met” this guy on OkCupid on a Tuesday. You know, he seemed normal…normal enough. He didn’t say things like “You’re the peanut butter to my jelly” with a winky face under the “You Should Message Me If” section, nor did he have five numbers and three underscores in his username. 569 more words

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears...

Hey friends.

Remember about a week ago when I was like, “Online dating yuck. I hate it. It sucks.” Etc etc…?

Well guess how much I hate it. 938 more words

A Short List of My Worst Dates

I go on a lot of dates. Unfortunately, most of them are very bad. Not like just boring bad, but like “omg I can’t believe this person exists” bad. 1,088 more words


Bad Date #1

For this first blog post, we wanted to start off with something entertaining. How about our experiences with BAD DATES. Bad dates, everyone has had them, they are embarrassing and sometimes something you do not want to share. 836 more words


Tinderella, Tinderella

Let me just say, my experiences with Tinder are noteworthy.
I was having margaritas with my friends when a notification came through on someone’s phone. Of course it was our princess’s phone, for she is the prettiest in all the land and has gotten many-a right swipes in her day. 1,245 more words

Story Time

Oh No...Another Bad Date

In the run up to Valentine’s Day, the world seems like a DANGER zone for singletons; even supermarkets have aisles dedicated to half price chocolates, pink champagne and cuddly toys – because NOTHING says romance like an elephant holding a love heart, am I right guys?! 602 more words