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Facebook Reveals

I always joke that I thought Facebook is the root of all evil.  Now I’m pretty certain that it IS!  Did you know that if someone who is NOT your friend sends you a message on there that it gets put in some top-secret hidden file and you never get a notification?  468 more words


My Terrible First Date Experience

So we’ve all had really bad dates – some worse than others. Some stories are hidden way back in the closet never to be talked about again, while others are funny dinner stories. 1,133 more words


My history of dating...

Well, this will be a short post…

I went on my first date 2 days after I turned 17, the guy randomly added me on Facebook (social media from the beginning), we got talking and I ended up agreeing to a date (I had bumped into him in person first…so I knew he was real)…I’m not going to lie, this is probably the worst date I’ve ever been on…lets get one thing straight, aren’t the boys meant to treat the girl on the first date? 402 more words


Somebody call a doctor! A real one!

Let’s face it, some people get lucky and meet their soul mate in high school. Then they get married, have babies, buy a mini van and start wearing cargo shorts and plaid shirts from Walmart. 1,006 more words


"Online Dating Is Easy..." She Said.

In the 3 years since I began this blog, one might think that I would’ve settled down or met “the one.” If this were a numbers game, shoot! 1,153 more words

I've dated all of the wrong men (so you won't have to!)

Hi. I’m the lesser known Taylor Swift of dating. This year marks my second decade of dating!  I know how exciting this is, and you’re welcome to throw me a party to celebrate (please feel free to bring along some wine). 1,448 more words

Tinder! why the hype

I’d like to acknowledge I nicked the featured image off the web it came from a page called Tinder Man – Tinder Junkie  – click the name to jump to his page it’s a good page if you’re interested in Dating Apps. 978 more words