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Bad Times? Not At All!

We all have to deal with ups and downs in this life. And usually, we have something that gets us through the down times. The contest for this month is for you to write a story about the worse day of your life and how you overcame it (God, a friend, pet, etc). 108 more words


I Hate Being Late

I can’t abide being late. It’s so bad that thirty seconds late will put me in such a state of anxiety and anger that I’m grumpy for the rest of the day. 537 more words


Just wait

After spending the first half of the day juggling kids and cleaning I ventured out to complete my list of things to do.  It started with traffic and conversations that didn’t seem to start off right.   347 more words


Yeah not a great day. At least it is one day closer to the weekend when I am working every day anyway.

Staying positive

What else is there left to say?

Oh yeah, I know!

Have a great weekend!


That Post You Don't Want to Post but You Have to because that's Just Where You Are Right Now

Omg so….I don’t even know where we’re at with stories of the twins and all the happy nonsense I typically post. This is not that post. 240 more words


let's talk about the past

i  can’t remember whether I wrote this and sent it to the person but…. whenever i look at this photo, i can remember all these times i really wanted to be the perfect image of what my friends/companion wanted. 118 more words

Mental Illness