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Oh, God, grant me the strength to get through this…
Everything is temporary and so is this feeling. Feelings are not facts. Got to keep my head up. 35 more words

A bad day

Today is not mine.

I fucked up and slept late yesterday, even though I knew I had work early in the morning.  I didn’t realize how tired I was going to be after work and took a nap. 388 more words

Meta Rants

366 Poems: December 2nd, 2016

Stomach Ache

My body hates me

and my mind betrays me

into thinking all of these awful things.

But you can see the beauty

in everything… 14 more words


One of Those Days

I probably should have gotten stitches today. There’s a cut on my left pinky–Lord knows how, but it got in the way of my knife when I was dicing a pear for the girl (which she didn’t even eat)–and it’s bleeding through the Band-Aid. 834 more words


Not today

Today wasn’t a good day. Mainly attributed to work, I have a mountain load to get through and everyone is rushing me for things. I hate being rushed. 113 more words


Bad Day

Some days are just a storm of crap and no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to stop the rot and sometimes that bad day turns into a week or a month. 237 more words

What a day!

It has been one big exhausting day for me today.
It wasn’t a very busy one… just a regular day… but my anxiety peaked more than it has in quite sometime. 238 more words