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Frustrated af

When WordPress not only crashes on your drafts, but then doesn’t save it and then promptly removes a good portion of your scheduled. I cri eri x.


love ourselves, even on bad days

What do you do when you have a REALLY bad day?  You wake up in the morning and realize whatever you had planned, isn’t going to happen.  365 more words

Silence is NOT Golden

Today is turning out to be a festival of nightmares… which you’ll see in a minute is ironic in a beautiful and painful way.

Nightmare a) it’s snowing… 536 more words


Poem #5

I used to be so fearless, so blasé, such a whirlwind of laughter

I glittered, I wasn’t perfect, I had many cracks and scars and too many opinions… 150 more words


I love chocolate. It definitely has the ‘feel good’ factor. For me, chocolate is the ultimate temptation and, as Lord Darlington said in Oscar Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan, “I can resist everything except temptation”. 395 more words

Day To Day Life

Depression and Cleanliness

Do you have a depressed friend that can never seem to get their house clean? Always dishes in the sink or the floor really needing to be vacuumed? 308 more words

Getting Better

Bad day.

Today I have screamed constantly. I screamed on the way to nursery and I screamed on the way home from nursery. I screamed at lunch and I screamed at dinner and all the time in between. 196 more words