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Bad day.

Bad week, bad year!
Everyone has some good days and some bad days, everyone has karma.
Don’t let a bad day make you think you have a bad life. 46 more words


Acts of Kindness

I get it.  The world can be a tough place:  money problems, loneliness, loss, thoughtless people, hurtful words, illness, and the list goes on and on…  I understand. 201 more words

Art Card

Moving: It's An Adventure [Part 3]

It has been a trying day.

I think I pretty much have the book-packing under control.  I’m shipping off the books I want to keep box by box (the rest are being… 858 more words


Rough day 

Tonight, still wet from her bath, my naked baby girl crawled into my bed and said,”Momma-can we talk about it?”

“Talk about what baby girl?” I asked. 505 more words

Where Chipmunk Song Is Beautiful

Right now there are tears covering my face. The reasons are almost as beautiful as they are dumb and embarrassing. I wept because of beauty and sadness and the wonder that is in the world. 862 more words


My Happy Place

We live near the sea (well, everyone does in New Zealand, no one is further than 2 hours from a coast)

When things are going great I love to come here and rejoice, when things are going not so great, I love to come here and reflect. 37 more words