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Bad day start. Good day finish.

Besides being woken up at 1am by a drunk asking for more alcohol and keeping me up longer than that, my sleep was crappy. So naturally, I woke up being grumpy and still pissed off at my family member (which is a usual in this house). 422 more words

Just Another Day

8 things to do if you’re having a bad day - instead of reaching for that glass of wine

Everybody has bad days, but I will definitely hold my hand up and say that I feel guilty for having them. This might sound ridiculous, but I’m a happy and optimistic person and I feel like I should be that way all the time. 527 more words


Things I can control 

Today’s post falls under the personal side of things but bear with me. “Things I can control” is a personal mantra, especially on really tough days. 317 more words

Tomorrow is a Latter Day

The title of this post comes from the musical, The Book of Mormon.  I have watched the production numerous times and it makes me laugh every single time.   408 more words


Today just keeps on sucking....

Today has been really rough. I knew it wasn’t going to be a great day to start with but it just keeps sucking. Yesterday I was home sick from work. 775 more words



Don’t you just hate it when you’re in such a good mood and one person can ruin your whole day? That happened to me recently, and I realised there’s an easy way to avoid that. 103 more words