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the day is off to a bad start

this morning i woke up and immediately had a crappy start to the day. i realized i left my phone in the bed which means, first,that i didn’t charge it and second, that i have to search through the covers to find it. 506 more words

When Grown ups need a time out

A few weekends ago I was just an awful terrible person. Ever just have one of those weekends that despite your best efforts you are just not getting it done? 488 more words

Monday in Omaha

So this morning, after far too little sleep, I drove some 220ish miles to the Omaha VA for a follow up with a specialty clinic. I was almost late leaving, which translated into me, pushing the speed limit by about 4 mph, nearly the entire way. 157 more words

Prompt XXII

Time passes more quickly the older one gets.
Days turn to weeks, and weeks to months, and before you know it, the year is half over. 57 more words


It was a bad day today. 

It was a bad day today because before noon I found myself locked in the bathroom, scratched to shreds and crying. Wishing so badly it hurt that my toddler was normal. 514 more words


One of My Most Horrific Parenting Moments

All my posts lately have been bookish, so I’ve decided to throw a little personal one in here. Let’s go with a story–a story about my kids. 510 more words


don't worry be happy

i  have to admit that i have not been feeling to good. one min i’m happy as pie next i feel kind of low and i just want to cry. 20 more words