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Sick, and Tired. . .

As depressing, and gut wrenching as it is…. Life is a bunch of disappointments that you’ll have to get used to every day. The thing is, I was hoping it was not going to be you, unfortunately, I fell short on that department. 89 more words

Choose Wisely

One of these squeaky toys is twice as large as the other. Can you guess which one costs more?

If so, you’re smarter than the customer who argued about it for 35 minutes



Sometimes we have a string of blah days. Days that feel monotonous and routine with no lows but also no highs. With low days we get wrapped up in the failures of the day. 259 more words

Never trust your self-defeating thoughts

I think there can be a darkness within each one of us that loves to reach up, take hold of our confidence, and pull it down into an abyss of self-pity. 275 more words

The Up Devo

Week Eight

If you had a theme song, what would it be?

My theme song… hmmm…

I don’t really care that much for music. I listen to it, but I have no strong feelings about it other than the  155 more words

52 Weeks Of Self-Discovery


Hey babes, welcome back! How is everyone doing? Today I wanted to chat about some of my favourite things I like to do in my free time when I’m trying to relax/ recover from a bad day. 602 more words


Bad Days: Sometimes You Just Can't Change Them (and that's all right)

What. A. Weekend.

Happy Tuesday, loves! Well, I’m hoping for a lovely, happy Tuesday. As I write this on Monday afternoon, I’m not very happy. Honestly, I had a whole different blog post in mind for today, but I’m inspired by my own bad attitude and moodiness. 943 more words