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Out of Probable Things

Some days the rain is the only calm I get.

It washes the colors clean, when I see through a fog, and keeps all but the memories at bay. 48 more words

Short Writing

My silly sick self.

The day was bad ,I could not have the power to change it,so that I could again feel glad.I was worried,angry,helpless at being such an unworthy shit ,I could not know what for me could today be totally fit.I got up and saw that I had missed college .So I knew I would loose one day’s important knowledge.I saw that I had fallen from my bed and had seen a bad dream.Around me the whole room was a mess.It was of course due to my inactiveness,yes ,you rightly guessed.The water from bathroom had gone . 297 more words

WAR.SWF | Eeman's Escapade (Graphic)

One would be surprised at how easy it is to tread out of shallow water in the middle of an apocalypse-esque situation like a bombing raid, as Maxwell Eeman would quickly figure out. 896 more words


Just a thought

I think the person that means the most to you is the one that you immediately want to talk to when something good happens to you or the person who you know could make you feel better when something bad happens.

Not Quite As Glorious.

It’s overcast today and it matches my internal barometer. I can’t help but feel that today is my step backwards in the “two steps forward, one step back” recovery process. 173 more words

Me, Myself And I

Tuesday, 25th May, 1880

Today was one of those days where just everything feels wrong, even though it’s not particularly. I suppose I just got out of the wrong side of bed this morning. 591 more words

Everyone Has Bad Days

Today is a pretty bad day for me.
I’ve been super unproductive, I had to drag myself out of bed, I didn’t eat my regular breakfast, I had to force myself to go on my walk, everyone in my family seems to be in a bad mood, and it’s just generally a crappy day all the way around. 738 more words

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