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Adapting well to her new surroundings.

Adopt a pet now, save a life

Daily Minutia


This week, I’ve been extraordinarily proficient in becoming the clumsiest woman alive.

It all started with a good-natured trip to the gym.  I’d done about an hour of cardio and was sweating moderately, but I felt great.   197 more words

so ein kack scheiss plateau

warum um alles in der Welt klappt das bitte nicht?

da ernähre ich mich mal echt perfekt und schaue auf meine macros und auf die richtigen trainingsintensitäten, lass nicht ausfallen und esse sogar ausreichend und dann sowas?genau die gleiche zahl stand auf der Waage? 173 more words


Today is one of those days when you expected so much and ended up NOTHING. Woohoo, way to go

You’re not special anymore. Remember that



I think I may have multiple personality disorder. It sounds so stupid when I say it out loud but I’m genuinely worried that I do. 333 more words

Stinking sushi

Have been feeling a little shit lately. And 1 of the 2 things I was counting down to will be over in 7 hours, the other in less than 2 weeks. 242 more words


This is better than nothing.

She dumbs it down but explains to me what Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is. How it works well for people with depression and anxiety. How promising a therapy she thinks it is for me. 261 more words