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Bad Day

lying here, no energy

body broken and battered, reminding me today

choking on numerous meds taken too quickly

wanting only to get them down

normally smiling acceptance of the struggle… 107 more words


(me) on a bad day

When I get dressed, everyone asks where I am going. I think my dog is the only one who understands me. She knows when I want to go on a walk and follows me around nibbling my wrist and the hem of my sweater. 670 more words


A Very Bad Day (and Other Things)

I had a very bad day today.

Today was a day where it felt like the universe was crumbling as I stood there and watched. Today was a day where I felt alone. 954 more words


Secondary School & Learning Curves

I also had my pretrial services that day, so I used that neat little piece of paper to call in. The officer on the other side of the phone sounded nice. 2,026 more words

Day Four - The Bathroom Floor

Last night my mother approached me and asked how many of my pills for pain I was taking per day. I told her that it varies, but that on my bad days I end up taking the maximum that I am allowed per day. 513 more words


8 ways to get through a shitty day

Unfortunately, we all have bad days. And we all have our own ways of dealing with them. Today, I thought I’d share some of my top tips of how I cope with those days that make me want to curl up in bed and block out the world. 403 more words


Bad Day

Last wednesday was a bad day for me. I like Wednesdays, but it was not a good one, unluckily. Had nothing to do with being Wednesday, though. 672 more words