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Misadventures of the education seeking Panda!

I sit upon the leather chair.

Pondering things that led me there.

Perhaps excitement was to blame?

To pursue a goal and to everyone proclaim… 198 more words

Be Positive It's Contagious

Smiling is the Best Medicine For a Bad Day

It doesn’t matter who you are or how bad of a day you have had. All it takes to turn it around is a well-placed smile from someone we love to turn it all around. 152 more words

Mindfulness & Positivity

Charlotte the Mombie.

I’d rather scoop my eyes out with a sugar coated teaspoon than be awake today. I’m just having one of they “mombie days” where I’m on auto-pilot and ignoring everything around me ’cause if I don’t  I’ll end up ripping someone’s limbs off. 360 more words


I feel like I’m a stepping stone. No matter what I do I’ll never actually be someone’s someone. Not at least the right kind of person. 235 more words


Today was a black hole day. 

A black hole day. That’s what I call my days when I have anxiety and mood swings. These are the days that I seem to want try cry more. 298 more words

Today sucked

Have you ever had one of those days that just suck? Who am I kidding, if you’re a mother, a parent, you most certainly did. Heck even if you’re neither, I’m sure you still had those days! 241 more words


Oh what a day..

Today is going to be a shitty day and it’s only 5:30 A.M.. Do you want to know how I know it’s going to be a bad day? 250 more words