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How are you?

That’s the text message I just received from my Mum. It seems simple enough of a question doesn’t it? The answer is surely just as simple, right? 366 more words

Mummy Blog


I had one of those days but I managed to rally and make a really awesome dinner. I’m glad I took the time to do it. Tortilla soup.

Seeing the best.

We all know life is hard and throws unwanted hardships at us. Sometimes it feels like daily we can’t catch a break or sometimes it seems like everything is going great all the time and then, BOOM, you are hit with something stressful, hurtful, or overwhelming. 444 more words


Comfort food plus one of my go-to feel-good comedies.

Just like to add that it was a small pizza, not large like it looks in the pic!!

It'll be okay

Hey guys it’s Betty here! Today I’m feeling a little lost in myself and I’m just struggling a bit with my anxiety. At the moment I’ve been pretty happy in myself and have managed to capture that in some of my blogs. 329 more words

Tired of everything

It’s not going well, I am sitting here, waiting for my takeaway, and my brain is absolutely preoccupied with thoughts of all the money I have lost since April since a certain idea popped into my head to make extra income. 191 more words