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Today is one of those days where you are inconsolably grumpy, nothing tastes good and time is at a stand still.

So you walk around the organic supermarket for 25 minutes and leave with an $8.99 jar of peanut butter that you most certainly do not need. Time for bed.

Oklahoma scientists pressured to downplay link between earthquakes and fracking

Oklahoma has been experiencing an earthquake boom in recent years. In 2014, the state had 585 quakes of at least magnitude 3. Up through 2008, it averaged only three quakes of that strength each year. 606 more words

Climate & Energy

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[New Post] Strength, Privilege, and Conflicts When Traveling in a Machismo Culture

I can recall many times that I wandered Granada on my own – enjoying the city, running errands, and contemplating the same question: Could I really do this? 1,923 more words


Day 14


Sleep Time : 7h08m

Sleep Quality : ok.

Dream : Forgotteni can’t remember all of it but i remember my hair kept getting into my mouth and every time it did i would actually wake up.   60 more words

Bad Day

I've had better days!

What A Difference A Day Made – Aretha Franklin

Today was one of those days! Just small things: our bass player quit, I had someone basically copy some writing I had done (maybe in a strange way it’s a sort of complement?) and it’s the day… 299 more words

Moving Forward

Bad Day to Worse

Today was my first “off-day”, and I only choose Wednesdays and Saturdays as my off days because I have work early and I’m not the best morning person when it comes to a 6AM walk. 441 more words


Return to Him

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I don’t wake up saying, “I’m gonna make everyone miserable today.”
But I DO wake up some days {like today} thinking, “Yuck what another miserable day I have to go through.” 586 more words

The Lord Is My Rock