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Oh the joys of retail.

You know how it goes. You work retail, you help a bunch of customers, make a few people smile, stock some shelves, answer the phone. 422 more words


Improving Skill

Hiya again ^^/

This time I wanted to write something I’ve noticed throughout the last few days. Since I wanna prove a point and show that even with a crappy instrument you can be an amazing musician then I’ve been practicing every single day. 244 more words

Everyday Adventures

Day 734 - Entering the Plea

The whole process of pretrial conferences, risk assessments, polygraphs, ankle monitoring, etc was leading up to a “trial” we knew we wanted to avoid by accepting a plea offer from prosecution. 425 more words

"No body likes me"

Having those silly little thoughts again today .
Walking through a local shop . People saying Hello to me and smiling . But I can’t help by feel alone . 58 more words


What a day, a LONG day

I woke up early. I was showered and dressed this morning and ready to go get everything done. I left my house with no problem. I went to the bank to cash my birthday check from my Dad, every little bit helps. 673 more words

A day of Anxiety


Hi guys, hope your day has been well.

My day has been bad. Just strait bad. So much anxiety, so much pain, so much seeing things. 123 more words