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She bounced out the door,

with only two feet on the floor,

if that –

for she was surely testing the limits of gravity – 24 more words


The Path To My Home

I am only inclined to tell this story, before I can no longer speak, because no one I have been rash enough to tell it to so far believes it. 209 more words


Bad Dog!

We’re halfway through the month, and also halfway through the week!  Welcome to another visually awful edition of Picture Day Wednesday at The Nest.  This week, we’re going to see what happens in ES’s neighborhood while all of the 9 to 5’ers at slaving away at work… 265 more words


My Dog Got To It Before Me

my dog got to my lunch before me. you snooze you lose. I lost.


The Dog Ate My Homework by Robin Trimingham

The Dog Ate My Homework by Robin Trimingham

The dog ate my homework, aka this weeks article. Honest, he did.

OK, perhaps I fib, but I figure that it is fair to blame him because over the past four years he has eaten just about everything else including: an entire tube of cortisone cream, a wax candle, my blackberry case, my blackberry, 3 belts (or was it four?), the air conditioning remote, the TV remote, yellow boxer shorts, countless pens, an entire box of Godiva chocolate (on Christmas eve no less – dog fine, carpet not so much), two black pumps (from different pairs of shoes naturally), several sticks, a ruler, an entire rubber bathmat, most of a Venetian blind (he still swears that this was all in a vain attempt to save me from a fly), countless brown paper bags, and a couple dozen egg cartons. 195 more words

Quality Of Life

10 Rules for Dogs

  1. Never give up. If your owner (master, mommy/daddy) doesn’t get that you want to go out the first time you bring the leash, try and try again. 
  2. 638 more words

Sweet girl / bad girl

Today, on the beach, a human asked M if I was ‘a sweet dog’. She said yes – of course she did, she is my human! 230 more words

All Kinds Of Cookies