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The 3 Types of Editorial Corrections You Need To Know!

As I writer there are 7 things I need to know that will get me published.

There are also 13 things I need to know about publishing that will make me more successful than any other writer who reads about them. 2,057 more words


Day 2.351 - No-No

Came home to find that Sushi has torn a hole in my duvet cover. She got a time-out head lock!


So, this is fun...

While I’m grading and my dog¬†misbehaves, I give him commands while calling him by my students’ names.

The Crumpett Files

Sometimes I have to break the rules....

….just to be heard. I know I shouldn’t put my paw on a table. But if the mom or the girl isn’t going to listen, then what is a diabetic alert dog supposed to do? 52 more words


Bos' Blog: Surviving the Lizard Apocalypse

Recently, I’ve discovered that our yard is in imminent danger of being taken over by any army of little lizards. Don’t let their size fool you. 387 more words


The leash training nightmare

Gus brought me lower than any other dog with his lead training.  I thought I had tried everything positive with him, I became utterly frustrated and defeated. 967 more words