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I could be writing about how I am 25-7 in the tourney, about how I had Butler and Marshall and Kansas State and Syracuse. ( 211 more words


Taipei Haiku #27

A whole month passes

‘Til discovery is made

Bad dog in Taiwan

Shame on this dog. Public urination is one thing if you’re an average dog, just trying to be good in this day and age, but he looks like he knows damned well what he’s doing. 123 more words

Sofa (not so) good

X5 attempts to get on Homeowners’ bed; x2 plant pots tipped over; 0 treats.

Homeowners have sold their sofa. The most comfortable, squishy sofa known to dog and they’ve sold it! 356 more words


Corned Beef and Cabbage

*Sigh*  I’m mad.  This was a delicious meal that I only made because I needed left over corned beef for another meal later this week.  However, I left the corned beef on the counter to cool a little too long and Niki, the hundred pound ball of unrepentant fluff, helped himself.  293 more words


Meet Fleabag

So, are you ready to meet another fucked up member of the internet’s most ridiculous cast of characters?  It’s Thursday…. of course you are!  Today we’re going to shine the red laser light pointer on one of Shelf Critter Theatre’s most unexpected stars… that mangy mutt Fleabag!  648 more words



Danny Boy – oh manny boy – uncanny how much I do love thee.  Bee me, bee free, bee sweet like honey to the comb. How I am like you, like a dog, loyal to a fault.   334 more words

If I can't go outside, I'll just take out it on the toilet paper...

It’s been super cold here in the Midwest. None of us like it, except for Lola. However, she refuses to understand that her delicate little feets will freeze and fall off (seriously, hypothermia and frostbite after 10 minutes of exposure kind of cold) and so, she’s only allowed out long enough to potty. 43 more words