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Can your dog become a productive member of society?

Can you train your dog to be a doctor? A lawyer? a baker? Spoiler Alert: Fuck no. This was all just an obscure lead in to get you to read this story because I wasn’t sure people would click on something called, “My dogs are stupid shitheads, yours probably are too.” I will warn you, this story is graphic, the images are even graphic-er, you clicked on this, I didn’t ask you to. 768 more words


Bad Dog!

Oh, no! The family Weimaraner’s hunting instinct “flushed out” the wallpaper from the hall closet! His “gentle bird mouth” wasn’t so tender that day … … 64 more words

Food Aggression in Dogs - Is your dog a grumpy growling guzzler?

Food aggression issues in dogs seems to be on the rise in my mind, I am seeing more and more cases of food aggression in dogs. 1,975 more words

Dog Training

You Know The Drill

You know the drill.

Isn’t it majestic?

Anyway Love

Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.  Luke 6:36

“What?  No way.  You didn’t!”

My pace quickened as bits and pieces of package wrappings and boxes appeared strewn on the floor at the top of the stairs. 907 more words

Puppy training for dummies. Teaching Charlie not to crap on the floor.  

If you know anything about me you know our house is a never ending temporary home for foster kids of the four leg kind. Fur babies. 663 more words