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Custards Last Lick - Raheny

Today the dim witted dog out smarted me and was rewarded with a lot of custard. She not been too well the last few days so she was forgiven fast.


Lola’s Pee Problem


So let’s start from the beginning:

Our neighbors have a dog, and they let that dog run around outside freely. And this has been going on for a while, and it has never really concerned us because the dog never comes over to our house. 326 more words


She bounced out the door,

with only two feet on the floor,

if that –

for she was surely testing the limits of gravity – 24 more words


The Path To My Home

I am only inclined to tell this story, before I can no longer speak, because no one I have been rash enough to tell it to so far believes it. 217 more words


Bad Dog!

We’re halfway through the month, and also halfway through the week!  Welcome to another visually awful edition of Picture Day Wednesday at The Nest.  This week, we’re going to see what happens in ES’s neighborhood while all of the 9 to 5’ers at slaving away at work… 265 more words


My Dog Got To It Before Me

my dog got to my lunch before me. you snooze you lose. I lost.


Why I am a Dog Trainer

I have loved dogs all my life. I began my journey training dogs years after I got an Akita that was anxious and dog aggressive. I took her to a positive only trainer early on who relied on treats. 701 more words

Bad Dog