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Bad Dog

“…and if it’s your children, you should be the first to put forth your hands to meting forth Gods justice and hopefully to reconciliation, but if not, to death. 415 more words

Star Scott

Tray Chic!

Betcha think I’ve been lolling around on a chaise, popping bon-bons in my mouth!  Not a chance.  I have been very busy, but by the lack of blog posts, you would never know it. 635 more words

Decorating On A Dime

dead dog

i just put our dog down. he was old and had been steadily declining for the last few months. he took a turn for the worse in the last few days and it was clear we had to put him out of his misery sooner than later. 202 more words

Chewin it UP OR Give it Up Ralph

Beeker loves his chew toys. He always has. When he was a pup he chewed any toy we gave him. Not the little polite chewing that most puppies do when they are teething. 370 more words

A Very Hurried Post Because...

“Tantrums are not bad behavior. Tantrums are an expression of emotion that became too much for the child to bear. No punishment is required. What your child needs is compassion and safe, loving arms to unload in.”

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The Worst Dog Ever.

When we were very young kids we had a great dog. His name was Reubens, and he was a large Samoyed who was a loyal valued member of the family until the end. 1,125 more words