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What did you do now, Kramer!?!

So, it’s been a while since I’ve even thought about this blog. But there have been a few “adventures” recently that are definitely blog worthy. So, where to begin . 434 more words


Bad Dog

We could tell by the way he curled his lips that he was no good. His neck craning. His teeth exposed. He had mange and fleas and never wagged his tail. 3,083 more words


The Return of... Hello, My Name is Pepper and I'm a Bad Dog

Ugh, I was hoping I’d retired this blog post title, but alas, it seems I have not. I think Pepper is going a little stir crazy in the horrendous New Orleans heat we’ve been experiencing this week. 213 more words


Bad Dogs

A few nights ago…

I was camping in the Arizona desert with a few friends under the dark sky with stars unlike what we see at home. 677 more words


Sofa so bad.

So, the new leather sofas arrived three weeks ago and I thought Mum would have cracked by now and let us up for a cosy. … 245 more words


Bad Dog Brodie Brown

It is discouraging to realize Brodie is almost six years old. In ~60 days he will be six years old and he is still hasn’t reached the behavior threshold I want for him. 605 more words


22 July 2015

Dear Max,

When Petey walks, his hips sway. The toenails on his big puppy feet go click click click down the hallway. That’s if he feels like getting up. 496 more words