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Bad Morty!

And you wonder why Run A Muck Ranch is the only home he could find….

Dog Rescue

Choppy the Bad Puppy

Facebook recently implemented a “Memories” function, where you can see memories from a given day. I signed up for it, thinking it would be nice, and it has proven awesome – I have come across a ton of things I had forgotten doing (easy enough, considering I have been using Facebook for about a decade). 162 more words


Bad Days, Good Days

Yesterday was not one of my best.

First 1 took me to the vets. I don’t really like the vets. Well, I like the people. I don’t really like them doing what they do. 635 more words

No Trouble Here!

“Whether you’re being good, or you’re up to no good, try not to look guilty.”
~ Jarod Kintz

They look so sweet and innocent, don’t they?

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Two Surgeries in One Day!

Dad had surgery to repair his abdominal aneurysm on Friday, 4/17.  I am so grateful to report that he made it through with flying colors, with his sense of humor still intact.   611 more words

Life With A Pup

Dog Lyfe.

Today I nudged open the baby-proof fence keeping me out of the carpeted area and ran into my master’s bedroom to wake him up. 79 more words