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Charlotte Jane vs. Charlotte Duane

Ok, first off, I need to be completely honest and say that Charlotte sucks at puppy class.  The amount of distractions with the other puppies around is insane.   1,059 more words

Thursday Massacre

Remember when your kids were small and you were all starry eyed? You gaze upon the wee little bit of perfection in your arms and you can’t imagine that in a few short years, they are going to become these destructive, emotionally unstable, smelly, horrid wee beasties. 997 more words

Bad Dog

My dog peed on the carpet!?!?

My dog, Murray, peed (sp?) on the carpet today. Frustrating. This picture is when he is nice and cute.

He is still a puppy. But it is still is very frustrating when he relieves himself in the house. 477 more words


Forever Artemis

Artemis was arguably one of the sweetest dogs on the planet.  She was also one of the naughtiest.  Probably one key to her being able to get away with figurative murder, was that she always had a look of happiness and innocence. 176 more words

Love & Betrayal

I gave you all of my love. And you ran from me.

For months, you were the first thing I thought of in the morning, and the last thing I thought of at night. 569 more words

Bad Dog

It finally happened.  Sputnik, my almost nine month old puppy, got into my one knitting storage chest and got at a skein of Lopi Einband yarn that I needed to use on my… 98 more words


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