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The Dog Ate My Homework by Robin Trimingham

The Dog Ate My Homework by Robin Trimingham

The dog ate my homework, aka this weeks article. Honest, he did.

OK, perhaps I fib, but I figure that it is fair to blame him because over the past four years he has eaten just about everything else including: an entire tube of cortisone cream, a wax candle, my blackberry case, my blackberry, 3 belts (or was it four?), the air conditioning remote, the TV remote, yellow boxer shorts, countless pens, an entire box of Godiva chocolate (on Christmas eve no less – dog fine, carpet not so much), two black pumps (from different pairs of shoes naturally), several sticks, a ruler, an entire rubber bathmat, most of a Venetian blind (he still swears that this was all in a vain attempt to save me from a fly), countless brown paper bags, and a couple dozen egg cartons. 195 more words

Quality Of Life

10 Rules for Dogs

  1. Never give up. If your owner (master, mommy/daddy) doesn’t get that you want to go out the first time you bring the leash, try and try again. 
  2. 638 more words

Sweet girl / bad girl

Today, on the beach, a human asked M if I was ‘a sweet dog’. She said yes – of course she did, she is my human! 230 more words

All Kinds Of Cookies

Pepper Eats Her Feelings

Someone (Pepper) ate a box of 8 donuts while I was out last night While assessing the damage, I realized that kind of dedication to junk food binging can only be caused by a handful of possible scenarios. 82 more words



This Eevee may seem innocent but don’t let her fool you. she just took 4 cookies fresh from the oven! Thank goodness E. was there to stop he from eating the hole batch. 9 more words


You mean I'm not a Poodle?

The internet is a whole cornucopia of quizzes. If you want to find out something about yourself (or even if you don’t), it’s all right there on the internet. 583 more words

JAMIE'S BLOG - YEAR 6 - YOGA DAY 216 :: that time when...

Day 216: Relax, don’t do it.

And this is what we call #Friday.
Or… Brady being Brady.
Or… The Big Yawn.
Or… Upward Dog.

Or maybe, bad, distracted, pushover dog master extraordinaire who let it happen to get the photo. 35 more words