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I'll take a box of 250


It’ll be a meager sublimation of my murderous impulses out there in the holiday shopping season. I have an artistic ignition key and you have a blank canvas of a passenger side door, fucker. 13 more words


Why is car insurance so expensive in the gta (greater Toronto area)?

The simple answer: BAD DRIVERS. Long answer: BAD DRIVERS.

I bet you can all relate to this post – and probably recalling an incident relating to bad driving and/or dangerous driving that you encountered today. 425 more words

10 things in Beirut that make me want to rip my arm off

I absolutely love Beirut, it is a city based on organized chaos that I always felt like I belonged to. But sometimes, and in many ways, it just makes me want to rip my arm off and start hitting people and things. 1,075 more words


Take the long way, it's good for you

A few times a year, I go to a meeting near Scarborough for a couple of days, and the usual route to get there from my home in the Selby area is to take the A19 to the A64, and the A64 across, as highlighted on the map below. 434 more words


Road Rage. Mine.

I find myself easily enraged these days. It started two years ago when not quite half the voters decided they wanted a pussy-grabbing president.

It’s been steadily climbing since as I watched those white boys in Charlottesville and those white men … well, pretty much everywhere. 1,064 more words

Bad Drivers


No image. Oh well, whatever, never mind.

I am a member of Generation X–one of its younger members, born almost a decade after Kurt Cobain. 844 more words

Adventures In Manuscript Submission