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Bad Egg

Let’s by pass all this ‘healthy’ New Year thing and just go straight in for a boozy bottomless brunch; famously named for its limitless alcohol. This is a really fun thing to do with a group of friends, they usually have a set menu so when you split the bill you wont be stung by Sally’s habit of ordering the most expensive meal and that extra bottle of wine she necks, or worse, leaves half behind. 301 more words


The Brunch Diaries: Bad Egg

So while Bad Egg was certainly not a terrible egg, it wasn’t a great one either.

My trepidation started when I tried to book the week before we wanted a table, but when I called I was told that Friday lunchtime was their busiest time of the week, so they couldn’t… 848 more words


"Essere una mela marcia"

L’espressione idiomatica “essere una mela marcia” si usa per descrivere un elemento negativo, poco raccomandabile e controproducente all’interno di un gruppo; quando in un cesto di mele ce n’è una marcia, il resto potrebbe marcire, proprio perchè a contatto con la mela andata a male… “marcia” appunto.

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How to use English idioms - Bad egg

Bad egg…

A bad egg refers to a person who behaves badly or dishonestly. This idiom could be used to refer to criminals, children who consistently misbehave and cause trouble and people who act dishonestly in business or otherwise. 72 more words

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Review: Bad Egg Boozy Brunch

The latest outing of the boozy brunch club took place at Bad Egg. As the name suggests, eggs feature prominently on the menu and luckily the chef is a step above just slapping eggs on everything. 791 more words

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Brunch in the City: Bad Egg

After a new-found passion for eggs, I couldn’t help but have a go at the exciting menu offered by Bad Egg in the City. Here’s my review of their mouth-watering and filling treats.  446 more words