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Holiday Gift Giving Guide for My Children

Christmas is bearing down on me like a massive herd of pissed off wildebeests. I haven’t had the courage or time away from my children to bake yet, my house looks like Christmas threw up all over it and I have a bare minimum of presents purchased. 1,057 more words

Bad Gifts



Just like that, (record scratch) another year has ended up behind us! For the most part, all of us are a little bit smarter, possibly a little fatter and likely several steps closer towards our livers completely quitting on us. 1,721 more words


Every now and then I see something or hear something and I think, “I was a real fuck to my ex-wife and I should do something nice for her.” 174 more words


Finding an acceptable cheesy gift for Fathers Day

Upcoming Sunday it is Fathers Day in the land of wooden shoes and windmills. I love giving presents to my parents. When I succeed in finding a gift they actually enjoy, that’s when it is even better. 800 more words


Why I Dislike Valentine's Day with a Passion

As you know, it’s Valentine’s Day. The day of overpriced chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals and a bunch of other junk… I’m not a fan of this day if you couldn’t tell! 402 more words

Bad Gifts

Nightmare on Christmas: Bad Gifts and How To Deal with Them

By Valeria Bula

It’s Christmas Eve and the anticipation of what gifts you’re going to get is eating you up. However, let’s not forget that certain relative that never fails to come through with the least enjoyable gift. 526 more words


Retro TNU: Christmas 1996

For years people have asked me, why, if I grew up in Boston, am I a Dallas Cowboys fan? I understand why people ask me this, but there are actually two perfectly good explanations for this: 328 more words