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Crap I don’t Want for Father’s Day

Father’s Day – Oh, how I hate you.

As a father to 0-3 kids (sometimes I claim them…sometimes I don’t), I hate Father’s Day.  I know I’m an awesome father, why do I need a special day?   395 more words


Fave' websites...

A list of some of our favorite websites related to white elephant… 237 more words

Bad Gifts

Avoid: The most obscure gifts out there

I try to keep my blog a source of joy and inspiration, encouraging people to embrace gifting in all its shapes and forms, from budget presents under a fiver… 642 more words


On Gift Receiving Etiquette... or... How To Be Sweet When Your Gift Isn't

Last night my stepdaughter staggered into our house carrying a large, and obviously very heavy, box wrapped in Christmas paper. “It’s a gift for you from Daddy,” she explained. 169 more words


How to React to Bad Christmas Gifts

Here’s some ways to hide you hate the Christmas present you just opened.

Funny Pictures & Videos

10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Someone You Don't Like

We usually give gifts to people we LIKE but, let’s be honest, sometimes you feel obligated to get a gift for someone you don’t like!  It happens, you have to play the game sometimes.   130 more words


A Bad Liar's Guide To Reacting To Bad Gifts

Got a horrible gift?  Here’s how to make it better.

The Gift: An Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas sweaters have ventured from gag-gift to an actual “thing” now, which is unfortunate because they’re the most impractical gift you can give someone. 606 more words