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تاریخ کے کثیر ترین قرضے اور بلند ترین معاشی خسارے نے ہر پاکستانی خاندان کو 10لاکھ روپے کا مقروض بنادیا

بجٹ خسارہ 2.2ٹریلین روپے ۔ تجارتی خسارہ 48%۔گردشی قرضہ 520ارب روپے جب کہ زرِمبادلہ صرف 12ارب ڈالر

۔ن لیگ کی نااہلیت کی قوم ادا کر رہی ہے بھاری قیمت

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Mother Malawi

Please call back your long lost son

Gabriel Matibili’s errant son Robert.

Great Zimbabwe once upon a time welcomed,

And embraced him when Bona brought him into… 86 more words


URJA Editorial-Some Governance Basics

Every time the matter of garbage and bad governance comes up in our meetings, there is often the common comment that the



Several people have been asking me what this poem is about, and time and again l’ve told them l dare not say any names; read the news.

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dear mister politician and you too,

miss politics, i would like to express my

heartfelt congratulations on the restraint

you showed during the last election; 278 more words


Shashi Tharoor: Presidential system of government would serve India better - Bhanu Dhamija

A country’s system of government is the biggest single factor behind its rise or fall. A good system provides a people with lofty vision and strong character; a bad one does the opposite. 1,096 more words