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Cerita kita kali ini dimulai dengan seorang Detektif bernama Nam Geon Uk yang sedang merekam dirinya sendiri, dalam rekaman itu dia memperkenalkan dirinya dan menjelaskan bahwa kasus yang terjadi di dekat Dobok-dong adalah tanggung jawabnya. 1,514 more words

Bad Guys

ISIS bombing kills 80+ in Kabul

A peaceful protest involving thousands of people from Afghanistan’s Hazara minority became the scene of yet another ISIS atrocity today, as three suicide bombers (only one seems to have been successful) attacked the protesters, … 906 more words


Munich update

The 18 year old boy who murdered nine people in Munich yesterday does not seem to have had any ties to nor to have drawn any inspiration from any jihadi terror groups like al-Qaeda or ISIS. 381 more words


BREAKING: everything, but in this case Munich

Somebody reset the “days without a horrible international event” counter to zero.

What? It was already on zero? OK then.

“Several” people have reportedly been killed… 843 more words


Creating & Writing Villains - Humanization

Let’s face it, we’ve all created and written characters we ended up despising. It wasn’t that our protagonist or antagonist annoyed us or angered us with their choices. 621 more words

Character Creation

Ninety-nine problems and also another problem

When I first encountered this compound, I pictured it as a quaint conga line of traditional Japanese bakemono. Now all I can see is . 197 more words


Sentinel Mark V

Sentinel Mark V

First Appearance: New Mutants #2 (1983)
Team: Sentinels
Real Name: NA

Level: 30
Favorite Enemy: Professor X, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Iceman, Storm, Polaris, Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, 1,022 more words

Bad Guys