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As I write this, we’re a bit under 20 hours away from handing the executive branch of the United States government over to Donald Trump, a sentient bag of flatulence and grievance that has managed to masquerade as something approximating a human being for over 70 years. 2,221 more words

Bad Guys

Life Lessons From a K-Drama: The Princess' Man

When falling in love, make sure you’re not also mortal enemies with his family. If it seems like killing all his relatives might be a possibility in the near future, perhaps rethink that second date. 83 more words

Korean Drama

1/16/17 The Stampede of Irrelevance

Watching so many old westerns on YouTube, Amazon, and my daughter’s NetFlix, I have begun to think and dream in Western Technicolor, or black and white, as the case may be. 2,659 more words

“After luncheon the sun, conscious that it was Saturday, would blaze an hour longer in the zenith,...”

The cold is back. Alexa just told me it is 28˚. The high will be 36˚. In whose world is 36˚ a high? I know it is winter. 374 more words


Vaccines, Hope At Last; Robert Kennedy Jr, Prominent Vaccine Sceptic To Head Trump Commission On Vaccine Safety [video's]

Wonderful, Wonderful appointment by President Elect Trump.

Vaccinations are a Destructive, Barbaric infringement on the Innocence of Our Children.

There is Clear evidence the CDC and Big Pharm have colluded to Pervert the Course of Justice, regarding the Injuries Vaccines cause to Children.

Happy Days.

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The Crimes Of The Clinton Foundation, Plus America's Deadliest Job; [video's]

Thank Goodness America and the World was spared a Hillary Presidency, no one it would seem is safe in Her company. Let’s hope when President, Trump is able to honour his promise; That of exposing all the Clinton’s Criminal Machinations. 7 more words

American Politics