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Where in the World Is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?

So I’m seeing an increasing amount of chatter on the Twitter that none other than Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi himself has been trapped in Mosul and is perhaps not long for this world. 739 more words


The United States is showing...restraint?

It’s now been a few days since US cruise missiles destroyed three Yemeni radar installations controlled by the Houthis and their pro-Saleh allies in retaliation for two attempted missile strikes against a US destroyer in the Red Sea. 881 more words


Title Copied

Unfortunately today kind of got away from me. I had a medical checkup in the morning but then I was asked on short notice to do an interview for a Libyan TV program on location in downtown DC, and it turns out that shooting on location is a lot harder than doing it in a studio. 883 more words


Quite the weekend

Hey, how’s it going? I don’t want to generalize, but I would imagine that most of you reading this had a better weekend than ISIS did. 655 more words




First Appearance: NA
Team: Citizen, Minion
Real Name: NA

Level: 1
Favorite Enemy: all good allies
Favorite Ally: all bad allies
Points: 13
Speed: 5… 36 more words

Bad Guys

Review: Ninjago Misfortune Keep (70605)

I was really looking forward writing this review: the (at least for me) pinnacle of Ninjago’s flirt with dieselpunk sky pirates: The Misfortune Keep!

Ok, the name of this set is a bit weird, since the word “keep” is usually used more in a traditional castle-context, for the living area and last line of defence of its inhabitants. 1,509 more words


Rethinking our way deeper into Yemen

Hey, remember all the way back on, uh, Saturday, when Saudi Arabia triple-tapped a funeral home in Yemen and the Obama administration was all “We are officially rethinking for the 50th time whether our role in enabling Saudi war crimes is worth the less-than-zero benefit our participation has had for American national security”? 685 more words