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ISIS has "fun" with chemistry

The Guardian published a report yesterday on the mounting evidence that ISIS used mustard gas in an attack on the Syrian town of Marea, near Aleppo: 686 more words


Reaping the whirlwind

I’d be offended at Iowa audiences calling Bobby Jindal an “anchor baby” (he’s not) if the whole “anchor baby” phenomenon weren’t a product of the dankest parts of the right-wing conspiracy fever swamp that Jindal and his fellow Republicans have been cultivating for the past four decades plus. 79 more words

Bad Guys

Warren Oates

“There were forty western series, and I went from one to the other. I started out playing the third bad guy on a horse and worked my way up to the No. 138 more words


Writing Prompt #37

Sometimes there isn’t a “baddie” – just people trying to do what they think is right. – found on pinterest

Make your protagonist someone like this. 116 more words

Writing Prompts

ISIS may be down to their third-string #2 guy

The White House is saying that an airstrike earlier this week in Mosul, Iraq, killed ISIS’s “second-in-command,” Hajji Mutazz (AKA Fadhil Ahmad al-Hayali), along with one of the group’s “ 645 more words


Is Myanmar criminalizing being a Muslim, or what?

Myanmar’s parliament just passed two bills, whose details are unknown, that reportedly aim to criminalize extramarital affairs and make it harder for people to change religion. 428 more words


Here is your primer on the pending resumption of the Korean War

North Korean dictator The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Kim Jong-un has put his country’s military in a “wartime state” and has given South Korea until 5 PM local time tomorrow (4:30 AM on the US east coast) to stop broadcasting propaganda into North Korea or face military action. 523 more words