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That's a hell of a "belated condolences" card

Apparently Mullah Omar is dead, or maybe it would be more appropriate to say that “he has been dead.” For a while now:

Taliban leader Mullah Omar died two years ago in Pakistan, a spokesman for Afghanistan’s security services says.

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I’m struggling with 12-hour days this week, trying to get all my work done before pushing off on my holidays next week and so I’m really finding it hard to get any blogging done at all, in fact I’m getting borderline stressed about the whole thing – it’s funny, for someone who has to grapple with deadlines all the time 9 – 5, I seem to have adopted the same way of working at home; what a dweeb!  259 more words

Self-indulgent Nonsense

Zombie Apocalypse

Whatever you do, don’t blow up a nuclear power plant!

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Assad finally allows that he might be in trouble

Bashar al-Assad is acknowledging what has been apparent since his forces lost Idlib back in the spring: he’s running out of soldiers to keep throwing into the meat grinder… 401 more words


The problem of involuntary (?) foreign fighters

There’s a situation happening in Australia that, one way or another, may set a precedent for the way that Western nations deal with one particular subset of the “foreign fighters” problem: the foreign fighter who was coerced into fighting. 731 more words


If most pictures are worth a thousand words...

…how many do you figure this one is worth?

Unfortunately nymag.com is down at the moment, but when it’s up again the piece, which promises to be as damning as that image, should be here.

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In Burundi, all's well that ends (?) well, or something

In a result that surprised nobody who’s been paying any attention, Burundi’s incumbent President Pierre Nkurunziza officially won his third term in office today, as Burundi’s electoral commission… 255 more words