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Attack on American University in Kabul kills at least 16 UPDATED x 2

It’s hard to get a bead on exactly what’s happening on the campus of the American University in Kabul right now, but reports from earlier in the day said that one or possibly two gunmen… 533 more words


Gaziantep's repercussions

Although I’m on semi-hiatus for the rest of the month, Saturday’s terrorist strike on a wedding in the Turkish city of Gaziantep, which killed 54 people at last count, warrants at least a mention. 425 more words


My Favourite "Bad Guys".

It’s no secret that in almost every TV show I watch, I root for the bad guy. Or girl, for that matter. There’s something about villains tragic back stories that make me ┬áso emotional I have to side with them. 612 more words

Bad Girls

What we say affects what we do

On Saturday, a man in the Ozone Park neighborhood of Queens ambushed an imam from a nearby mosque, who was walking with a companion, and… 726 more words

Bad Guys

The Quetta bombing and ISIS in Pakistan

On Monday, a suicide bomber struck a hospital in Quetta, Pakistan, where a group of lawyers had gathered to protest the murder of the head of the Baluchistan Bar Association, killing at least 74 people. 456 more words


The worst place on Earth right now?

Obviously I have no way of knowing the exact worst place to be on the entire planet at this very moment. Being at the bottom of the Mariana Trench would probably suck, for example. 589 more words


Root and branch

I’m sure most of you have heard the legend that Scipio Aemilianus sowed the fields of Carthage with salt at the end of the Third Punic War (c. 514 more words

Bad Guys