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Villains - Make Them Good or Make Them Gone

Everyone knows that characters drive story. Our heroes and heroines and anti-heroes and comic reliefs give us a human or anthropomorphized experience. Sometimes the story is exciting– action, adventure, romance. 810 more words


Review: Ninjago Sky Shark (70601)

One thing I really appreciate from the Sky Pirates sub-theme is its wild blend of steampunk/dieselpunk elements with the classical pirates-look. The Lego designers did a great job with the Raid Zeppelin and the Misfortune’s Keep (mostly), so lets have a closer look at the Sky Shark. 606 more words


Mover and Shaker

Odin is a nasty bit of work even by deity standards, and he over-accessorizes. Still, you can’t say he’s not pretty cool. He’d kill you. The title “Mover and Shaker” is a clever(-ish) reference to two of his bazillion names, bynames, aliases, pseudonyms, and off-shore bank accounts. 43 more words