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I don't want to miss out

During euphoric times, the need (or should we call it the greed) for “not missing out” on the greatest opportunity presented to one is the ruling emotion. 37 more words


Pieces of Assurance

Nothing is for certain.  We can have our life planned down to the very minute and in a second it can all change.  A loved one tragically dies, we lose our job, home, a good investment turns bad, a friend betrays us, we make a fateful decision, the list goes on. 126 more words


Barrel: (n) a cylindrical container bulging out in the middle, traditionally made of wooden staves

Imagine my surprise when I first discovered that monkeys didn’t actually come in barrels. 340 more words

B Words

Protect Yourself From Investment Scams

Investment fraud is just one trick in the book of many scammers, today we are taking a look at some of the ways they are getting members of the general public to hand over their hard earned cash. 382 more words

CPC Worldwide


You have amazing advocacy and analytical skills, your work ethic is amazing, you can do so much with a law degree, you can make so much money as a lawyer … and the list of reasons to go to law school goes on and on.  85 more words


Gamer Rant: Kickstarter Is Bad, And You Should Stop Supporting It.

A quick preamble…  I’m about to go off on a rant about Kickstarter, but just because I don’t like Kickstarter doesn’t mean that I don’t like the people utilizing it.  1,281 more words

Video Games

The iphone 6 can bend ?

The Iphone 6 bends like paper but doesn’t bend back like paper does

Bad Investment