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This is Your Brain on a Production Company

Who are you? What’s your purpose? How are you going to achieve it? Why should we care?

Sweating yet? You should be. Just think, I’m answering those questions for two now. 637 more words



Recently I wrote about ‘bad’ investments (‘Budgets, deficits and good and bad investments’). Yesterday the government announced a ‘commitment’ to increase defence spending to 2% of GDP (who said this was a good number? 436 more words


I don't want to miss out

During euphoric times, the need (or should we call it the greed) for “not missing out” on the greatest opportunity presented to one is the ruling emotion. 37 more words


Pieces of Assurance

Nothing is for certain.  We can have our life planned down to the very minute and in a second it can all change.  A loved one tragically dies, we lose our job, home, a good investment turns bad, a friend betrays us, we make a fateful decision, the list goes on. 126 more words


Barrel: (n) a cylindrical container bulging out in the middle, traditionally made of wooden staves

Imagine my surprise when I first discovered that monkeys didn’t actually come in barrels. 340 more words

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