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You have amazing advocacy and analytical skills, your work ethic is amazing, you can do so much with a law degree, you can make so much money as a lawyer … and the list of reasons to go to law school goes on and on.  86 more words


Gamer Rant: Kickstarter Is Bad, And You Should Stop Supporting It.

A quick preamble…  I’m about to go off on a rant about Kickstarter, but just because I don’t like Kickstarter doesn’t mean that I don’t like the people utilizing it.  1,281 more words

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The iphone 6 can bend ?

The Iphone 6 bends like paper but doesn’t bend back like paper does

Bad Investment

Investment Red Flags!

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As a McGill Student I’m surprised at the level of financial ignorance in people my own age. 731 more words

Ian Sheriff

An Empirical Study of A Client’s Equity Index Annuity Returns

Financial author Allan Roth once wrote an article called “Investment Trick – Annuity Style” where he asks a rhetorical question, “If the S&P 500’s total return is 12% in a given year, what do you think your equity index annuity (that is supposed to track the S&P 500) would return”? 343 more words

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Why A Fixed Rate Annuity Is Not A Savings Account

A client of mine bought a fixed rate annuity a few years ago. She was told by the agent that it’s just like a savings account, only with a higher interest rate of 3%. 265 more words

Wealth Management

Sunk Cost Fallacy: Annuity Surrender Charges

Many people keep their bad annuity investment because it imposes a stiff surrender charge. This is a stereotypical example of sunk cost fallacy, an academic term which describes people… 385 more words

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