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So I had kind of a major breakthrough by accident.

I just had to travel to San Antonio for a conference, and spent Sunday through yesterday there. 613 more words

There is bad job?

When you get that annoying and complicated job, the first reaction is to complain and rant. But after the #mimimi, can he not be turned into something positive and you learn from it? 38 more words


Stress is life putting demands or pressure on you and it is very natural so we are really talking here about things or sources which can put excessive and undesirable levels of stress on your mind. 1,194 more words

Common Sense

Fine! Dining

I recently commenced work as a waitress at a fine dining establishment that will remain nameless. Partly because mentioning the name makes me want to punch myself in the ovaries for thinking it was a good idea and mostly for the complex legal implications. 1,595 more words

Jem With A J

Nightmare work day

Just had the most ridiculous day. Was under pressure right from the start to get tasks completed in half the time I needed.

Nearly walked out of my job today. 473 more words


A bad job could be worse than unemployment

There’s a clear link between being engaged in “good work” and mental health. An important contribution to our understanding of this link has come from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey in Australia. 303 more words

Tools & Tips

Ranting: Tired Of Being Treated Like Shit By My Boss

First off, can someone grab me a real stiff drink?

I have been stressed out to the max for the last 3 weeks. What a complete shit show my life has been. 1,446 more words

T.I.A: The Bored Medic