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A Bad Job Can Be Your Greatest Spiritual Teacher

You can probably think back to that job that was just plain awful. Maybe you are even working in it now.

We’ve all been there. 490 more words

Its enough, I am tired!

I am tired now, working and saving for life,

when i will get my freedom from life.

Every day i am getting ripe, cutting time as knife. 136 more words


Fine! Dining

At one stage in my life, I was poor enough to accept a job as a waitress at a fine dining establishment that will remain nameless. 1,578 more words

Jem With A J

I quit my job after 3 weeks and I've never had more self-respect

Soooo, its been awhile.

A lot has happened and I’ll still be sticking to my usual writing theme, but we’re all going to take a trip together for this one. 1,178 more words

If I say I feel I'm going crazy, believe me

Let me start off this blog post stating that I know hubby, C, tries his best to understand me and what I’m going through. Since he has never experienced what I, or many others like myself, have gone through, he doesn’t fully understand. 1,504 more words

Home Depot Bad contractor

Introducing the Home Depot Standard of a job Well DoneOne week job, took Home Depot two months to finish, material was left on top of the roof for almost the same period. 81 more words

Bad Contractor

Three Ridiculous Things That Got Me Fired In Less Than One Day

It was late winter 1993, and I was doing my best to put my recently acquired secretarial diploma to use. It wasn’t going so well. 1,324 more words