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What comes around goes around

It may sounds super random but the thought of this post came across my mind after I had my last nail salon appointment;
My nail designer, who still works part-time as a sales assistant, runs her business on her own and has no other employees. 707 more words

Deep Thoughts

In search...

I cannot sleep. I struggle to choose my correct career choice. I went to America hoping to discover ‘the America’ and in reality I found nothing. 51 more words

Personal Thoughts

The Not-So-Great Pyramid

I need to be delicate with this one.

I have a thing I want to talk about, and I intend to be critical of that thing. 2,722 more words

Paint... what a bitch

Following on from my previous posts I figured I’d post a little update on the paint project.

It’s not going well.

After much experimenting, testing, sanding, painting, buffing I keep running into problems. 533 more words



It was marked delivered on time a day before my postal carrier finally got around to delivering it but in the words of the supervisor who clearly dgaf, “at least it arrived.” Formal complaint filed yet again. Come on people.


Relationships must be built on a strong foundation. This isn’t it.

Eric McKenna

Sales Jobs Suck

If I had a dollar for every second of stress my sales job has been causing me I wouldn’t need it.

I‘m not opposed to working. 1,397 more words

The Don't Belongs