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In the Game of Cubicles You Win or Die: How to Survive a Hellish Job

Illustration by Ellen Hoffman

My first job out of college was working as a paralegal in a miserable office for a local celebrity lawyer where the boss’s cruelty trickled down, landing atop those of us at the bottom of the food chain. 1,362 more words


How to make a single mom quit her job

You are an employer, and one of your employees is a single mom. Forget for a minute that she needs her job. Forget that she probably works 10 times harder than anyone else in the office during normal business hours because she doesn’t have the luxury of logging in at home. 537 more words

Working Mom

Ninja Bitterness

You know those stupid career assessment tests you take in high school and college that ask moronic questions about your character traits to determine what career best suits your personality? 744 more words


That Sucks...

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Kid Flash says the darndest things!

Hubby is taking the boys swimming tomorrow afternoon.  Kid Flash asked me, “Mommy, are you coming?”  I quickly replied, “No, I have to work.”  His response, “That sucks!  219 more words


My customer service skills;

Let’s just say I hate majority of the customers.

It’s not because I have one of the worst jobs in America. It’s because of the way people choose to act when they’re in my presence as if everything is my fault and I can do something about it. 565 more words



Unhappiness: n. sensing displeasure

Bad health, bad job, bad humans, immorality, and bad lifestyle are the source for most of the unhappiness in our lives. 121 more words

Common Sense