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Rewind Review - Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans


As those who know me, and if such a person exists, cyberstalk me, know I created this blog after writing on another site, which shall remain nameless, for a while. 733 more words

Music Complete - New Order (reviewed by Richie Rochdale)

Deep breath. “Music Complete” is a FABULOUS album but it should have been the second Bad Lieutenant album rather than the tenth New Order album. There, I’ve said it. 1,234 more words


Bad Lieutenant (2009/1992): 2 Films, 1 Thin Blue Line

A snake swimming through post-Katrina floodwater opens Werner Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant. Abel Ferrara, director of the original Bad Lieutenant (1992), led his cop (played by Harvey Keitel) through a spiritual crisis on the streets of New York. 692 more words


Moments We Love You For - Bad Lieutenant:Port of Call New Orleans: Big Mistake

Scene from one of the best and probably the last decent Nick Cage’s films so far. Nick tells Shea Whigham to fuck off and stop bothering his girlfriend, and Shea reacts completely cool with his brilliant “Whoa, whoa, whoa, big mistake!” =D Also his “Oh yeah” at the end cracks me up every single time.
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Movie Scene

The stature of waiting

It feels appropriate in the season of Advent to refer to the current vogue for monastery films – whose inmates’ principal goal in life is to wait upon God. 489 more words

Bad Lieutenant

Gangster films and God - and the absence of God

In chapter 4 of THE NEW FILMGOER’S GUIDE TO GOD I write about gangster films, introducing the subject in this way:

“If damnation comes from the judgement of humans, we can only look to God for salvation. 576 more words

Bad Lieutenant

99th Top Baseball Movie of All-Time - BAD LIEUTENANT.

Again, is Bad Lieutenant a baseball movie? Read the Top 100 baseball movies of all-time list:


I’ll say yes because it’s the best portrayal of gambling on baseball. 298 more words

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