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Bad Lip-Reading

So, you know when your main character has traded their voice for a cybernetic eye but then has their holographic word-display device shot off their wrist when a hostage negotiation goes south and has to try to get people to read their lips in order to understand what they’re saying? 253 more words


We Remix to Renew: Remix Culture on YouTube

Remix culture is a significant part of daily life, and quite often we are unaware of this. As active “produsers”, a term coined by Axel Bruns, we as a community are essentially perpetuating crowdsourced creation and remix culture through sharing and reworking ( 168 more words


Novocain is your Friend

We are looking forward to your appointment: 4/14/15 at 8:30 A.M. Don’t forget, suite #222

“17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ,
he is a new creation.

17 more words

Use speed-reading to get smarter, faster

You want to be smarter. You want to know more than you do now… Most of us do. We want to learn more, and we want to be smarter than our loved ones to rub it in their stupid faces. 600 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Bad Lip Reading "The Walking Dead" Edition [VIDEO]

How do you poke fun of a TV show that’s all about zombie survival?

BAD LIP READING, of course!

If you’re a fan of Carl ( 19 more words


Bad Lip Reading

Are you at the airport? On a bus? At the DMV? Are you bored, have an internet connection and need something to amuse you? Well don’t waste another minute. 205 more words

Kill My Time!