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Political Poetry

This is a video from the YouTube Channel Bad Lip Reading.

I personally think “My Garden” is the best poem.

Anyway, I thought a nice laugh would be good. 14 more words

Bad Lip Reading Turns The Second Presidential Debate Into A Poetry Slam For The Ages

It’s been almost two weeks since the second presidential debate, but Bad Lip Reading has finally delivered their take, and it was definitely worth the wait. 193 more words


Watch 'Bad Lip Reading' Hilariously Spoof The First Presidential Debate

If you’ve spent any time on YouTube, you’re probably familiar with the Bad Lip Reading series.

Hilariously overlaying ridiculous sayings on top of highlights, the team behind Bad Lip Reading’s have created a defining portion of the YouTube experience. 41 more words


HILARIOUS Presidential Debate Videos

I wish they could’ve turned off the mics during the debate Sunday night and just let these songs play.

These videos are so much more entertaining than the real debate! 26 more words


DEBATE NIGHT: Bad Lip Reading

A story about the election that won’t raise your blood pressure, but rather make you smile. The people behind the Bad Lip Reading videos are hilarious! 12 more words


BAD LIP READING - Debate Night!

In the interest of fairness, not their best effort. But as far as videos that have been consistently good since day 1, the bad lip reading videos are up there.  67 more words


Whoever You Vote For, I'm Still With You

Election 2016

“Making America SMH Again, and again, and again…”

If it weren’t for the comedy created from the current presidential race, I’d be stuck with an incurable case of chronic knuckle-neck. 476 more words