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The Superbowl for Non-Sports-Fans

As I have for the last few Superbowl Sundays, I watched this completely brilliant video a number of times today, and I realized I had never shared it with you lovelies. 96 more words


Superbowl Monday lunchbreak

Happy Superbowl! May the mighty Seattle Seahawks smash those cheating, ball-deflating Patriots! And even if you don’t give a toss about the NFL, Bap Lip Reading makes everyone smile. 22 more words


Super Bowl XLIX | Super Vids to Get You Pumped for the Big Game

To get you pumped for Super Bowl XLIX, here are a few football related videos from around the interweb. 122 more words


Featured Vid #7 - Bad Lip Reading: NFL

For the seventh featured video of the day, I’ve picked Bad Lip Reading’s

“NFL 2015″ — A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL

As the Super Bowl creeps around the corner, there is only one thing we as a Youtube community can do to celebrate: take clips of players and coaches and make it seem like they’re talking gibberish. 122 more words


Football Comedy: Bad Lip Reading And Fake Football Names

Some people look forward to the Super Bowl commercials every year, I look forward to the latest edition of Bad Lip Reading The NFL. The offering for 2015 does not disappoint. 69 more words


Two-point conversion: Hawktown Funk plus Bad Lip Reading NFL 2015

How bad is Seahawks fever right now?

Crazy bad.

Turn on the radio or pick up a newspaper and it’s all Seahawks, all the time. 154 more words

The Glowing Tube

What Makes a Video Viral? Top 3 Viral Videos of January 2015.

An animation or film that is spread rapidly through online sharing is called a viral video. Viral videos can receive millions of views within a very short time as they are shared on social media platforms. 209 more words

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