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Twitter. What have you become.

There’s something amiss with Twitter. I’m not just talking about the extraordinary amount of promoted ads it forces down users throats. I’m talking about the rude people who “abuse and block”. 158 more words

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Dating: When You Think Your Matchmaker Found a Decent Guy (But Didn't)

After the last dating disaster (The Longest Dinner Date), I told my matchmaker, “I don’t care what kind of personality my next date has. 1,239 more words


The Attack of the Space Invader

Be warned….they are out there…living amongst us, waiting, watching…..to claim some of your oxygen, all of your arm space and find the smallest imperfection on your boat race… 574 more words

The Pensive: Bad Manners...!

Once me and my mum were travelling in a bus. We were going home after a vacation at my uncle’s place. We were sitting behind a girl, probably 3-4 years elder than me (I was probably 5). 284 more words


March 24, 2015 at 08:56PM

New trending GIF tagged cup, kirby, tea party, tea cup, bad manners via Giphy http://ift.tt/1EO7J8a

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New trending GIF tagged cup kirby tea party...

New trending GIF tagged cup, kirby, tea party, tea cup, bad manners via http://ift.tt/1EO7J8a

Tacky tourists with cameras

Can this woman see this and not cringe? Why do perfectly decent people became monsters of tack when they get a camera in their hands? If I followed her around for a few hours with my own camera, taking her picture while she took pictures, followed her back to her hotel and photographed her eating lunch, followed her to her room and … well, you get the picture. 21 more words