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A Small Amount Of Prejudice

I really should be ashamed of myself – prejudice being one of the sins that we most condemn in modern society. Mind you, some societies that exist in modern times celebrate prejudice and would see me as correct…Well,┬ábless or curse as you wish – I am guilty. 485 more words


A Bad Day In Bangalore

I have just had the most marvellous telephone call from India. Or perhaps it was from East Pakistan. Hard to tell in the brief period involved. 287 more words

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Thin Line Between Haggling and Insulting

I’m all for saving money and getting what you paid for. I haggle at times but I know when it’s ok but I don’t cross the line because sometimes it comes out as an insult. 273 more words


5 most annoying human habits.

Hello all! Today I make my list-post debut . Human habits are many. And I must say, some of them have been consistent in their efforts to vex me well enough to make my blood reach it’s boiling point. 672 more words

They Must Be Right - They're Actors

Here are two studio card photographs of rather handsome actors who disagree with the British Government on it’s war policies. Disagree entirely, and pledged their professional careers and acting abilities to oppose it. 299 more words


How Is it I Do For Making To You The Scam, Matey? Is It? Helloooo...?

Apparently we are under attack yet again by the telephone scammers. I could not be more delighted.

We’ve all had them by now – the long pause and/or hiss, then the ever-so-slightly subcontinental voice telling us that they are from Microsoft and that we have a virus in our computer. 304 more words

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Theme Restaurant

Or how to eat your dinner with your eyes shut.

We have just finished a celebration meal – my wife’s birthday dinner – at a local theme restaurant. 480 more words

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