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The Creepy Clown Phenomenon

A recent remake of a horror movie has also repeated a strange cultural phenomenon – the amateur creepy clown menacing the local suburbs.

We’ve seen internet posts threatening various areas of the city, followed by defiance from the residents and officially stern warnings from the police that this sort of activity is going to get the teenagers who do it into trouble. 274 more words


Horror at a horror movie theatre

I saw Annabelle Creation yesterday and boy was it scary. It was more than I wanted it to be and I am not complaining. Now, for those of you who have never experienced a rowdy cinema crowd, you are either lucky or are fortunate enough to live in a place were simple etiquette exists. 197 more words

A Civil Host: 1871

A Lesson in Civility.

A few days ago, says a correspondent, a laughable incident occurred to disturb the quiet of the hospitable Berkshire household where I am visiting. 804 more words

News And Announcements

The Rivals

I am generally out of touch with social networks in my town – and with business affairs, cultural groups, and academic circles. I can be said to pretty much live in an intellectual bubble that is insulated from the rest of Western Australia. 314 more words


Blog Challenge Day Nine - pet peeves

I probably have loads of these but, when put on the spot, it is very difficult to think of them off the top of my head. 69 more words

An ode to the Fecker I met in the village tonight.

It’s never a good thing to write when you are mad is it? Well who cares. So stand well back as there is smoke coming out of this post. 410 more words


" If You Don't Know..."

” I’m not going to tell you.”

How often have we heard that one? It was the constant litany of the Kool Kids at school when the rest of us asked a question. 487 more words