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Secede From Success

I suppose I should be grateful to the people of Quebec. I might not have felt so in 1957 when I lived in Montreal and had to endure the indignities of Grade 5. 306 more words

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The Ever-Present Danger of Happiness...

Some days it doesn’t pay to let down your guard – the moment you do something nice happens to you and then the rest of the day is shot. 426 more words


Napoleon as Emperor was an ill-tempered megalomanic who hobbled France

From History Extra by Philip Mansel author of The Eagle in Splendour: Inside the Court of Napoleon (IB Tauris, 2015):

The French Revolution appears to have been a search for liberty, equality and fraternity. 253 more words


Every Day In Every Way...

I’m getting bitter and bitter.

You gotta be careful when you get past certain ages. The danger points are 14, 19, 35, and 65. They all expose you and others to the possibility that you will become a menace. 570 more words

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Phrases We Never Really Want To Hear

” Instead of toilet paper…”

” Not until you use the old one up completely…”

” Had a lot of trouble with that model…” 78 more words

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The Alchemy of Alex Jones

Alex Jones seems to think that because someone on the ‘left’ calls for an end to globalization he’s won the lottery. I’m not suddenly one of his followers if I think globalization is a bad idea. 281 more words

A Conversation About The Conversation

" Your Internet Will Be Cut Off..."

It was one of the Indian scam callers. You know the routine as well as I do:

a. Dead silence.

b. Pause.

c. Sound of a busy steam room in the background and a small woman’s* voice. 321 more words

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