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When Is It New - And When Is It Old?

Went to dinner one Saturday night – a modest thing at a local shopping centre. Took a friend and we had drinks and a meal. The food was excellent and the staff pleasant. 149 more words


Movie Watch (2016): Mind Games, Dystopia, and Abuse

Based on Just Seen It‘s rating system, I’m just going to list several movies along with a recommendation to “see it” (hearty recommendation), “stream it” (good but not for everyone), or “skip it” (I did not enjoy it). 280 more words

Netflix Options

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Here’s a mean joke being played upon an unsuspecting motorist this week. I saw it at the lights on Leach Highway.

The chap driving the ute on my left hand side wearing the fluoro vest – sign of a worker – saw it too and shook his head. 70 more words


The No-No's of Office Protocol

Having worked in an office all of my life, there are certain faux paxs you just don’t do.

I mean, you live with these people 8-9 hours a day. 490 more words

Unsocial Media

Hi Everyone!

If you read last week’s post you know I am now a week behind myself.  So let’s catch up on life.  How are you?  498 more words


Not exactly reaching Valhalla.

Oh boy, the cab-drive trip was killing me! The city’s finest night time wonders, beautifully lit historical buildings I might add, were swooshing by our windows while Odin is still yapping shop talk; pulling our attention in and out of this spectacle because he recently introduced questions to his story.  1,133 more words


Homeopathic Witch Doctor - I will cure you

“Mmmmm that smells delicious what is that intoxicating scent?”

“Oh that? It’s essential oil that supports the healing and cleansing of the spirit.”

“I love it!” 560 more words

Annoying Habits