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08/08/15: Bad Manners @ Gloucester Guildhall

Date * Saturday 8 August 2015 Line up *

Bad Manners

Start time *

7:30:00 PM

Venue *

Gloucester Guildhall


23 Eastgate Street, Gloucester, GL1 1NS… 205 more words

Turf Wars

I’m feeling a little irritable this morning because some jackhole in a red mustang very nearly T-boned me in a roundabout on my way into work this morning and then had the audacity to honk at ME… What is WRONG with people?!?! 663 more words

Hold The _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Banner High.

Mind you, be careful – eventually someone somewhere is going to object to it and start a Facebook campaign against it. They’ll wring their hands and demand justice and compensation and a Royal Commission and white Toyotas for the fact-finding panel. 371 more words

It's not me, it's you

Yesterday was somewhat of an tedious ordeal as far as The Youngster was concerned.

As I had resolved not to be all sweetness and light following the last-minute cancellation of… 1,364 more words


Patience wearing somewhat thin...

So it’s Monday night. The scheduled time for The Youngster to come over, after being unavailable over the weekend.

I’ve been working at home today (B12 injection) and have made arrangements to work at home tomorrow too, anticipating being a bit tired from lots of energetic shagging, and this being the only week in humanity that I’ll ever be able to get away with more home working than strictly necessary. 530 more words


A slight test of my patience

It’s been a fun couple of days of texting and WhatsApp-ing with The Youngster.

After my second B12 injection I’m finally feeling substantially more human and ready to face life again. 563 more words


The Spendomaniac

As a teenager I dreamed of encountering a nymphomaniac. I had read about them and everything I  read was encouraging. Insatiable desire for sex? Desire for petting, pushing, twisting, and tweaking? 346 more words