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Top 10 bad driving habits

Not only is improper driving an annoying habit it’s a dangerous one that can result in accidents, injuries and yes even death. All of which I’m sure you would all prefer to avoid if possible.That totally sounds like the beginning of a Driver’s Ed video doesn’t it???   759 more words

Annoying Habits

Respect the one you date...become an adult

Gentle Readers,

I have been helping young millennial women with their dating problems for quite some time.  They are constantly frustrated because most of the men in their age group are just looking for hook-ups.  510 more words

Bad Manners

Man sues woman for $17.31 after she texts throughout date, leaves him at movie theater.

A Texas man met a woman for a first date at a local movie theater. During the movie, he started to get annoyed that she kept texting her friend. 314 more words


Don't Ask The Question If You Don't Want To Hear The Answer

Which is probably a good place to stop this column because it just about covers it all. But I have a page to fill and with a bit of luck your computer will freeze just about now and you’ll be forced to read it anyway. 846 more words

Backstabbers Guild Of Australia

I, RS Calling...

No really. It’s all legitimate. I’m not calling from India…but I am just two suburbs away from Canning Vale…*

Goodness gracious me, it is perfectly correct and fine for me to refer to myself as I, RS. 232 more words


When Is It New - And When Is It Old?

Went to dinner one Saturday night – a modest thing at a local shopping centre. Took a friend and we had drinks and a meal. The food was excellent and the staff pleasant. 149 more words


Movie Watch (2016): Mind Games, Dystopia, and Abuse

Based on Just Seen It‘s rating system, I’m just going to list several movies along with a recommendation to “see it” (hearty recommendation), “stream it” (good but not for everyone), or “skip it” (I did not enjoy it). 280 more words

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