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OK, Cupid

I took the plunge and created a profile on OK Cupid this week. I think it’s a pretty decent profile – nice pic, honest but positive blurb, so we’ll see how it goes. 1,031 more words


Zen and the Art of Tolerating Bad Manners

So you go to an event or meeting where you don’t know 95% of the attendees. Being one of the first to arrive, you sit down in the middle of the row so that late-comers don’t have to crawl over you to find a seat. 935 more words


Doomful Online Dating: Religious Indoctrination

To recap – these are messages I get from complete strangers. They are the first contact I have ever had from them…on a DATING SITE. 9 more words

A Woman Scorned

Bad Manners - an informal tool for maintaining social class advantage

Picture this. You are in England, standing patiently in a queue to be served. Finally your turn comes and just as the salesperson is about to deal with you someone else enters the shop and the salesperson turns away and deals with that person first. 770 more words

Courtesy is normal, socialised behaviour. It is NOT grovelling to "higher" status

I view the values that my parents gave me and the standards of behaviour they instilled in me obvious and commonplace. Treat everyone with equal consideration and respect. 495 more words

All-Inclusives For Dummies

I just returned from a glorious vacation at an all-inclusive resort, a leisure concept ideal for frugal travelers like myself. The unlimited food, drink, and activities all seemed “free” once I arrived because I’d booked the trip 6 months ago, calculated how many margaritas I’d need to consume to get my money’s worth, and promptly forgot the price. 659 more words

Observations And Musings

Pet Peeve #1: Noisy Eaters

This seems like a silly thing to most people, but I cannot stand noisy eaters. Granted, there are noises that will be made during the act of eating. 325 more words