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The Subtitles

Paintings in the art gallery are easy to do. You just rock up to them and look at them from the front in the middle. If the gallery people have been doing their job and paying their electricity bills there will be enough light to see all four corners of the picture ( Or all 3.86 corners if it is something from Salvador Dali…). 359 more words


Vietato Toccare Part Three

There’s a shop selling Nikon equipment on the main street of the Ginza in Tokyo that has entire windows of secondhand lenses for sale with price tags. 357 more words


It amazes me

It amazes me the number of people who sit down in the hotel lounge with their coffees & cappuccinos & croissants or whatever, and when they finish they just leave their empty cups and crumbs all over the table. 72 more words

Vietato Toccare Part Two

Australia Day in Melbourne is marvellous Рthere is a big parade with lots of colourful social, ethnic, and religious groups parading down Swanston Street to go to the park. 346 more words


Vietato Toccare Part One

I once read a short story in the old SPUTNIK magazine with the title of this post. It was about a Soviet bumpkin who visited Venice and toured the art galleries. 521 more words



I keep an eye out these days as I drive for lots of things – the police radar speed traps, the angry tradie in the tray-top, the unguided Leeming missile – and I also see some interesting sights. 216 more words


Why don't people just...

stop thinking a red light means “time to throw my garbage out the window”.

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