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Homeopathic Witch Doctor - I will cure you

“Mmmmm that smells delicious what is that intoxicating scent?”

“Oh that? It’s essential oil that supports the healing and cleansing of the spirit.”

“I love it!” 560 more words

Annoying Habits

Generals in the Political Mine Field

The general nodded absently, as if dismissing his driver. He was thoroughly enjoying himself. This was just getting better by the moment. It was precisely the kind of “serendipitous yet decisive axis of intersecting strategic forces” for which he had long prepared and on the foundation of which he had fashioned his ascent and tenure as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a tenure that was going quite well among his old conservative friends on the Hill.

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Cronatos Hybamper

Lazy days ahead - Slacking off at work

Imagine it’s a Friday afternoon and you don’t feel like working. You’re comfortable in your khaki pants and golf shirt or you’re wearing jeans and a sweater. 1,070 more words

Annoying Habits

Single. Again.

Single.  Again,

And not feeling a wit bad about it either.

It’s so much better to be single and enjoying the company of several men than not single but hanging with the wrong one. 242 more words


Office gossip - Are you the victim?

Does any of this sound familiar? You’re walking through your office and you overhear some of your co workers discussing another employee. Maybe they’re taking about how someone is dressed, their looks, their work ethic or something more personal. 769 more words

Annoying Habits

Someone's Life May be at Risk

Gentle Readers,

When I learned to drive, the first thing I was told was, “The right to drive is a privilege!” In the United States, anyone who wants a drivers license must first learn the “Rules of the Road” for their state prior to taking a road test.  369 more words