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National (Customer) Service!

Bad manners, foul language and general bad behaviour are some of the criticisms pointed at the youth of today. Some people blame poor schooling, some blame bad parenting as the source of the problem. 756 more words


The Ring Of Confidence?

Some experiences defy description. They can only be reported.

I attended the Whiteman Park classic car show and looked at all the old cars. Amongst them was a preserved scout car – presumably used by a reconnaissance unit in the Australian Army some time ago. 365 more words


Call To Ban Calls Banned In Call To Band Together

Todays announcement from the National Union Of Offended Organism’s spokesmammal, Lex Fiat, has put the telecommunications media on notice; no more discrimination against criminals.

Up until now householders ( referred to in the NUOOO purple paper as Neo-bourgeois space invaders ) have been able to request that their telephone and internet providers ( referred to by the NUOOO as quasi thug-like masses of incompetency ) shield them from African requests for money laundering and Indian demands for internet and bank passwords. 187 more words

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Just Because You Knock On My Door- The Blind, Deaf, Mute Story

Tell me if you think I am rude.

I was really busy this morning. My son and I were up and out the door by 9:30 to run some errands and go to the grocery store. 712 more words

Thoughts On Life

Do Not Vote For This Candidate

I am firmly putting my foot down and ordering members of the Backstabbers Guild of Australia not to vote for the candidate. Far too much has been made of this up to now and it is time to nip it in the bud. 275 more words

Backstabbers Guild Of Australia

„Niciodată” e un început - “Never” is a beginning

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Am învățat să ofer câte o șansă fiecărei întâmplări care-mi apare în drumul spre viitor

Ani la rând am folosit cuvântul “niciodată” fără a-i da vreun sens: “nu o să am încredere niciodată”, “nu o să iubesc niciodată”, “eu niciodată nu o să fac așa ceva” etc.

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Emotii - Emotions

Satire In the News Is Not News

Apparently the Boston Globe newspaper does not wish for one of the possible candidates in the November elections for President in the United States to gain that office. 166 more words

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