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There are some incidents that happen in your childhood that are hard to erase from your memory. There are two types of incidents that you normally remember – either something that made you feel extremely happy or something that left you feeling sad, confused and angry. 518 more words


MacGyver. That’s mostly what I remember. One of my all time favorite TV shows as a little kid. I was about 10 years old and MacGyver was on TV. 494 more words



“Again, unbelievers have a thing or two to teach us about the value of mementos to prompt positive memories, as Gretchen Rubin discovered:

Studies show that recalling happy times helps boost happiness in the present.

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“Memory can make a thing seem to have been much more than it was.” -Marilynne Robinson, said by character John Ames in Gilead

Danse Macabre

I am make believe:
Nightmare and dreams.
Spectre of memory,
The furious fever in scenes
Of theatre macabre.
Phantoms, twisted fancy,
Lurking in shadows,
Poisons that won’t let you be. 15 more words


I Wish I Could Have Been My Own Mommy (Daily Word Prompt is Criticize)

Why did you have to hurt me and criticize me so much?

You always told me I was a bad girl and said many other belittling words to me. 370 more words

Bipolar DIsorder

New Memories (Daily Word Prompt is Clean)

I wish I could clean my mind of the many bad memories I have from my past. These memories sometimes flash very brightly and vividly into my conscious mind at unexpected and unwanted moments for no apparent rhyme or reason. 407 more words

Bipolar DIsorder