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Valentine's Day: Is it over yet?

So, yes. Today is Valentine’s Day. A so-called holiday geared toward spending tons of money to prove your love, affection and feelings. If you can’t tell, I am not a huge fan of today. 1,149 more words

Part 1735 - "Don't Take Me Back!"

Barbara sat in the driver’s seat and closed the door.

I should jump out of the car.

I should hug him.

Just hug him.

I should kiss him. 667 more words

Serial Fiction

Twelve, One

The conceit of this blog, this stupid little website, is that we want Notre Dame to win football games, and that we want to talk about it online with like-minded folk. 989 more words


this again?

My mother’s husband’s brother dies and the news comes late at night. The brother he hated, if we’re being honest, they were never close.

But it doesn’t matter because the result is the same, because it could be anything– a scratched bumper, a crooked picture, a contrary opinion, an eye roll, a burnt meal– that sets him screaming and destructive, punching walls and breaking crockery and throwing himself downstairs and into plate glass, threatening lives and violence like breathing. 160 more words


Looking back... Day 7.

I watch the flame dancing…

It is like staring at a mirror. The same fragile twirls, the same burning desire. To keep going on, for another day. 53 more words


FSU vs ND: A Horror Story

Lotta talk about “revenge tours” lately, huh. Especially ones that, for some unknown but surely principled reason, conveniently start just after week one’s final whistle. (Remember when Notre Dame beat Michigan in a game of American football in the year of our Lord 2018? 492 more words


The Most Frightening Experience of My Life

Our memory is a powerful tool that assists in our pursuit of happiness; preventing accidents, mistakes and reminding us daily, that we are human. Memory can also be a rehashing of the most horrendous experience of our lives, relentlessly replayed, over and over again. 1,892 more words