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Regrets, Anger and a Little Bit Letting Myself off the Hook

Yesterday I ran some errands and needed to drive through the area that B and I lived in for 13 years before moving to where we live now. 2,172 more words

Bad Memories

My earliest childhood memory 🤔

Hiyyah everyone

I had to think really hard about this post (I know you can’t believe I can actually think lol) because I have lots of childhood memories some happy, some sad, some funny and some not so funny. 666 more words

Fun Facts About Myself

Nothing Gold Can Stay

One of the best songs of the 1990s is, in both my opinion and in fact, “Don’t Look Back in Anger” by Oasis. Noel Gallagher’s bittersweet sentiment is one that sports fans might find helpful — we should enjoy the good times, but remember that winning is hard and that mourning years-old losses isn’t clinically healthy behavior. 3,866 more words

Cool Breeze

A cool breeze
wafting through my window
as my mind sweats, thinking
of drinking, iced sun tea,
while the flies buzz, ending their lives
with a swat, laughing at death… 188 more words


Ever Eat a Pine Cone? Many Parts are Edible

I don’t know what it is about my metabolism but I don’t typically feel hunger pangs, at least not on any type of normal schedule for people who have access to food whenever they want.  1,271 more words

Elementary School Years

Those Bad Memories

Peel back the veneer of…

the events that took place…

the words spoken…

the emotions you felt…


And see…

the underlying intent…


See it for what it was. 23 more words