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Prayer request : "Stress"

I pray today, Lord, for those families experiencing stress. Bless them, Lord, and help them to work through their difficulties. Where there have been mistakes enable other family members to forgive and leave behind the bad memories. 25 more words


Reminiscing on what used to be

I think back to when I was a little girl, dancing around in my stripy top and denim dungarees that mum always dressed me in, and if it wasn’t those, it was my blue dress and big strawberry sunglasses. 954 more words


One of the worst feelings in the world is to feel alone. To feel misunderstood. Not understood at all. To feel like you are the only one who has been where you are. 1,431 more words

Melt Strife With Awareness

As a snake sheds its skin sometimes the old skin can stick around annoyingly before it finally drops off, freeing the snake to go slithering around happily once again. 338 more words

Spirit Of Strife

The Plumber

The Plumber. He was the Model’s older brother. He had this massive thing for me.

I stayed at his place one night after he’d had a dinner party to celebrate a housewarming. 36 more words


Bad Memories Bring Good Opportunities

Are you ever haunted by your past? Do you ever see flashes of a time you desperately wish could erase from your memory forever?

You know, those memories that make you cringe while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store or helping your kids pick up their Legos. 295 more words

Being Real With People

The Ugly, the bad and the good.

The best poems are sourced from the dark pages of a poet’s life. Probably why poetry is replete with memoirs of dark feelings, disturbed emotions and troubled passion. 363 more words

The You And Me Experiences