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"Across the Universe"

Do you know the song which I mentioned in the title? I do and I love it. It doesn’t matter if we talk about the original Beatles song, or the David Bowie cover, this song is always magical. 733 more words

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Of Yoga Pants and Uniforms

I am certain that almost none of us would claim that we were fashion mavens way back in elementary school. I certainly wasn’t. I remember being rather fond of a pair of light green knit pants, so much so that when they got a hole in the knee, my mom darned them back together for me. 1,138 more words


Being the third wheel

I’m sure we’ve all felt this way at some point in our lives.

You know what I mean. When you’re out in town with a group of friends, and everyone ignores you. 1,193 more words

Bad Memories

Excerpt 13 from CYCLING in the CITY

Excerpt 13:

Finding a Guide

When I finished reading Schultz’s book, I felt drained, yet inspired at the same time. I realized that I wasn’t alone! 1,160 more words

Spiritual Journey

Coming back home for the holidays

This phrase will most likely conjure one of two feelings within the reader – either a light, gleeful ecstasy; or what can only be described as a sudden, crushing burden. 982 more words

Bad Memories


Yesterday, Tuesday May 16 I was having a slow and quiet morning as I was waiting to go to my TOPS meeting at 1pm. I am this year’s new leader of the group. 241 more words

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People Say You Should Write What You Know. Is It True?

Don’t write what you know. Write towards what you need to find out. This will both fuel your desire to write, and imbue your storytelling with urgency, meaning, and passion. 552 more words