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Bad Mom Award 🏆

Yesterday, I took my boys to the store. My oldest picked out a snack for the ride home. My youngest picked out one too but it wasn’t something he could eat. 413 more words


In case you were wondering, I am having the kind of day where I am sitting at work, half-dead, and my office phone rings, as it so often does. 360 more words



Today my daughter turned three years old. It’s overwhelming to think about how much has changed in the last three years. I feel like I was a single mom for most of them, since my husband worked in restaurants up until the last few months. 313 more words


Bad Mum

Some days it’s all I can do to keep my children fed, dressed and myself sane.  I don’t know if it’s school holidays, if everyone else just hides it better (especially in public) or if my kids have a special gift, but gosh they can be a handful sometimes! 528 more words

Bad Mommy!

When the kids were younger I use to love to take them everywhere. I remember it being a beautiful day, that is why I made the decision to take the kids to Target. 333 more words


Anxiety & Depression Make Me a Bad Mom

I’ve debated writing this for some time now thinking it would just be a negative post and no one wants negativity so who’s going to want to read this right? 1,025 more words


Five Damn Good Reasons To Curse In Front Of Your Kids

When I was about eight years old, I heard my mom call a school bus driver a “fuckin’ cocksucker,” so it was a pretty sure thing that I was going to have a foul mouth. 784 more words