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Classic Cartoons (Looney Toons) Are Still My Favorite

When it’s morning or time for a nap I like to put on TV for my little one. Maybe I am being selfish but I like to put on the classic cartoons, like Looney Toons, instead of the new cartoons and shows for kids these days. 42 more words

Bad Mom

Poor Forgetful Heifer

Hey Heifer,

Remember how you “forgot” that you had your kids on your weekend and then your “plans to be out of town fell through” and some “new plans have come up in town” and you thought it would be “best to keep to the plan since it’s already been communicated” to your kids? 615 more words


Parenting is hard.

The last two points on the list.

  1. You lie to your kids. (Come on. We have all told them that their annoying toy is broken or hide in the bathroom to eat the last piece of chocolate.
  2. 203 more words
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Mama Reads

You know you’re a mom when this is way more exciting than US Weekly

Bad Mom

Bad Mom, No Cookie!

Have you ever had one of those days where everything goes wrong? Where no matter what you do or how you try to make things run smoothly, you fail spectacularly at everything? 507 more words

Making Me Look Bad

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays where we moms do sweet, creative surprises for our kiddos. However, one quick scan of Facebook or the internet in general and I’m reminded of how uncreative I am. 45 more words

Bad Mom

Wine is a Mom's best friend

Numbers 27 & 28 on the list.

  1. You drink wine when your kids are around.
  2. You don’t drink at all (haven’t you heard that wine is a mom’s best friend?)
  3. 79 more words
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