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Times I Feel like a Super Mom, but Probably Shouldn't.

When you are a parent, each day is full of small victories. And I mean small. Some are downright minuscule.

But we all have days like that, right? 562 more words

Daily Challenges

Confessions of a Failing Parent

No washer. No dryer. This morning I had to hand wash my daughter’s uniform shirt from the day before– and I was ACTUALLY proud of myself for getting up early to do it. 239 more words


It's okay, you got this!

Do you ever feel like you’ve failed as a mom? Like by far, couldn’t get any worse?

Or ask yourself, “What is so wrong with me that I keep screwing this up?!” 359 more words


Help: Am I a bad mom?!

So my bf and I have had an off and on long distance relationship for the past eight years. I have a 7 month old son from a past relationship. 175 more words


My Daughter Doesn't Have a Bedtime Routine

I would love to be the sort of parent who puts her child to bed at exactly the same time every night, tucks her baby in gently while singing French lullabies, reads exactly 2 books, and then gently pats her little one’s diaper as they drift off to dreamland. 324 more words

Single Mom

Being a Bad Mom is Actually Good for You

Featured Image: STX Entertainment

I watched the movie Bad Moms this weekend and I laughed until I cried (& maybe peed just a little bit) because the message hit so close to home. 1,170 more words

Bad Mom/Me Time

After sitting at home on yet another Saturday night, watching psycho chicks try to kill other women all in the name of love on Lifetime, I decided I needed a night out…even if I had to go somewhere by myself. 500 more words