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I'm a Bad Mom and I Like it

No one wants to admit they are a bad parent, but I did it… out in the open.  And I’m asking you to join me and be a bad parent too. 1,314 more words



Numbers 18 & 19 on the list.

  1. You gave birth via c-section or with an epidural, or both.
  2. You gave birth in a hospital setting.
  3. 86 more words
Me & My Life


Jonah came into this world kicking and screaming and spent most of his first year the same way. His father, usually stoic and calm, dissolved into a puddle of tears the second he was placed into my arms. 3,254 more words


Reused Car seats

Number 17 on the list is:

  1. You reuse your car seat from one kid to the next.

I do not see the problem with this. I am currently reusing my niece’s old car seat because Evie’s broke when she was 9 months old. 75 more words

Me & My Life

I Have Control of my Toddler: A Parenting Myth.

Earlier this week I was picking up Big Brother from preschool when Mr. Terrible Twos decided as we walked back to the street with my arms full of schoolwork and assorted classroom items that it would be fun exercise to make me chase after him in circles around the car.   2,549 more words


Dear neighbors who hate me and my wild monkey spawn;

Dear neighbor,

I’m sorry that we got off to a bad start. Despite my best efforts to be in the good graces of all who reside in this beautiful slice of what would otherwise be considered hillbilly town, my children’s bus stop being at your corner home and your seemingly low tolerance for anything under four feet tall has doomed us from the get go. 930 more words

Bus Stop

Kids and Sleep

I hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday!

The next 4 are about kids and sleep.

  1. You let them stay up too late…and by that, I mean passed 8 pm.
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Me & My Life