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Bad Mom

Sometimes I believe that I’m a bad mom. There it is, I said it. Most of the time, this lie has so much strength in my life that I let it dictate my day-to-day decisions. 590 more words

A Good Baby Makes You Feel Like You're the Best Mom and...

A fussy, refluxy, colicky baby makes you feel like you’re the worst mom and have no idea WTF you’re supposed to be doing with them. 475 more words

Mom Talk

Why I'm a bad mom in other's eyes.

I can’t tell you how many people so far since being a mom has made me feel like I was a horrible mom. I know, I shouldn’t let others words hurt me, but I was a first time mom and had no idea what I was doing. 562 more words

Everyday Life

I’m Not Usher, But These Are My Confessions – Liquor in the Morning and Glory Moments of Parenting

Sometimes I Just Leave My Toddler Lying In The Middle of The Floor

Can we all just acknowledge that snowsuits are like one piece bathing suits for babies- impossible to get on, painful to remove and God help you if nature calls? 793 more words


Bad Mom Blog

Any other parents forget that dyeing eggs was a thing?

I just threw mine into an ice bath after being boiled…

Guess we’ll have to hurry and dye eggs before doing bluebonnet pictures.


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