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Mother Confessions

The ultimate in controversy…
The things I do as a parent that I didn’t think I would do.

I’m sure you saw in my last post that I love lists, so here’s another one because they’re so easy for me to write! 570 more words


Worst Person

(No context for this letter)

You are the worst person in the world. You don’t deserve anything good in your life.  But you wont hear any of this because everything gets turned around to how YOU feel. 347 more words

Everything You Wish You Could Say

Early Parental Problems

So the first thing I’m going to be telling you all about is my parent situation. My parents divorced when I was merely three. So growing up I never really new what a “real” family was. 313 more words


Confessions of a mom who is tired!

Man what a long ass week. Sometimes I feel as though work takes over my life and some evenings I sit there and feel like I have barely seen Evie. 469 more words


Why Am I Laughing?

You may cast me aside and call me a bad mom but I can’t help it….I’m still laughing. I think it all has to do with the telling and my daughter is very animated when she replays her day for me. 675 more words


"I'm a bad mom."

I think every mom has thought this, and many may even believe it to be true. But I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. You are… 1,025 more words

My Lessons

I'm a "bad" mom

Last night was a struggle. My husband is sick, my toddler is starting to get sick, and I had an unexpected anxiety “flare-up,” if you will. 1,239 more words