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Toxic Mom Toolkit: The Final Plan

I found the dove feather on the ground in front of my house. For a month or more it was in a cup holder in my car. 435 more words

The Worst Mommy EVER!!!

I’ve concluded that I am the worst parent ever…as in EVER! My kids may or may not have told me this a time or two. 1,364 more words

Mom Fails

A Whirlwind & Four Loves...

I am a tattooed lady and proud of it….like many tatted people we sometimes get compliments and sometimes people get it all wrong. Since I have been doing a lot of self-reflection, acceptance and just trying to be okay with some of the parts that make up me, I am going to take a moment to explain one of mine – after someone guessed wrong in the store the other day. 395 more words

Finding Me

I'm a judger....

JUDGEMENT ALERT! I about lost my mind when I saw this license plate; why would anyone want to be DJS MOM? I know, it’s who she is, but I just don’t understand why any woman would want to lose her entire identity to motherhood?!?! 194 more words

Working Mom

So Delicious: My death threats are a joke.   

My original title– A direct quote: If mommy doesn’t get ice cream tonight she’s going to  —Babydaddy requested I delete the rest of this quote because he was afraid people would take me too seriously. 461 more words


the downside to being a stay at home mom

Its the part no one talks about. Okay, maybe someone talks about it. I don’t know. But, they don’t in my friend group anyway. And my husband, God love him, doesn’t always get it. 485 more words

Questioning myself...

My mom texted me during my lunch saying, “I’m going to bring you enchiladas for dinner. I’m making them now. Love you.”

Random. Completely and totally random. 285 more words