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'Cause that's what happens in prison!!!

Please note, this image was inserted with a large dose of sarcasm!

Warning: this post contains an anecdote that you may find absolutely appalling.

And yes, this is a real conversation. 80 more words

Raising Boys

I'm an Asshole Mom...

There I said it….well at least last night I was. In the wee hours. my daughter was being straight up psychotic…dare I say a bitch to the Nth degree. 583 more words

Single Mom

The Mad Adventures of a Bad and Naughty Mommy! (That would be ME!!!)

When my son, Jake,  and “the girl” (listen, I only refer to this really, really nice girl that he brought home as “the girl” because it has been… 2,467 more words

Mommy Blogging. Bad Mommy Blogs

Full Body Bubble Wrap: And other mystery fabrics.

I don’t know why I get so irritated by some of these mommy blog posts and articles. They can come off as ridiculously snobby and I let it get to me when I shouldnt. 1,168 more words


The Shooter's Mom

Late yesterday the verdict came down…the Aurora theater shooter found guilty on all 165 charges. Justice! Another step forward in the healing process for the family and friends of the 12 who died, for the survivors and for the state. 245 more words


Tough Decisions in the Yogurt Aisle

 Yay for summer vacation!! That time of the year when we get to stay up late, sleep in, and enjoy a much slower pace of life. 1,109 more words


Mom of the Year Award in 3...2...1...

Apparently I need to work on my “mom-itude”. What’s a “mom-itude” other than a word autocorrect has made me type, retype, delete, curse at, and then yell “ 902 more words