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Confession of a bad mom

I have a confession. I rock my baby to sleep. I rock her to sleep every night and at every nap. Only for a few minutes. 538 more words


Bad Mom Days

Let me let you in on a secret. There are some days that I feel like a bad mom.

Earlier in the week I had one of those days. 668 more words

My Life

My Demons and Me (Part One)

On any average day at our house I have to ask the kids to clean the living room between 4-10 times (this means putting all the big and little pillows back on the couch, picking up all the toys… 799 more words

Mom Life

Mo Potty, Mo Problems.

I hate potty training. Can I say that? Am I still a good mom?

I don’t even care. I DESPISE potty training.

Can’t I just put the kid in diapers until she’s like, dude, stop buying me diapers, I am old enough to drive to the store and get them myself now. 251 more words


Summertime is Pool Time.

It has been HOT, y’all. SO HOT.

I am in Arlington, Virginia, and the heat has been no freaking joke.

I usually avoid the pool citing such reasons as sunburns and drownings and I’m lazy. 577 more words


True Life: Sometimes I'm a Bad Mom

Today was a bad day

Have you ever had one of those days that is doomed from the minute you wake up? The kind of day where nothing big happens to put you in a bad mood, you’re just miserable and every small thing that happens throughout the day just sets you off? 1,290 more words

'Mom! Super Bunny's Batgirl suit is AMAZING!'

As a mom, it’s the small things that take our days from dark and grey to full of joy!

This morning Zoe asked me to make her Bun Bun a batgirl suit. 421 more words