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Woman Nails Daily Struggles Of Motherhood In Meghan Trainor Parody Video

We all can’t experience the joys of motherhood, and for that we are sad.  However, we also won’t experience the constant picking up of toys, trying to gather the gang for bath time, and wondering how spaghetti sauce winded up on the ceiling of the living room. 34 more words


Fast Forward.

Now that you all have read on how my life was changed forever.

Warning: I will not be giving real names. That’s for the safety of my family. 186 more words

Feeling Defeated.

Today, I just want to write about how defeated I am feeling.  I don’t feel this way all the time, but this morning was the absolute worst.   583 more words

Baby Love

It begins

A blog. Really a blog. I’m that mom now sitting down writing down her experiences, opinions, and grievances for all the world to see and critique. 316 more words

Bad Mom

The introvert's complaint

Well….the kids are driving me crazy, but that’s nothin new.

It’s not even their fault. I’m just tired and  needing down time. When I say down time, I mean sensory depravation. 488 more words

The Mommy Brain

Why BadMommi?

Some may ask, “Why the term BadMommi?” They giggle at the name and wonder aloud if it implies my parenting skills are sub par. They sometimes insinuate with raised eyebrows it may have to do with my sexual prowess. 495 more words

Today she tried to run away from home...

Well today started as any other day would, Allie throwing fits because I offer to make her breakfast and trying to tell her that she just can’t eat all the marshmallows out of the $3 box of cereal, that literally fills up three-four bowls, and that breakfast isn’t a nutty butty bar. 948 more words