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The introvert's complaint

Well….the kids are driving me crazy, but that’s nothin new.

It’s not even their fault. I’m just tired and  needing down time. When I say down time, I mean sensory depravation. 488 more words

The Mommy Brain

Why BadMommi?

Some may ask, “Why the term BadMommi?” They giggle at the name and wonder aloud if it implies my parenting skills are sub par. They sometimes insinuate with raised eyebrows it may have to do with my sexual prowess. 495 more words

Bad Mommy

Today she tried to run away from home...

Well today started as any other day would, Allie throwing fits because I offer to make her breakfast and trying to tell her that she just can’t eat all the marshmallows out of the $3 box of cereal, that literally fills up three-four bowls, and that breakfast isn’t a nutty butty bar. 948 more words


A brief guide to modern parenting

First of all, you should really already have kids. That biological clock doesn’t tick forever, you know. I mean, wait until you’re financially stable and all that, of course. 898 more words


Bad Moms Movie Trailer!!!

OMG!!!  This movie looks like its going to be really funny!!!

Happy #BadMoms's Day

Since no pregnancy is complete without a photo session I decided to take some inspiration from the many lovelies that have gone before me and create some lasting memories of my own. 12 more words

to the lousy mom on mother's day (a letter to myself)

I see you.

Introverted and overwhelmed. Keeping on day after day, thinking too deeply about every challenge and stage and parenting suggestion. The kids need you all the time, even when you follow all the rules about teaching them to play alone. 1,704 more words