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Bad Mom

We all have those days…days that we feel like a bad mom. Maybe today you fed your child Hot dogs and ketchup for dinner instead of a gourmet meal of organic grain-fed chicken, local potatoes and broccoli. 435 more words

Why I'm the Worst Mom Ever Today- My Carseats Story

I haven’t been a mom too long, I’m still learning every single day (as most moms are of course). And most of the time, my “wing it” parenting style works for me. 564 more words


are you a bad mom?

if you are, continue reading please..ūüėú


Couple weeks ago I went to see Bad Moms the movie with a bunch of my bad moms girlfriends. 580 more words

Bad Mom


This month of September has not been an easy one for me. ¬†With the many mornings of fog that started the school year and new long routes to drive, I’ve looked forward to a sense of routine resuming. ¬† 1,341 more words

Personal Power

New Kid On The Block

Talking to my mom today I started to realize how sometimes some mothers who consider themselves to have more experience tend to be somewhat mean when another mom comes along and does things a little differently. 502 more words

Dear neighbors who hate me and my wild monkey spawn:

Dear neighbor,

I’m sorry that we got off to a bad start. Despite my best efforts to be in the good graces of all who reside in this beautiful slice of what would otherwise be considered hillbilly town, my children’s bus stop being at your corner home and your seemingly low tolerance for anything under four feet tall has doomed us from the get go. 933 more words


Bad Mom

I am not feeling particularly successful at this single parenting thing.  If nothing else, it is at least a comfort to have a partner that loves your kids as much as you do.   636 more words

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