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You Suck! Now That You're A Mom

Being a good mom means putting aside your wants and needs for the sake of adequately protecting and raising your children. It means redirecting your focus from selfish insecurities and indulgences to no longer giving af about much else other than your babies, maintaining some version of a presentable household, and ensuring that your adultish responsibilities are met (ie: paying bills and getting your oil changed). 1,158 more words


I'm A Bad Mom

If you’re a mom, your ultimate fear is that you are somehow unfit to parent. You’re scared that your mom skills just won’t cut it and somehow you are not doing the best you can for the children you brought into this world. 1,419 more words


Baby Torture

This video may very well be just another form of baby torture. A father and his identical twin brother thought playing this little game on one brother’s son was funny.   76 more words

Bad Mom

Potty Training Nightmare

Hello. I’m sorry to be such a Debbie Downer but I need a friend today. I feel so very frustrated, and I’ve been crying for the last 30 minutes. 896 more words


I'm a stress eating candy snatcher if you ask my daughter.

Cause you see if I’m stressed, I’ll eat. I kind of wish I was one of those who “forgot” to eat when they were under stress but no, I’m the opposite. 513 more words


"Bad Moms" Unite

I just watched the movie, “Bad Moms” and found myself totally nodding my head, laughing and telling myself, “I know! That is so right.” And I know many other moms could relate, to one of the characters, if not more than one.   1,292 more words

To Pierce or Not to Pierce

I have three daughters and all three have their ears pierced.  For one of them it was her choice.  That’s L.  She was 2 and begging for her ears to be pierced. 329 more words

Bad Mom