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Feeding my toddler: a documentation of meals

I went into this with the intention of taking a picture of every breakfast, lunch, and dinner I fed my 2.5 year old. We both know that didn’t even last a day. 187 more words


Skewed Perfection

Carmen and I always push the boundary of time for anything that involves early mornings. So much so that running late for school in our house has become customary. 894 more words

A Day In The Life

The Dentist

So did you know that you can be a great mother to one child and a total failure as a mother to the other? i sure didn’t but when I took my kids to the dentist today I learned. 440 more words

Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?

I am a bad mother because I am soft. I am a bad mother because I am hard.

My laissez-faire attitude that makes me a bad mother: 446 more words

Misfit Matriarch

Rewind: Clerks quotes were too vulgar to reference.

I have a dream where movies don’t skip entire scenes or get stuck in the middle of a song for 20 minuets. In this dream I don’t need to wait for all the previews to finish for the movie menu play button to come on. 609 more words


Bad Mom

The play date ended poorly. The children were not sharing and the conversation was going nowhere productive.

I left embarrassed and defeated trying my best to pick myself up with some self talk truths. 166 more words