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Growing up as a fat baby I compromised my health at an early age.

not only did my fat mom risk me as a damaged egg, she also continued to feed her sugar addiction while I was forming inside her. 361 more words

I try so hard...

My 10 yr old is almost always happy. He only argues with his siblings, never anyone else.

He rarely asks me for anything outside of birthday/Christmas gifts. 349 more words

My Baby Has a Better Beauty Regimine than I Do.

So my new kid has cradle cap. You know, that yellowish, crusty stuff some unfortunate babies get and that WebMD says is completely normal? Well, if you’ve never seen it, it’s gross. 997 more words



I thought one of the perks of having your child be at home with you is that they’re not exposed to a lot of germs. 114 more words


I just...

watched kid 3 play Assassin’s Creed for 8 straight hours. My eyeballs are fried!

The End of an ....Era/Trend/Phase???

It’s confession time. We have made a change with how we raise the boys. It was not an easy decision and I still feel guilty about it, but it’s working for us right now. 714 more words

Reader Participation: Guilty Pleasures

I presented the idea to all of you about writing a blog based off your responses to a random topic that I would pick. I received enough positive feedback to try and give it a go. 1,807 more words

Bad Mom!