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the night of my suicide

the night of my suicide was a bad one. it was a wednesday. the beginning of the week was shit and at home i was being grounded for some nonsense thing i don’t remember. 427 more words

Mental Illness

Rough month

Been busy with all sorts of craps this month. From studying to assignments to social work and lastly, exam. Mentally strained and yeah, I am approaching emotional depression as I’m writing this. 505 more words


I Am Back! - How a Trip to the ER Answered a Lot of Questions

Relax, I am fine, guys. In fact, I am great.

I am sure you remember from my last few posts that I have been pretty down. 679 more words

Thoughts Of The Day

Epic Fail (AKA How My June Went Off the Rails)

Hi! Remember me?

First, let me say kudos to all of my Writing 101 friends who have completed their assignments (or came closer than I did). 873 more words


The Universe Hates Me?

I’ve had a pretty crappy three weeks.  Three Sundays ago, my boyfriend of four years told me he felt like we were just roommates with nothing in common.    1,438 more words

Bad Months

July sucks. So far, this has been the worst month. I dread any month that decides it wants to get worse. July, the truly terrible, horrible, god-awful, no good, nasty, despicable month. 553 more words


The Cascading Effect

Do you ever have one of those days where you think you should have just stayed in bed? Well I seem to be having one of those months.   323 more words