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Ye Be Warned Wednesday: Pixels (2015)

This movie took a perfectly awesome premise (aliens attack earth with 1980s video game villains) and turned it into one of the most bogus things I have ever seen. 593 more words


Vault of the Cult - St. Francisville Experiment & Oasis of the Zombies

A pair of reviews for two bad movies: St. Francisville Experiment, directed by Ted Nicolaou, and Oasis of the Zombies, directed by Jesus Franco.


Final Thoughts On Pure Terror

Having reviewed all 50 movies in the Pure Terror set, you would think I had said all that can be said on this topic. I would like to put a bow on my thoughts in regard to this project that has taken me 3 years to complete. 1,554 more words


Movie Monday: The Visit (Spoiler Free)

What’s it about? A couple of kids go for a week trip to visit their grandparents whom they’ve never seen before while their mom goes on a cruise. 259 more words

Movie Monday

Paper Towns Movie Review-

Paper Towns is a book written by John Green. When it was turned into a movie, Cara Delevingne and Natt Wolf (who was also in TFIOS) got the leading roles of Quentin and Margo. 228 more words

Pure Terror: Bloody Pit of Horror

Last but not least on the Pure Terror box set is the 1965 Italian(?) horror movie Bloody Pit of Horror. Some people might call this a giallo movie, which as best I can tell means sleaze but it’s foreign so it’s art. 600 more words


Pure Terror: Scared To Death

Scared To Death, the 1947 effort from director Christy Cabanne, is notable for a couple reasons. First being that it is the only color film starring Bela Lugosi. 560 more words