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2016 IN REVIEW – The Worst Movies of the Year

Alright, so… I went a bit off the deep end this year, I think. I think I’ll exercise a bit more restraint for 2017. No point in stopping this year, though, when I’ve already started! 12,108 more words

Year In Review

Plan 9 From Outer Space - Review

In 1980, Michael and Harry Medved released a book titled “The Golden Turkey Awards” having apparently sat through 2000 terrible movies in order to award them prestigious Golden Turkeys – symbols of awfulness. 1,488 more words


Ghostbusters (2016)

This is a beloved movie for me.    A fantastic, funny, irreverent movie that provided a lot of quotable lines that will last a lifetime.   That was 1984’s Ghostbusters – 2016’s Ghostbusters?   426 more words



Bleeders (1997)

Today, I’m going to be fulfilling a request from one of my gracious Patreon patrons, and talking about 1997’s Bleeders.

The plot of… 1,038 more words


Blackcatloner Reviews Moment by Moment

The John Travolta movie Hollywood does not want you to see.


Cheesy Romance Month: Mini Review: Cruel Intentions

So yeah… My life has gotten insanely busy recently and tragically I ran out of time to write a full review for this one. So I apologize for this one. 173 more words

Tanner Reviews

The Giant Claw (1957)

There’s something just a little bit endearing about a bad movie, isn’t there? So long as it looks like the fine men and women involved at least tried to make a product fit for human consumption and put real effort into it, then this is especially true. 1,335 more words