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Atrocious (2010)


Two teenage siblings endure a terrifying experience while investigating a rural legend near their family’s vacation home.


This being a Spanish language release we originally watched it in Spanish. 158 more words

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The Jokesters (2015)


When one of the internet sensations of “Master Pranksters” gets married, his friends decide to pull a “Cabin in the Woods” style prank that goes horribly wrong! 564 more words

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Honest Film Synopsis: "Collateral"

The world’s most inept contract killer (played by Tom Cruise) kidnaps Los Angeles’ most pathetic cabdriver (played by Jamie Foxx) and forces him, at gun point, to drive him around the city and witness each and every one of his hits. 117 more words

The Short List: Five Things About...That Other Captain America Movie

Before Chris Evans, before The First Avenger, before The Avengers, Before The Winter Soldier…there was Matt Salinger and a trouble-plagued Captain America film.  Most people more familiar with the more recent incarnations of Captain America are likely unfamiliar with the 1990 film version, which is well-known in bad movie circles.  1,470 more words


WTF Cinema Episode 52 - Bound

Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me, and let’s talk about a really horrible film.

WTF Cinema

What Would Jesus Watch - 3: Christian Mingle - The Movie

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Welcome to “What Would Jesus Watch?”, our summer exploration into the overlooked and underexplored genre of Christian Cinema. 244 more words


Pure Terror: Terror-Creatures from the Grave

I have watched this movie three times and very little of it is sticking. I keep seeming to day dream in the middle of the movie, often imagining much better movies in my head. 651 more words