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Pacific Rim Uprising

Ohh dear, the first Pacific Rim was quite a little gem of excitement. With a strong story arc, and believable sub plots.

The latest instalment to the “franchise” however was an extended power rangers episode from the 90’s. 172 more words


Cabin 28: The Worst Movie Ever

By the Grouch on the Couch

Cancel the Razzies. This movie has set a new record low. You want me to watch Gigli? Fine. You want me to double feature Battlefield Earth and Jack and Jill? 1,941 more words


READY PLAYER ONE Doesn’t Understand the Importance of Pop Culture (Review) | Nerdist

Wow, this is a brutal review of Ready Player One. Nerdist gave it 1.5 burritos out of 5. That’s a bad review. It basically is saying that there are no redeeming qualities in the movie at all. 87 more words


Rancid (AKA Expiration) (2011)

It’s not so easy writing about a movie you don’t care much about
The cowboy wheezed from his station behind the U shaped bar.
Yeah, I know but I still have to write something, right? 859 more words

Horror Movie

A Wrinkle in Time Movie Review

(This review contains spoilers for A Wrinkle in Time, book and movie)


Last Friday, I checked out A Wrinkle in Time with a couple of friends. 1,352 more words


'Octopussy' (1983); 'Take It Easy, Mr. Bond' Review #13

I watched this movie on December the twelfth, of 2017. Now, a full three months later, here we are. It’s terrible. Hope it was worth the wait. 814 more words


Blood Of Dracula's Castle

I’ve been wanting to write a running commentary as I watched a cheesy movie but I haven’t taken the time to do it. Sometimes bad movies can be a lot of fun to watch if you’re in the write mood, especially bad horror movies. 1,588 more words