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February, 1998: Sphere

Like many book-to-movie adaptations, Sphere suffers from a severe lack of respect for the source material and an oversimplification of its content. Because many important nuances and plot points were omitted, the film is only a fraction of what it could have been. 327 more words


Half Girlfriend Movie Review

Where to start? Why to start? How to Start?

If you want to know if your partner actually loves you, ask them for sex. If they deny, they are using you. 332 more words

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January, 1998: Phantoms

Before Armageddon, before Dogma, before Changing Lanes, after… Goodwill Hunting? There was Phantoms. Why Ben Affleck took this inexplicable step backwards, I’ll never know; maybe he thought it would be good, maybe it was for the money, maybe he was already filming before Good Will Hunting was released. 313 more words


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)

Sometimes a movie just gives the wrong impression from its conception, pre-production, and initial advertisement, and that’s exactly King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Optimistically planned as a six-part franchise, this new big-budget rendition of Arthurian legend looked like a total disaster. 1,722 more words


Rescuing Emily

The movie A Quiet Passion has to be one of the worst biopics I’ve ever seen (in a category stuffed with more turkey’s than Perdue). It nearly managed to obliterate the memory of Emily Dickinson’s delicate and beautiful poetry (‘hope is a thing with feathers that perches in the soul’ is no where to be found). 367 more words


Review: ‘The Neon Demon’ — the ending is a saving grace

While “The Neon Demon” succeeds at stellar cinematography, it lacks in just about everything else.

“The Neon Demon,” a 2016 movie, has graced its presence upon me almost a year after its release. 762 more words

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