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The November Man (USA, 2014)

Directed by: Roger Donaldson. If Liam Neeson action movies are a guilty pleasure then I’m not sure what this is. Pierce is definitely hopping on the geri-action bandwagon, but can you blame him? 247 more words

Ugh this movie


I was so uninspired by this movie I took a 3 month hiatus.  It’s that Jim Belushi, you guys.  He really breaks down a person’s will to blog.  254 more words


113 things I hate about Jason X

Jason X. I’ve been dreading this. You may ask yourself why I’m doing this? Well, I like to torture myself. Ever since I watched this back in 2002, I have hated it. 858 more words


Spotlight of Shame- The Room

Anime Reporter takes the first of what may prove to be many looks at my top choices of what I consider to be truly horrible movies. 1,090 more words


I Is You Am

I Is You Am is a full-length feature film written, directed and produced by the American-born auteur Chunter Stanton in 1975. It has been voted the Worst Film Ever Made on seventeen separate occasions. 189 more words


Legends of Horror: The Ape Man

Legends of Horror indeed. When it comes to a legend in the genre, few are as big as Bela Lugosi. Known mostly for his portrayal of Dracula in the 30’s. 806 more words


Blackcatloner Reviews Halloween III: Season of the Witch

I celebrate my 9-year anniversary on YouTube by reviewing the Halloween film that everyone hates because it doesn’t have Michael Myers in it.