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This is not a movie review

We decided to go out for some fun last night, we were going clubbing but thought we would see a movie first. TheĀ Oscars will be handed out this weekend, so it is nice to have seen some of the movies that are nominated. 780 more words


Jupiter Ascending Movie Review

Jupiter Ascending is about a poor, earth girl names Jupiter (Mila Kunis) who goes to a fertility clinic to donate her eggs, but it then almost abducted by aliens. 260 more words


SEAN BEEEEEEEE!!!!!--ahem, I mean: My Thoughts on Jupiter Ascending

So my reaction to this movie was pretty similar to a lot of other reviewers’. Basically: “It was so awful, BUT I LOVED IT.” There were so many things wrong with the movie, but it somehow managed to keep me riveted and genuinely enjoying it for the duration, and I’m not sure why. 802 more words


Celluloid Skeletons - Episode 2: Meryl Streep/She-Devil

With a prestigious career jam-packed with awards and plaudits, what dark secret could possibly lurk in the career of Meryl Streep? Join Joe and guests Liam Callander and Jeff Kennedy as they look at Streep’s work, her remarkable knack for being Oscar nominated and her penchant for different accents. 68 more words


Random Movie of the Month

**I will start by saying I want to try and make this a re-occurring entry, though I’m not sure how frequent I’ll manage so I’ll start by saying once a month and we’ll go from there. 1,211 more words


Black Hat Movie Review

Black Hat was the worst of the bunch I saw in January. The film itself was very generic and the cinematography was crap. This film, in the hands of say Paul Greengrass, and not Michael Mann would have been much better. 140 more words

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