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Running Commentary- Star Wars Episode 01- the Phantom Menace

Anime Reporter begins a new type of segment today, offering up thoughts and feelings in real time in response to a variety of films. I’ll be starting things off with the Star Wars films, starting, unfortunately, with Episode 01- The Phantom Menace. 1,746 more words


[Review] Grave Encounters 2 (2012)

So, I just watched Grave Encounters 2 and I have so many feelings, all bad mind you, but many nonetheless. Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse than the first… 3,108 more words


Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Stupitidy

You knew had to start with this one. Oh, where to begin?

First, the storyline was way too dark. Superman spent half the movie saving Lois Lane – let her die already. 326 more words

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Adult Children of Divorce (A.C.O.D.)

In this generation, divorce has become so much of a norm that people get into relationships hardly expecting them to last very long, or even avoid them all together. 147 more words

Bad Movie


If you are looking for a supernatural thriller with some truly messed up ish going on about a girl and her family, this is the one. 135 more words

Bad Movie

Podcast: CCR24: Invisible Ghost

Join the Chrononauts as they discuss 1941’s “Invisible Ghost,” the movie whose title is wrong twice!

Click HERE to listen!

This podcast was originally published at… 28 more words

Reefer Madness AKA Tell Your Children (193?)

Opening Statement

Warning: This film suggests that Marijuana will improve your musical taste, make you more successful with women, a better dancer and expand your circle of friends. 597 more words

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