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Synopsis: Some tweenage girls have a sleepover. One of them is a big bully and after she’s kicked out of the house, she stalks them from the woods and posts pictures of herself killing people on social media. 1,138 more words


50 Shades Freed (2018)

I think Fifty Shades Freed as a title works well not just for the audience but also the actors, as everyone is celebrating putting one of Hollywood’s least engaging film franchises well behind them. 1,707 more words


'Bright' isn't even funny bad, it's just bad

By Casey Campbell

There’s a certain pleasure I get from watching objectively terrible films, similar to the sensation one gets from eating greasy fast food. You know it’s bad; hell, you know it could even be bad for you, but you still go back for more. 594 more words

The Film Tent

Glutton For Punishment (Part 1): "The Emoji Movie" (2017)

I remember when I first heard of “The Emoji Movie” my mind was blown. Of all things to make a movie about why pick those tiny little pictures you send to people on your phone? 948 more words

The Open House - Movie Review

My love for horror movies has been well documented for podcast listeners, and probably to repeat visitors to this website; but that doesn’t mean I am not picky about them. 68 more words

Movie Review

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter - Movie Review

So this film is supposedly the final chapter in Paul W.S Anderson’s poorly reviewed post apocalyptic horror action franchise based on the videogame series of the same name. 532 more words