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I Hated the Revenant

*Spoiler Alert*

I hated it. The true story of Hugh Glass would have made a better story.

If I ruled the world, this is how the Revenant would have gone… 1,341 more words


Tanner Reviews God's Not Dead 2

You know, I have to give it to the people who go out to theaters and record these movies for the sole purpose of putting them up on the internet. 776 more words


Worst Best Picture: Is Spotlight Better or Worse Than Crash?

Alex Russell

In “Worst Best Picture” we search every single Best Picture Oscar winner of all time from 1927 to present to uncover the worst of them all. 1,488 more words


Bad Movie Madness

Smoke Breakers – 005: The Good the Bad and the Zombie


Now, when you talk about Bad Movies, what actually do we mean? Movies with no social merit, entertainment value, or just failures at the box office? 631 more words


Podcast: CCR-The Gorilla

Hugh and the rest of the Chrononauts endure 1939’s “The Gorilla.”

Click HERE to listen online.

This podcast was originally published at Skinner.fm on March 15, 2016. 24 more words

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Meh. Vanilla. It’s okay.

The three statements above are the three different ways I’ve answered the question, ‘What did you think of Batman V Superman?’ in the past 14 hours. 1,503 more words


Before We Go: The Story Of How I Fell In Love With An Objectively Bad Movie

Have you ever felt like a movie was made just for you? That every frame on the screen, every line of dialogue, every note of the soundtrack, was carefully crafted and curated just because someone, somewhere, knew you were out there to see it. 1,091 more words

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