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What's in a name?

Sometimes too much…

Screen names are on dating sites, just to hide your real name. Sure, a cute or funny one works, but many have gone in the wrong direction. 73 more words

Dating Advice

It’s All in A (Pen) Name

As most writers have already figured out, names are an important tool in writing.

The name alone, on first impression, can make a character seem weak or strong, nasty or gentle, or even wise or foolish. 1,496 more words


Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Okay. You’re in a paint store. You and your whoever are picking a colour for the guest room of your new house. You hate painting, and know that this colour you pick will be the final colour since you can’t bother to repaint. 974 more words


If Your Name Shortened is Bad

There are websites devoted to bad shortened names, where people publicize to the unsuspecting future parents the unfortunate shortening of a name that can lead to teasing.  343 more words


Let's All Regress To Childhood And Laugh At These Newscasters With Funny Names

On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the team of people whose sole job it is to sit around and monitor what happens on local news programs throughout the country did a public service by putting together this compilation of funny newscaster names. 51 more words


Never Name Your Kids

There’s an interesting story behind my name! When I was born the priest suggested my family to give me a name starting from letter “G”. They started looking for a suitable name. 473 more words


Of all the titles you came up with, THAT'S the best of the bunch?

If you’re ever looking for a quick smack to the face and your Groupon for your friendly neighborhood dominatrix has expired, go to the plus-sized section of Wal Mart and start addressing customers as “Lardy Cakes.”

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