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SAVE THE LOST BOYS and New Noise Magazine bring you the new single “Bad Names” from the Ohio punkers upcoming album Temptress. Before its release on July 15th, the band will be performing new songs from Temptress this summer as part of the New Noise sponsored “Long Days, EZ Nights Of Summer Tour,” which kicks off tonight in Philadelphia at the Underground Animal. 367 more words

The LP Collective

For Name's Sake!

Don’t you just hate it when the professor does not pronounce your name right on the first day of school? Or don’t you just hate it when your name is long that one part of your name only gets called by anyone you know? 1,653 more words


Barium Deep Edits

This is the first time that I’ve not written one of Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenges since January (with the exception of the times when I’ve been working at summer camp without internet, but even then I think I got lucky and he didn’t post a challenge).   2,263 more words


Flash Fiction: Barium Deeper

More Star Citizen related art, just because.

I wrote this piece for terribleminds, because my last piece was 1000 words too long for this week’s space opera challenge… 1,083 more words


Flash Fiction: Barium Deep

Gorgeous artwork by George Hull, for the game Star Citizen

I didn’t write the following bit of space drama with the above image in mind, but it’s a beautiful fit anyway.   2,115 more words