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Lent - another pagan/Christian cross over?


No sooner than you get used to Lent, and its forty days of abstinace (abstaining from things of your choice) than I come along and tell you it’s YET ANOTHER PAGAN THING! 563 more words

UN claims invisible jailers are detaining Assange...

I have to laugh at Julian Assange. The UN aren’t laughing, they’ve fallen for his ploy – here’s the headline: (Link)

The UN says that Julian Assange is being arbitrarily detained. 145 more words

Just a messenger...?

Read Isaiah 52

Focus on verse 7

There are certain situations where it can be rather dangerous to be the bearer of bad news. I recall one incident recorded in the book of 2 Samuel where a messenger brings the news of King Saul’s death to David thinking that he would be rewarded for bringing David this good news. 239 more words

Daily Devotional

Jezebel rides again - wives ordering husbands about

Ladies, I know we sometimes get frustrated with our men, but if we know our bible we know we are there to help HIM and to support him to make good decisions. 189 more words

Reclaiming the word 'discrimination'

Once upon a time it was a compliment to tell someone they were discriminating. It was a sign of your wise and careful attention to detail in matters. 666 more words