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A Volunteer Had Forged the Death Certificates of the Elderly He Looked After to Scam a Total of 2.4 Million Dollars N.T.

Scamming the people here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Three years ago, a man named Lee became a part of a not-for-profit organization that helps look after elderly people who live on their own, as he’d taken care of the elderly he looked after overseeing their final affairs, he’d found, that the not-for-profit organization wasn’t keep a close enough eye on where the money was used, last year in January, he’d started forging the death certificates of eight elderly, to scam for the money that were given, as well as the transportation fees, amounting up to over $2.4 million N.T.s, until the organization started discovering and wondering “how come ALL the older adults he’d looked after all died?”, and after the organizations sent out the workers to conduct the family interviews, they’d found, that the elderly who were written off as dead are all very well and alive, and that, was when Lee’s scam busted. 336 more words

Bad News

A Soulless Kind of Democracy

Commentaries from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Perhaps, it’s destined, recently, the assortment of news reports had caused the Mayor of Taipei, Ke, the former head of research for the Central Scholar Agency, Weng, as well as, Tsao, a middle school who became a politician, to be linked to the infamous Taiwanese scam artists in Kenya. 425 more words


Agenda 21 rears it's ugly head in London

Look – little tiny teensy weensy flats. Oh look at them – only £1,080 a month! *How much???*


This is how they want us all living. 59 more words

Presented without comment

Because there are no words…

Read all about it here: Link

God Bless you


Everyone's a Superhero

The end of the Hillsborough inquiry, the junior doctor’s strike. The police are liars, the government are liars.

Corruption, tax avoidance, terrorism. Violence, crime, homelessness. 211 more words


Bad news, or a gift?

Something happened yesterday, quite unexpected, and initially very upsetting. Maybe it still is; but I’m trying to process it in an open-minded way, rather than accept it as simply disastrous news and let it get me all down and discouraged. 735 more words

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Worthing in the UK now criminalising homelessness - would you sign the petition?

This is disgraceful – what on earth has this country come to? This is the test from the petition:

“Worthing Council’s proposed ‘Public Space Protection Order’ 287 more words