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Expose to Restore

Jeremiah’s eyes flowed with tears. As he stood amidst the ruins of what was once the splendor of Israel, he was overwhelmed with sorrow. The prophet could not contain himself as the Spirit of God upon him was overwrought as well with the aftermath of divine anger, fury, and fierce indignation. 776 more words


Donald Trump is the worst candidate for President in US history

I really don’t like to get political on this blog, but one candidate has crossed at least a dozen lines too many. Make no mistake, Trump’s policies are bad, his words offensive, his business expertise highly exaggerated in addition to being irrelevant even if true, and of course there’s the whole “bragging about being able to get away with sexual assault” thing. 140 more words

Bad News

2016; the year of wtaf

I don’t know about you, but 2016 has been a really crappy year for me. The bad news has just seemingly been never-ending.

I don’t even actually have the energy to write in-depth as to what is going on now, but please just keep the husband in your thoughts. 11 more words

Life And Something Like It

Can this year just be finished already?

So yesterday I had some heartbreaking news.

Since March my Grandad has been struggling to pee. He went to the hospital, had a catheter put in and  waited to see a consultant to see what the next step was. 481 more words

A Man Was Dissatisfied at How His Girlfriend Broke Up with Him, Poured Gasoline All Over Her, and, Set Her on Fire, Critically Injuring Her

A case of a bad breakup ending in NEAR-DEATH, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Chen, was suspected of being displeased at how his ex-girlfriend, Chien had, wanted to break up with him, yesterday morning, he’d used the excuse of returning the motorcycle, got her to go out with him, and, on the way to somewhere, he’d poured gasoline he’d prepared all over her, then, set her on fire, the victim suffered a sixty-three percent burn on her body, after being rushed to the hospitals, she was in critical, life-threatening condition, Chen claimed, that he was going to kill himself too, the police suspected that Chen had premeditated the murder of his ex-girlfriend, and is now, looking at the details of the case. 470 more words

Experiences Of Life

“Don’t Let the Intimate Relationship Turn Deadly”, to Those You are Closest to…You Need to Interact with Them Even Better

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

There had been, a recent flux of cases of murders caused by love, the psychiatrists analyzed, that modern day people longed for that intimate relationship, but didn’t understand how to get along, the psychiatrists suggest that the partners should learn emotional control, to empathize with each other, and, when needed, seek out professional help, “Don’t let your intimate relationships turn deadly!” 255 more words

Experiences Of Life

A Male Judge Hugged and Forcibly Kissed His Female Assistant, Got Kicked Off His Judgeship as a Result of the Sexual Harassments

From the Front Page Sections, on the abuse of his power status, making a pass at his female assistant, and now, he got punished for it, translated… 539 more words

Experiences Of Life