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A watchman's warning - please take note

Aaron Brickman is a watchman, and this message was sent to Steve Quayle as one of his alerts – I read it and felt it was a vital piece to share with you. 659 more words

Finding the Words that Made Their Escapes Out of Her Mind

She was trying hard, finding the words that made their escapes out of her mind, but, luck, it simply, wasn’t on her side.  Finding the words that made their escapes out of her mind, but, why are those words that escaped so important to her?  149 more words

Experiences Of Life

For His $20,000N.T. Debts, He’d Injured His Own Cousin, Then Killed Himself by Leaping Off of a Building

A tragic tale on the trials of life here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Liu early yesterday morning, was suspected of hacking up his own cousin, then, hitched a ride up north, after he got drunk, he put on his suit, climbed up to the roof of the hotel he was staying at, leapt to his own death; the police suspected it was because he’d stolen his uncle’s identity and used his credit card, and gotten into an altercation with his younger cousin, hacked and injured him, and became depressed over what he’d done, and had committed suicide.  451 more words

The Trials Of Life

The Confessions of a Teenage Murderer, the Book Was a Huge Hit and Gotten Its Share of Attention

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A very controversial book, “End Song” was recently out in Japan.  On May 28th, 1997, there was the shocking brutal murder of a young boy in Kobe, the eleven-year-old victim’s head was placed in front of the front door of a certain local middle school, the mouth was cut open to the ears, with the card that says, “Drunk Rose Saint”, a confession of the murder.  383 more words


The Gingerbread Man

A dear pal ‘o mine sent me this stuffed gingerbread man as a howliday present. Cute, huh? It was a thoughtful gift. And I appreciate it. 365 more words

The Scottie Chronicles

I love this.... yet I hate to be the bearer of bad news

I’m sorry, lovely person who started this fund raiser for Greece – you are awesome by the way, really – it’s just that you’re basically creating a tip jar for Mr Rothschild and his banking cronies, who are charging Greece 22% interest on the money they owe. 91 more words

Stun cuffs for prisoners - "They must be controlled"

Wow, you need to read the full article here: Link. I quote:

“What gives an electric jolt as strong as a typical Tase but is designed for prisoners already in police custody rather than suspects not yet arrested? 248 more words