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He Became Intoxicated & Started Firing Off a Gun, at a Standstill with the Police for Two-and-a-Half Hours, and Finally Surrendered Himself

This happened, UNDER THE INFLUENCE!  Which means, you shouldn’t GET DRUNK!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A Man, Wu After Getting Drunk, He Ran Out of the House, and Was Suspected of Firing at Least EIGHT Shots at the Man, Chu Who Was Visiting His Older Cousin Next Door, and Injuring the Friend of Chu, Wang, as Well as a Bystander, a Woman, Lin, After He’d Started Firing the Gun, He Ran Back Home and Claimed He Was Going to Kill Himself, and Was at a Standstill with the Police for Two Hours, Until His Elementary School Age Daughter Came Home from After School and Persuaded Him, Then, He’d Turned Himself in. 487 more words

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The Attorney Was Beaten After the Rulings by the Judge, Three Days Later, He’d Died

Getting MURDERED, because the man he was prosecuting lost, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The attorney, Ke-An Ju who was once the head of the Taoyuan District Court attorney, three days ago, he went to Taoyuan for a court case, was suspected of getting into an altercation with Yin-How Wu on issue of his bail, after the case was settled, he was beaten up and kicked repeated by Wu, he suffered head traumas, and was rushed to the hospitals, and the doctor, after attempting to resuscitate him until yesterday, he’d still died. 358 more words

The Consequences Of Life

Practicing What You Preach Is Not Always Easy

I heard an interview with Malcolm Gladwell the other day. The interviewer asked him why he didn’t write pieces about his own life experiences. He said that if he had started doing that at the beginning of his career in 40 years he wouldn’t have anything to write about. 1,044 more words


10,000 Words: Day 20: I'm Dying

How many more times would Andros need to reveal his secret? And how many times would Jace erase Garrett’s memory when he did? The entire situation was unfair to everyone. 75 more words

10,000 Words

Hustle and no

I broke my foot. The doctor’s office phoned at lunch yesterday to confirm Monday afternoon’s x-ray: I broke my foot.

I broke my foot about 10 days ago, actually, in Nova Scotia, falling down some dew-covered stairs in the dark. 800 more words

Pregnant Out of Wedlock, and She Sold Her Son for $220,000N.T.s

Those GOD DAMN, irresponsible, ADULTS here!!!  Very BAD, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Lin got pregnant out of wedlock, worried that she couldn’t afford to raise her own son still inside of her uterus, she’d signed a contract, with a man in his seventies, Chen, who’d wanted someone to carry on his family’s last name, falsely married him, then after she gave birth, she’d sold her own son for $220,000N.T. 552 more words

The Consequences Of Life

Soliciting a Robbery Companion on FB, Two Hours After They’d Committed the Robbery, They Were Caught

Yeah uh, there are, ALL kinds of job postings online, and you were enticed by the big pay-off, knowing (or maybe not!!!) the risk you’re taking???   492 more words

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