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The Prognosis

The words stunned me—something like a blow to the back or a terminal diagnosis. Yes—like a cancer diagnosis. And how fitting that they came from a doctor. 935 more words

When the Fears Had Still Yet to Sink In

Still waiting, for the effects of whatever to finally HIT me, but, everything feels so unreal right now…

When the fears had still yet to sink in, there’s that anticipation that’s making you jittery in the air, you KNOW that something IS coming, but you just don’t know when, where OR how it’ll hit you. 161 more words

Experiences Of Life

No Longer Envious of Others


A couple from my community, they’d worked together to set up a business when they were younger, worked hard, started from nothing, to now, having everything. 579 more words

Experiences Of Life

“Silent Bystanders, the Accomplices of Online Bullies”

Let’s see how the BYSTANDER effect works online, shall we???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The events leading up to the actress, Yo-Ying Yang’s death had sparked the public’s interests on the ethics of online interactions.   601 more words

Experiences Of Life

The Four Major Social Networks are Also, the Hotspot of Bullying

The DOWN SIDE of INTERNET here, from the Front Page Sections, in light of the actress’s suicide, translated…

The twenty-four year-old actress committed suicide because she was being bullied online, and at her workplace, it’d shed light on how cyberbullying is no longer limited in the schools anymore, that there’s NO age, gender, or status discrimination of those victims of cyberbullying. 491 more words


Driven to Suicide, by the Online Community

This, is how you CAN murder someone, without using ANY physical weaponry!!!

By talking TRASH about someone, by isolating them, by using the methods of CYBER-BULLYING, by talking TRASH, sending those AWFUL messages about the person, and, you can be certain, that not long after this had become, someone WILL commit suicide, and, although suicide would BE considered the FAULT of the person who did it, but, the world’s population that is standing by and watching everything going on is still entirely, blameless OR faultless, for that matter. 126 more words

Experiences Of Life

The Older Sister Was His Ex-Wife, the Younger Sister, His Wife, the Three of Them Lived Together, the Husband Ended Up Dead

Guess, that JEALOUSY is still the “perpetrator” here, huh???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A pair of sisters, the Tsaos, married a man, Liao one before the other, the three lived together.  588 more words

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