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Ако беше жив хан Крум

Тия от вас, които са чели по-дебели книги от мен, със сигурност ще отбележат, че условно наклонение в историята няма! Ако баба ми  беше не знам каква си, щеше или не щеше да се  случи еди какво си… Което разбира се не ми пречи да си помечтая и да дам  простор на фантазията си. 7 more words


Chocolate has been ruined for everyone!!! 

So it’s official someone has finally come up with a way to ruin chocolate!! Who would have thought this would ever be possible? I guess it just goes to show us that nothing is scared these days. 108 more words


The World of Anonymity, a Poem

On cyberbullying, translated…

Cyberbullying is categorized as a hate crime. Nobody wanted to be the victims of these attacks, even though, we’re all strangers to one another, but, we’d all loved, and felt so deep… 308 more words

Experiences Of Life


I finally understand cyber-bullying.

You can’t log off, you can’t block them, and you can’t delete anything because you’re so damn desperate. You need to know what they’re going to say next. 876 more words


When the Only News is Bad News

Bad news is hard to give, and even harder to receive.

When you’re communicating bad news, you might try and soften the blow, to deflect some of the pain you know the receiver will experience. 291 more words

2 Minutes

Smart agenda relies on our ignorance of it...

The smart appliance revolution has begun. We now have smart phones, and we’re being told to have smart meters, and they are planning that all our appliances will be smart too, creating an ‘internet of things’. 159 more words