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He Had Smothered His Landlord to Death, then Accompanied the Corpse for Seven Days, He’d Left a Note, to Make it Look Like a Suicide

Because he was, displeased of his landlord/boss firing and evicting him, MURDER became, the RESULT!!! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, displeased at how his landlord pressed him to pay the rents, and cussed at him, last year in August, he’d strangled the man to death, and robbed the $3,000N.T. 611 more words

The Consequences Of Life

Bad news 

One of the many perks of having a brain tumor and married to a dude with a brain tumor (can you sense the sarcasm?) is you’ll probably get a lot of bad news throughout your already difficult journey. 233 more words

Brain Tumor

Life is Short...

So I have some great news…and some horrible news.

First, the great news:

I am currently awaiting a time and date for an interview at a hospital that I spent time at during my clinical rotation over the final semester of school. 186 more words

Some weirder news

So, the gift card is gone. Power was lost, and now I can’t get any regular equipment. So instead of “Audio Logs of Arthur Croxley”, this is “The Logs of Arthur Croxley”. 20 more words

What to Say When: Someone has a Chronic Illness

Megan Needham is one of those people who just astounds you. She is well read, has received many academic achievements, has two adorable boys, oh, and she went to Georgetown for law school. 1,368 more words


The Man Failed in Breaking Up with His School Instructor, Murdered Her, He Received Life in Prison

Another MURDER, that’s caused by L-O-V-E, or rather, the loss of it, and there’s also, money involved too, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Ming-Feng Chen, during his time of studying in the graduate department of Taiwan’s Kinesiology University started dating his professor, Cheng, and Chen had accepted monetary assistance from Cheng during the time; last February, Chen wanted to break up, but Cheng refused, and in his rental home, he’d, murdered Cheng, then, disposed of her body in the mountains. 528 more words

Experiences Of Life

“Bad News:" Any information which adversely and seriously affects an individual’s view of his or her future.

I teach Physician Assistant (PA) students the art of the medical interview and this morning had just finished teaching the lecture entitled, “Delivering Bad News.”  I walked the students through the S.P.I.K.E.S model, encouraging them to plan out the Setting, think about the patient Perception, get an Invitation from the patient to present information, impart Knowledge to the patient, explore Emotions and Empathize and then Summarize the news.  569 more words