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Breaking bad news

One of the most difficult things a doctor has to face is having to break bad news to someone. It’s one of those things that you can’t avoid because you know that at some point in your life that you are going to have to do it. 311 more words


A Man Stayed at a Friend’s House, and Conspired with His Friend, to Murder the Friend’s Grandfather to Get His Assets

A conspiracy to murder, and for what??? Money what ELSE? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Yao stayed at his friend, Wu’s home, the two men didn’t have enough money to spend, and so, Yao followed Wu’s suggestions, the two of them added pesticides to the bean curd soups, then, served it to Wu’s grandfather, and, waited until the elderly man was taking a nap, they’d, put a towel over his face, waited until the elderly suffocated to death, then, robbed the house. 466 more words

Mishaps In Life

Abdominal Pains: Back to Valdoxan

Last week I had my sixth debilitating abdominal pain attack (since June 2015) which lasted 17 hours and ended with IV painkillers in a hospital at 5 AM. 778 more words

Medical Reporting

Tabled. For Now.

So I received some pretty unsettling news yesterday. I had my post-op follow-up with the pain management doctor and she seemed just as disappointed with the results of last month’s nerve block injection as I was, and still am. 891 more words


Progress, or the Lack Thereof

Okay, I’ve finally had to admit to myself that I’m totally blocked on the Thaumatology book. With my house a building site and my concentration shot, I shouldn’t be expecting miracles, but I’m grinding in ever decreasing circles here and it’s time I stepped back and came at this from another angle at a later date. 141 more words


Who's Left to Raise Me???

Who’s left, to raise me, huh? If you can’t even, provide for me, who was, made from your god DAMN sperm (and that makes you, nothing MORE than a SPERM-DONOR, you just got to know mama before you F***ED her that’s all!!!). 218 more words

Experiences Of Life