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It's time to tune out . . . again

Every few months I experience a severe aversion to news media. The symptoms present as anxiety, temporary depression, frustration and anger. The solution is to once again (as Timothy O’Leary said)  … 449 more words

Another in an occasional series called: 'We've been lied to'

Some of the brightest minds on earth are found in the white race. Interestingly (and you’ll see why in a moment) we’re not as far ahead in those stakes as the Orientals. 1,366 more words


Silence is something I have a real hard time with… I read into it a lot. Not every time but often. And if I read into something, usually it’s not in a positive way. 318 more words


At the Time When He’d Murdered the Young Girl, “Little Lightbulb”, He Was of Sane Mind, But He Has a History of Mental Illness, the D.A. Asked the Judge for the Death Penalty

After the PSYCH EVALUATION, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The news that shocked the society of the young girl, Liu “Little Lightbulb” being murdered at random, the suspect, Wang hacked and stabbed the child twenty-three times, he’d claimed that the reason why he’d killed the child was to resolve the troubles he had of procreating; the Shihlin District Attorney’s Office ended the investigations, the Veteran Memorial Hospital found, that while Wang was committing the crimes, he was of sound mind, and was planning on turning himself in, to get his jail sentence reduced too, they’d prosecuted him on murder, and asked for the death penalty. 628 more words

Bad News

Matthew 16:25

{Matthew 16:25 NIV} For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.    

Micca Campbell says … Tears stung my eyes and the pain of brokenness surfaced again. 312 more words


Daily Mail comment censorship - update

I wrote previously that I had written to the Daily Mail regarding censorship of comments regarding the genocide of whites in South Africa:

I wrote… 346 more words

Two videos about South Africa - MUST WATCH

Please take time to watch/listen both these videos – I commend them to you to give you an historical basis for the current issues in South Africa. 125 more words