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At an Office Party, He’d Touched His Female Coworker Inappropriately, Was Beaten Up by Others Who Were There and Taken to the Police Stations

Suit this L-O-S-E-R right, don’t you think???  From the Newspapers, translated…

On the evening of August 1, a man, Chen went to a company-hosted barbeque function, he’d taken advantage of the time when his female coworker with a hot body, “Xiang-Xiang” (a false name” went into the break room after she got drunk, he’d followed behind her, started molesting her, but, she woke up, and was surrounded by a group of coworkers who just happened to go into the room, the cops were called, and he was sent into court for forced molestation charges. 352 more words

Bad News

A Man Taken into Custody for Kicking His Own Parents for Money for the Net Café

Spoiled ROTTEN is what this is if you ask me!  From the Newspapers, translated…

A thirty-one year-old man, Chang is long-term unemployed, in order to get money from his aging parents, he’d smashed the windows and doors, splashed urine onto them to threaten them; the elderly parents asked the courts for a protective order, but early yesterday morn, Chang ran home again, and started stomping on his parents, asked them for money, and claimed that he was going to kill them, the police were called, and they’d charged him with damages and domestic violence, along with other allegations. 396 more words

The Consequences Of Life

When sleep leaves

When sleep leaves

A space to be filled

It’s filled with uncertainty

It’s filled with ill will

When sleep leaves

And I lay all night awake… 47 more words

What do script notes look like?

An actor friend of mine recently asked if I could read his script for him. Now normally I would say no*, but I like this guy and I’ve been we’ve been chatting about the concept for a while now and I thought – what the hell? 1,001 more words

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Breaking Bad News in Oncology: A Metasynthesis

Journal of Clinical Oncology: June 29, 2015

Purpose The delivery of bad news by oncologists to their patients is a key moment in the physician-patient relationship.

230 more words
08 (August 2015)

Lies of the cartels - 'only a professional can give advice'

In North Carolina, you are about to be outlawed from sharing dietary or nutritional information with others. Yes, if you reversed your diabetes with diet, you will not be allowed to share that information with others – you will be breaking a new law. 292 more words

My Father-in-Law’s Zooming in on My Son’s Scholastic Performances Caused My Child and Me Insurmountable Stresses

A Q&A, translated…

Q: My child who’s under a ton of stresses started to fight back…

Madam C’s father-in-law cared very much over her son’s scholastic performance, either that he’d blamed him for not doing well enough on his examinations afterwards, or he’d predicted how poorly he would do, or that he’d blamed his grandson for watching too much television, causing him to perform so poorly on the exams. 468 more words