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Get ready for America’s new $29 trillion debt

From Sovereign Man, by Simon Black

According to Jacques Necker, everything was just fine.

The year was 1781, and Necker, France’s finance minister, had just published a report called… 875 more words


Christian dating site scammer stopped by easy geek tool online

I wanted to share this because this guy was so very ‘credible’ – warm and friendly and with a profile which just calls out to ANY and EVERY woman. 325 more words

Launching a ‘Good News’ Publication

I’ve found reading the news over the past couple of months extremely depressing.  The killings of innocent bystanders in France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, South Sudan, Japan and no doubt other countries, the Brexit shock and its effects on UK and EU politics, the unbelievable election of Trump as a Presidential candidate, the return of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation to the Australian Senate in force, the Russian state-sponsored multi-sports doping scandal, the continuing scandal of Americans killing each other en masse, their refusal to address black murders by police, the crushing of democracy in Turkey, the Panama Papers expose of international tax avoidance, sexual and domestic abuse all over the world…the list goes on and on and it’s too much.  1,084 more words


Recovering Doom Junkie

Rarely can you turn on your tv or log onto your internet without seeing some piece of bad news.  Any given day you can hear about some mass shooting, some terrorist attack, or some natural disaster.   550 more words


Death Penalty to be reinstated in Germany because of a False Flag?

Hmmm, you know how suspicious I get when I sense that a false flag has taken place? It makes me very careful to follow up on these things with an eye to what outcomes they (the powers of darkness that rule this earth) might be seeking. 222 more words

This has to be a mistake... $50 for a character-bound costume?

Update: The dilithium store’s overpriced costume wear (already 9 times higher than anything else) got a small 15% discount when the changes were pushed live to holodeck this morning. 626 more words

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