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24 Hour Rewind

Monday morning: UltraBlood combo. Ultrasound tech asks, “so your doctor thinks you’ve ovulated already?” Me: “no.” …defeating silence throughout the rest of the ultrasound…
Monday afternoon: the nurse calls. 124 more words


Lighthouse, Chapter 24

In the two-room suite of Bart and Geraldine’s office, the first three Teka siblings sat in companionable silence. Bart sat behind the executive desk, Abe on the opposite chair, and Clement perched on the window sill; all three wearing pensive expressions. 2,586 more words


How long before UK resembles Venezuela?

“In the run-up to September 1st, the government is substantially cranking up its repressive activity, rolling out “preventive repression” that at times amounts to the selective kidnapping of Voluntad Popular members. 432 more words

Is Donald Trump a Freemason?

I didn’t expect this – Farage and Trump on the same stage, and an excellent, if brief, speech by Farage – eloquent as always. Give it a watch: 348 more words

8.26 Pt. 2

I got my phone call from my doctors office yesterday (Friday, 8.26) at 2:10. Here’s how the conversation played out in my head: “you have a handful of mature follicles measuring between 18-20…do your HCG shot tonight…we will see you Sunday morning for your IUI. 232 more words


Lack of Direction

Lack of Direction

What am I doing here sitting on the street
looking like a vagrant to everyone I greet?
I know this is the day. 362 more words

Daily Post

A Shark died in a puddle and I'm Sad

The news is basically just someone saying ‘Good evening’, then giving you a list of reasons it’s not – Helpimstuckinreddit

When I go for an evening walk with my parents, they invariably begin discussing and ruminating on the happenings of the world.

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