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And the ugly.

Normally I give zero fucks about what others think of my body. I have my assets, and I have my flaws. I accept that; I don’t need you to, as well. 252 more words

Bad Day

The Bad...

I miss my mom. My mom is my best friend. 132 more words

Bad Day

Historic England now 'queering' history


This beautiful building, which has featured in the TV drama ‘Poirot’ has a secret homosexual history (which we must now have forced down our throats). 237 more words

Hillary Clinton dropping out? Watch out this next month

Hmmm – I watched this video and thought, indeed the fact that anyone saw her ‘collapse’ was suspicious, but then the ‘double’? Well it’s simple, I think the woman was a double (if  for no other reason than the lack of security around her), but a double could only be present if you had planned for this…. 379 more words

White race doomed - and here's a few examples as to why....

Oh this depresses me. When I see anti-child/anti parenthood articles in the Daily Mail, well you know this is designed to continue to advance the narcissistic ‘me, me, me’ generation, and their continual reference to self in every decision. 557 more words

Because There's This Party Mommy Can't Miss Out On...

Thankfully, NO one was HURT, THIS TIME, and no, I still did NOT make THIS up either, from Yahoo!…

A mother left her 2-year-old boy inside a car as she partied in a nightclub. 206 more words

The Consequences Of Life

When shit hits the fan

Well shit did hit the fan today. You always know that bad things can and do happen. As my Daddy says, ” prepare for the worst, hope for the best”. 481 more words