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Chasing Joy (#8)

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks that brought bad news after bad news. I’ve been trying not to let it get to me by allowing myself breaks such as watching a movie or eating some chocolate after work. 342 more words


Are you someone who doesn’t follow the news because it’s “depressing” and “always filled with bad news”? Sometimes when we watch, read or listen to the news it can seem like every story reported is a terrible or depressing event; I’ll definitely be the first to admit that I’ve questioned why the media concentrate so heavily on the bad things in life rather than the good. 391 more words

Fact-checking President Trump’s CPAC speech

Here’s a roundup of some of the 13 of Trump’s more dubious claims he made at CPAC 2017:

“I saw one story recently where they said, ‘Nine people have confirmed.’ There are no nine people.

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This Rally in Stocks is Doomed: Goldman

From Wolf Street, by Wolf Richter

Hoped-for tax reform & infrastructure spending will disappoint.

Stocks have surged to new highs since the election, from already very lofty levels, on the theory that the Trump Administration and Congress would create policies that would pile enormous benefits on Corporate America – and do so pronto. 739 more words


Witches target Trump with mass occult ritual

Prayers are needed for President Trump – please keep him in your daily prayers! My emphasis added below:

“It’s not just a political battle anymore. It’s spiritual warfare now. 65 more words

Afterlife proven? Netflix movie promotes suicide

You and I know there is an afterlife – the bible tells us that, just as it shows us a flat, stationary earth (which is what all our senses tell us is the truth!). 281 more words

Presented without comment

Because there are no words! (Read the full story here: Link)

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