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People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones - Part 2

Oh I’m sorry – I suspect a few of you will get bored with these posts after a bit, but I feel it is my duty to correct the mainstream media’s lies and propaganda. 85 more words

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

It’s an old adage, and a wise one. So when I saw this headline today, I had to say it only took a few minutes to find very good information which counters the narrative. 114 more words

The Powers That Be, Part 29: Life choices

So. It has all come to this.

(and three more chapters of wrap up but shh)

Here is the final part of my very long climax of this story. 4,990 more words


Peter Hitchens catches a sniff of the coming totalitarianism

I’m sure once upon a time I would have found Peter Hitchens to be a stuffy and “ignorant” journalist. In my youth – when I knew everything. 1,375 more words