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her tears

when she cries, the sides of her eyes

crinkle, and she frowns, just a little.

there’s no sobbing or shrieking

like the young ones do. 161 more words


Business as usual

Yesterday’s terrorism in Bibleburg is getting the usual reaction across the Innertubez — shock, horror, dismay, etc., plus the usual elbows being thrown in pursuit of sociopolitical points. 176 more words

Deep Political Thought

Black Friday indeed

“Black Friday” got a whole new meaning in Bibleburg today.

It’s certainly too early to speculate about motive, and probably too late to do anything about the shite job the Founders did on that Second Amendment, … 193 more words


A little NLP guidance for spotting crisis actors

Yes, really. I watched this video:

Watch her eyes. Which direction is she looking up?

When we think, our eyes move in particular directions according to how we are using our brain. 130 more words

Laissez faire economics and the moral imperative

I actually have a qualification in this subject! Lol! I did a GCSE is something called ‘Welfare and Society’ – yes really. Well laissez faire economics is the ideal, isn’t it? 583 more words

Hallucination Caused by His Stroke? Two Hours After His Release from the Hospital, He’d Murdered His Wife, Then, Leapt Off of the Building

This, is the progressions of the deterioration of the mind, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The fifty-seven year-old man, Cheng was hospitalized because of a stroke, and was having delusions, suspected to have been caused by his stroke, he imagined that his wife wanted to abandon him, and leave home, yesterday around noon, no more than two hours after his wife took him home from the hospital, Cheng killed his own wife with a knife, then, leapt off of his building, both of them died. 559 more words

Experiences Of Life

Left Field

Not all surprises are good surprises. Sometimes, a matter of days before Thanksgiving, you’re told that your aunt has stomach cancer. It just comes up out of left field and then its there staring you in the face, and you’re there staring it in the face, unable to react and not exactly sure what to do next. 334 more words

The Story So Far