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Don't Believe In Spanking? This Brat Might Change Your Mind!

Chuck E Cheese is NOT your babysitter! This is the worst behaved child I believe I have ever seen. As a parent, I would be really tempted to smack this brat if he came anywhere near my children, but really, it’s not his fault. 75 more words


Dad, I know what stalking is...

True story…but a bit of background first. I work in HR so I’m exposed to the good, the bad, the ugly and the crazy on a daily basis and sometimes, I share things with my family… 52 more words

Raising Boys

Banned Books: The Products of Bad Parenting

By Theodora Karamanlis

Parents will always be the base of what shapes our principles, our perspective of the surrounding society, and most importantly, our future selves. 4,721 more words

Theodora Karamanlis

Dark Nights, Bad Decisions, and a Litterbug Comet

Just a little while ago I dropped off my two boys for their first day of school. And a few hours before that I made a questionable parental decision. 862 more words


Eyes Sorta Open

The final two Gerbil babies are still holding on. Their eyes are just starting to open which I hope will dissuade their parents from eating them. 17 more words


Terrible Parents Make 8-Year-Old Beat Up A 5-Year-Old And Record Fight

The worst parents of the week award goes to the parents of the 8-year old child in this video. They encourage their daughter to viciously beat up a 5-year old girl. 24 more words


This Bloody Dad Fight Over Their Daughters' Softball Game Got Out Of Hand [Updated With Mug Shots]

“Your daughter is off the team because of you.”

Two dads arguing over a child’s sporting event is nothing new. We’ve seen that happen countless times over the years. 140 more words