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Adult Children of Difficult Parents

Mom. Dad.  Mother.  Father.  Mommy.  Daddy.

These names can evoke a myriad of feelings for most of us.  Love.  Warmth.  Caring.  Affection.  Fear.  Sadness.  Anger.  Yet more times than not, it seems that at least one of these names dredges up some difficult or unpleasant memories, or perhaps ever-present current challenges.  1,349 more words

On Parenting

It's basically revenge porn

Revenge porn, it’s traumatizing,  painful mentally.

And hard to remove from the internet.

Like really hard. News sites are covering how damn hard it is for the… 283 more words

Bad Parents

Crazed Parents Once Again Ruined An Easter Egg Hunt For Children

In what looks like it’s becoming a new annual tradition, parents have once again turned an innocent Easter egg hunt for kids into a dangerous nightmare of screaming and fighting. 254 more words


A path to failure

Going home after college is the worst mistake you can ever make. It happened to me and my life has been miserable ever since. My parents don’t really love me or want me. 520 more words

Sharita2️⃣ *Submitted Anonymously*


There’s a difference between accepting & loving yourself and narcissism. You have a false sense of superiority and grandiose that you mistake for being self confident. 1,119 more words

Deluded Bullies

Where Have All The Parents Gone ... ?

Last week there was a school shooting at a local high school.  Two students were shot and two more injured by shrapnel.  The shooter was a 14-year-old student of Madison Jr./Sr. 1,035 more words

Social Commentary

The Reason A Three-Year-Old Asked A Police Officer For Beer Will Break Your Heart

A Texas woman was arrested and charged with child abandonment and endangerment after her three-year-old daughter was found walking around their apartment complex alone on Saturday. 233 more words