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The power of hindsight: it's always 20/20.

Everyone knows that THEY would be the Perfect Parent whose child would never ever ever have a problem ever: any child who ever has an accident is the child of a Bad Parent. 625 more words


Boy Goes Missing After Parents Leave Him In Bear Infested Forest As Punishment

A 7-year-old Japanese boy has been missing for two days after being left in a forest by his parents as a punishment. The parents of Yamato Tanooka say they left him behind in the woods for five minutes over an incident where he threw stones at cars earlier in the day. 155 more words


RIP Gorilla Harambe. Senseless Killing at Cincinnati Zoo

The parents are to blame. This killing should not have happened and the injured boy’s parents must be charge with child endangerment and all children removed from their care. 327 more words

Gorilla Foundation

Open Letter to Patti Smith, Day 21 (on shame and progress)

I’ve written several times about the “monster” that I thought lived somewhere deep inside me who made me unloveable. I was looking at a blog post from last year about that pesky monster, and as I read my writing about finally getting some therapy (and some lovely pills) when I was in my mid-30s, I was surprised to find myself feeling shame. 1,114 more words

10 Signs That Your Parents Are The Toxic Ones In Your Life

The majority of parents do their absolute best to make sure their child has a healthy and happy upbringing. Sometimes they make small mistakes, but their love is obvious. 840 more words

Divorce: Part 1

Divorce: The legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body.

Sometimes in life the time comes when we must say good-bye and leave. 557 more words

Written in the Stars

by Aisha Saeed
First sentence: “‘Naila, I wish you didn’t have to miss the game,’ Carla tells me.”
Support your local independent bookstore: buy it there… 401 more words