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Detriment By Virginia Carraway Stark


By Virginia Carraway Stark

A Nightmare based on truth.

I was sitting in McDonald’s with my older brother who is now deceased and my younger brother who was grown up. 1,702 more words

#Virginia Carraway Stark

'Loudly Amorous Guests' and Other Aggravating Travelers

I just finished a month performing a one-man standup show in Scotland as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and after a month of traveling I feel especially qualified to comment on this… 467 more words


Thieving Weasels

by Billy Taylor
First sentence: “I would have killed to go to Princeton.”
Support your local independent bookstore: buy it there!
Content: There’s a handful of swear words (no f-bombs that I remember) and some off-screen, implied sex. 333 more words


Why I Taught My Daughter That 'Bad Moms' Are Real Moms (And There's No Such Thing As A Pinterest-Perfect World)

My kids love to watch videos on the computer. My oldest daughter is particularly obsessed with videos made by super moms. The ones that paint their lives perfect on their fresh internet canvas. 860 more words


It’s been too long. This blog was supposed to be something that I wouldn’t fuck up. That’s probably just not something I can do. Not fuck up. 1,834 more words


Bad Parents @ The Lock Tavern 28th August 2016

Camden’s The Lock Tavern was the latest venue Bad Parents played at. This duo consisted of Misty Miller and Tom Shelton plus they even recruited a drummer. 717 more words

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(Loud) Children at Mass and Their Seemingly Careless Parents

A Blog About Selfish People Being Selfish…

Recently, I came across a blog addressing an issue with loud children during the mass. This person described how disruptive they found the children to be during the mass, the parents coming in late, and their choice to sit in the very front when they did finally arrive…did I mention they were late?! 1,324 more words

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