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Totally Off-Topic Today

So I was raised to pretend that I had no emotion. Lately, because of yoga and therapy, my emotions are surfacing, and I am all out of sorts. 1,329 more words


Do you actually want to kill yourself? Why?

That is a question that has been asked to me by the few people that know I have depression and suicidal thoughts.

The answer is usually… complicated. 551 more words


The Tale of That Time We Accidentally Gave Away Our Son at a Mexican Restaurant

I used to say that I’d never take my children out to restaurants, ever. Of course, I said this before I had children, and while I was a server at a restaurant. 1,587 more words


Are You a Good Parent Or a Bad Parent?

The Huffington Post published an article where the author Jane Dimyan Ehrenfeld makes a point that parenting doesn’t necessarily divide up into good parents and bad parents. 654 more words


Eye contact

Their parents never knew. To them, their children were kind. Sure, they were quiet around strangers, but that was to be expected, even desired. It kept them safe to be wary. 408 more words


Open Letter to Joni Mitchell, Day 6: Trust Me. Uhm, No Thanks.

“…I had work to do to make my body bigger and bigger and bigger and safer.” — Roxane Gay, Hunger

I am 18 chapters into Roxane Gay’s… 1,384 more words

Room to Grow/Sailing/You Can't Date a Model/Peckham - Bad Parents

Format: 7″ black vinyl EP

Side A1: finest indie folk flavour vocals aired across a grand canyon of guitar. A smorgasbord of UK country and blues yet proudly sporting an early 90s indie pub vibe. 169 more words