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7 Happiness

Happiness is the greatest feeling.  It ranges from contentment to complete bliss.  From shopping-at-Target-by-myself serenity to I-just-dropped-the-kids-off-for-the-night-at-Grandma’s ecstasy.  It’s important to focus on the good times when you have them.  356 more words


Sprouting Heads? -- Photoshop Ruse

This morning while going through Pinterest (I can’t seem to get enough of that site, now that I’m detoxing from Facebook) and I I came across this picture of a woman apparently photoshopped to be carrying 9 babies.  99 more words


How not to use Photoshop

These are the results when Photoshop is used badly!


On the first day she recreated her boyfriend's old shirt

This has been done a million times before, by way cooler people. The thing is; I DID it.

All the crafty DIY projects I’m checking out on pinterest and I never follow through. 202 more words

simon and franco

this is what i am fantasizing about today (instead of working)—for james franco to play garfunkel in a made for tv movie special.

this is all i want in life.