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The Stunning Conclusion!

My shoe was found!

The traumatic experience that has separated the two unfortunate shoes sees that they will never be the same again. Right-y has said nothing about his take on the ordeal despite his typically loose tongue, but it’s okay. 135 more words

Is the caller operating a jackhammer? No, it’s just bad cell phone reception – shocker!

I never thought I would type this but I miss landline phones.

This morning at 9:43am, while talking to my fella using horrid devices called “Smart Phones” (yeah…), I, for the billionth time, experienced the worst cell phone reception in the history of the entire Universe and all other Universes that may or may not be encompassed within the Universe in which I am reconstructing this moment of horror. 350 more words

Tech Tips

Quick Update number 23423842385208

Hello, hello. It’s been a busy week this week. I just hit 1,400 followers on facebook and I’m working on twitter followers. Oh, I’m trying to provide content on twitter but I just can’t seem to work it. 202 more words

Limited Success

We have been experiencing a significant instability in our internet connection of late. I have a suspicion that it could have something to do with all the leaves now on the trees again.  130 more words