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Goodbye to an Old Friend

We all have something that holds us back. While there can be many things that we attribute to our success and failures, there is usually one major thing that that tends to be the catalyst for upward bliss or a downward spiral. 239 more words

Bad Relationship

The Truth On...Heartbreak

This is a tough one.

I am sat at “home” writing about the utter devastation I feel right now. It’s nearly 12am, I have to be up at 5am…but I just cannot shake the feeling of utter devastation. 582 more words

Bad Relationship

Teen Goes To See Girlfriend...Sees A Shotgun Instead

A teen in Florida went to see his girlfriend yesterday…perhaps a typical high school date to McDonald’s when he got there…the girl’s father-in-law opened the door with a SHOTGUN in his hand. 13 more words


The Truth On...Bad Relationships

Now I know I am not alone in my struggle – everyone has been there.

When a relationship which was once so good turns oh so sour, and what’s worse? 660 more words

Bad Relationship

Are you a misogynistic asshole?

Are you a misogynistic asshole? In case you aren’t sure, let me define that–hatred or dislike of women or girls. According to feminist theory, misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, belittling of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women. 914 more words



I am me
A combustible mix of loneliness and happiness
Vibrating with the need to show
my brokenness
But constantly stuck, like a skipping record… 360 more words

How To Escape A Toxic Relationship & My Story

One of the things I don’t talk about to a lot of people is a time two years ago when I was seeing a guy in my year at Uni. 1,117 more words

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