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The December girl

Only the wind

and the bareness

Of the trees and moon

the night

and the frost.

The stars and

the chill

and you –

The December girl 6 more words


How To Know If You're In A Toxic Relationship (And How To Get Over It — FAST)

Are you in a relationship that is making you feel bad about yourself? Are you doubting yourself or finding you’re having paranoid thoughts about your actions and their impact? 2,738 more words

Boyfriend Problems

I have been dating this guy for the past month now, maybe more. I’ve lost count. And this is the problem. I am supposed to be the “woman” of the relationship, and all I can remember is that we got together after homecoming. 448 more words

Haiku #38 // Disposable Bag

Although you treated

Me like one, I am not a

Disposable bag



I saw you. I saw you hitting him. I saw you manipulating him. I heard you screaming at him. I heard you threatening him. When I caught you the first time, you told me that this is how it’s done in your family. 199 more words

Abusive Relationship

Love and Bliss

With those star crossed eyes, she drooled love and perfection.

Sadly she was lost in his lies of sex and obsession.

He fed off her insecure dreams of hope and rejection, 233 more words