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The Break Up Journal: Hunger Pains

September 14—Today, I began taking Prozac. Fuck birth control. I need the happy pills because I am miserable. Yesterday under a blue, cloudless sky, there was no sex, no kissing, no touching and no willingness to talk about sex, kissing or touching. 458 more words

Break Up

One lie too many

It’s been roughly a month since I spoke to my dad.

Once again he stood in front of me and lied to my face. And what’s worrying is that if my mother hadn’t been there as a witness, it would’ve been blamed on my paranoia or I would’ve been told I’ve gotten confused as usual. 276 more words


Your writing is part of an unhealthy relationship...at least when it isn't working.

I know in last week’s post that I’d promise a craft lesson, but I think there’s something more important that I’d like to talk about today. 524 more words

Let's Get Real- His Friends Are Not Yours

Getting down to business, your boyfriend’s friends are NOT your friends. They may say that you are, but they will always stand on his side. They will always have his back. 301 more words

The Break-Up Journal: Renewed Hope

12 September—Friday used to be my favorite day of the week and now I hate it. I am alone and lonely.

I went to the gym yesterday and then to the diner to say hello to C. 452 more words


Boy Bye...Single Girl Nation

Us girls can sometimes have a hard time letting go of men who don’t need to be in our lives. There are so many times when we know it’s time to let go but we hang on for dear life, all because of the fear of being along. 38 more words

Bad Relationship

Empathy: Seeing It From Their Eyes

I shared in The Most Liberating Verse of My Year and It Could Be Your’s Too how the verse “if possible, as far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all”(Romans 12:8) became a liberating Bible verse releasing the chains of bad relationships.   456 more words