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Feeling flat: A poem for pancake day

Something I wrote a while back…..seemed a good moment to reshare.

Flipping tossers, eh


I wrote down everything that came to mind when I thought of pancake day. 93 more words


3 Alasan Kenapa Kamu Bertahan dalam Hubungan yang Buruk

Mungkin kamu tidak habis pikir kenapa teman kamu masih mau bertahan dalam hubungan percintaannya yang buruk. Kenapa pula teman kamu rela diperlakukan semena-mena oleh pasangannya? Bukannya memutuskan hubungan tersebut, atas nama cinta, teman kamu malah memilih untuk bertahan. 452 more words


It's MY Party

So you think you are going to go to my party? You think it is okay, no problem, that you be there ’cause it’s a free planet, we can go wherever we want. 519 more words

On the 8th day

He wrote.

It was 8:30 this morning as I was doing my hair for the work day ahead and my phone vibrated. The **** in replace of a name showed me it was him. 459 more words

8 days after

Eight days ago I finally walked away, of my own fruition. Away from what? From a relationship where I was emotionally abused. I had no idea it was going on until the moment he actually said to me, “If you were doing to me what I am to you, I would’ve walked away… the emotional abuse.” 378 more words

Broken dreams

This speaks to obsessive, controlling “love” that is one-sided.
Brokenness, cover up of truth/self/other.
How even in the same language and culture two people are like other nations/languages. 144 more words


a twisted desire to send a thank you note

Once there was a man that broke my heart.
When I say ‘broke my heart’, I mean he ripped out my heart while I watched. Then he stomped on it and kicked it into the corner where he left it for the dust bunnies. 286 more words