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Putting Yourself Online 39 - Last call

It’s Thanksgiving weekend, so I usually take this time to call people I haven’t heard of during the year. Top of list, Ivan, of course. In spite him never calling me, every so often I get this feeling that I need to check upon him. 884 more words

Putting Yourself Online

The mind ranges back

there is a poem I wrote more than a year ago.  Something that was for someone.  An unrequited love who was intimate and sharing and all the great stuff.  192 more words


Gag Reflex

You said I cut you to the quick,
when I was picturing the railway
and a train splitting bone.

Funnily, you are well enough
to post letters down the track, 76 more words


Not Worth It

You’re not worth it
Just like
Jumping off a cliff isn’t worth the free fall
Standing in the fire isn’t worth the warmth
Just like… 42 more words


A Feast

Keep your hands clean while you

rip my heart out and cook it on a stick

over a hearth

until medium rare;

wrap a handkerchief around your neck, 42 more words


My year long journey to self-awareness

via Daily Prompt: Aware

I’ve always thought that I knew myself, knew what I would or wouldn’t put up with. I believed I knew what I could and couldn’t take. 782 more words

Do You Have a Toxic Relationship?

Recently, a number of my close friends have all been going through a detox – a relationship detox. One friend has disassociated herself from her family, another is awaiting divorce papers, and another has decided to travel for twelve months to detox from her own toxic troubles. 582 more words