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Making an effort

This relationship has stalled
I want communication
He wants __________
(well if he were speaking to me I would know)
I can guess
I have waited… 521 more words

It Came Out Of My Head

Love : A journey worth traveling

I know I know very subjective right?

If you have loved someone and are with that individual it’s beautiful and if you found love but lost, certainly you would not call it beautiful. 347 more words

Rahul's Blog


Why do people find comfort in staying in relationships that aren’t the best for them? Why don’t they let go and learn to love themselves enough to enjoy life alone until the right person comes by? 174 more words

Jealous Texts Like These Are NOT Cute, They're Red Flags

His jealousy is not cute. His temper is not cute. Wanting to make you his entire world is not cute. It’s a sign of a controlling boyfriend who wants you to have no life outside of him. 23 more words

Beef Drama and Sexuality?!

One of the things I hate the most is manipulation, being manipulated emotionally and realizing you’re a victim of it much later. Of course, I’ve learnt to stand up for myself but sometimes it still enviably happens. 394 more words

Goodbye to Mr. Mailman

We were gonna talk about last night, but when I got home and texted him he said he was busy so we didn’t get to. I honestly have already lost interest. 219 more words


Because they love you

Because they love you does not grant you the right to be a dick
You don’t get to lie about the things in your head that may come bursting out at inopportune times… 175 more words