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I saw you. I saw you hitting him. I saw you manipulating him. I heard you screaming at him. I heard you threatening him. When I caught you the first time, you told me that this is how it’s done in your family. 199 more words


Love and Bliss

With those star crossed eyes, she drooled love and perfection.

Sadly she was lost in his lies of sex and obsession.

He fed off her insecure dreams of hope and rejection, 233 more words


The New Hat

The New Hat

Miranda pulled her threadbare cloak closer, shivering in the cold autumn wind.  The sun was setting as she hurried to the market.  Not much would be left at this hour, but whatever she found would be less expensive. 406 more words


Toxic Relationships

Sometimes we find ourselves in toxic relationships. Toxic relationships are when a person is being abusive, disrespectful, mean and controlling towards us. We may not know how we got there exactly, when did it become toxic, is it actually toxic or are we being too sensitive? 3,998 more words



I don’t know how to just be friends with you without caring way more than I should about your happiness and well-being. I would like to be your friend but I don’t see how it’s possible. 211 more words


This Tree's for You

I know we are still a few months from Christmas, but this tree is for a dear friend of mine. All I heard about recently was how excited he was to put up his tree this year. 585 more words