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I Got A Sign

The day after I got home, my nurse called me to tell me that she was glad that I was alive.  She told me that every time she walked into my room to check on me, she thought that she would find me dead.   546 more words

Baby Daddy


Loving you was gripping sand in both hands.

Grains leaked down cracks of insecurity.

You were always unsure of me because

I crossed my eyes and dotted tea… 100 more words

Nov. 10, The Day I Had My Son

The doctors decided that I needed to have a c-section with my son.  He was growing at a rapid pace, and had I waited until my due date to have him he would exceed 12 pounds.   604 more words

Baby Daddy

A Small Introduction

I am 35 years old.  I have made many mistakes in my life, however the biggest one is going to be the subject of these blog posts. 252 more words

Baby Daddy

Late night thoughts..

As I lie in my bed drifting off to sleep, with our two month old daughter passed out on my chest, I can’t help but to think of you. 578 more words


Remnants of you still remains in my minds open plains. A field of open lies, broken ties and torture that left my eyes blind to what I have seen. 178 more words


Anxiety and a Breakup

I’ve been single now for a week, but my breakup lasted around 5/6 months…

So through all this time I’ve been juggling a number of different things: work, health, relationship, family, housework, etc etc, the list goes on. 413 more words