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Empathy: Seeing It From Their Eyes

I shared in The Most Liberating Verse of My Year and It Could Be Your’s Too how the verse “if possible, as far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all”(Romans 12:8) became a liberating Bible verse releasing the chains of bad relationships.   456 more words

My Bleeding Heart Will Go On: Is it prying or disinterest?

Tis the season for makeouts and breakups. Not sure what it is about the summer months here but people’s libidos go into overdrive which usually results in an abundance of hookups and the dreaded breakup. 1,047 more words

Written By Tiff

I'm a Good Person, but Why am I a Bad Relationship Magnet?

And this is what I always ask myself- why do really nice people attract individuals who are not mature or motivated enough? 

They either end up messing you around or not fighting for you and your relationship. 234 more words


You Want Him, But He's Not What You Need

You want those strong arms wrapped around your middle. You want that sideways grin, that contagious laugh that always brings a smile to your face. You want those dangerous eyes, always switching their focus between you and someone else. 749 more words

Get a drink because this is a long one 

In group therapy we got onto the topic of sex and pregnancy. One of the girls thought she may be pregnant, and after 10 min of talking about these topics it came around to me. 1,091 more words

Past Experiences

If He Does These 5 Things, You're In A Toxic Relationship And Need To Leave

There are plenty of little signs that can point me to believe that someone’s relationship is unhealthy. I have a bunch of readers (mostly female) who reach out to me with their relationship problems and it’s my absolute pleasure to be able to help them dissect their issues and understand where they’re coming from. 579 more words

Dealing with toxic people

If you ever leave your home chances are you have met difficult people.

People who just rub you the wrong way

They may be rude, or insulting or even just being near them gets you annoyed. 124 more words