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“There will be some days where you cry in your car and think about all the reasons why it didn’t work out. But in reality, it doesn’t matter.

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Moving On

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Day 3 – stick with me just a little more, and we’ll move out of the tomb. It’s kind of appropriate anyway, don’t you think? Three days from death to resurrection. 160 more words


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With a mere 11 days to go before I marry an absolute cracking bloke, it’s got me thinking back to my days of (mostly fuck ups) dating. 1,387 more words


August entered with a bang!

Brief rundown of my week…

In the last week, I’ve experienced enough drama to last me till October. Firstly my boyfriend and I called it quits, then my best friend got mad and called me some select choice words he knew would hurt me to the core, had to turn down a friend and I haven’t done anything remotely different all week apart from obessess over UNO & Friends. 679 more words


So, against all better judgement, I got married.

Don’t worry, this was years ago. It is however one of my most spectacular fuck-ups to date, and definitely worth sharing.

Let me take you back to 1999. 1,811 more words



Almost two years ago, I walked away from the abusive reality that I was living. Although I am no longer the victim of abuse, I feel like a victim of my own abuse. 1,373 more words

My Notebook