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The Beginning of OverThoughts

Okay so today I went to church and that’s all good but something happened tonight that just aggravated me, probably more than it should have. We were talking about making decisions and how we change ourselves in relationships. 342 more words

Bad Relationship

3 Terrible Things That Trick You Into Staying In A Toxic Relationship

There are a lot of articles written about how to tell if you’re in the right relationship or not.

However, a lot of women will base this idea on simply their feelings in the present moment. 523 more words

Part Three: What it Really Was: Domestic Abuse

So, this is the aftermath portion of this whole thing, and I am going to put a major TRIGGER WARNING on this, as I am going to talk about sensitive topics (what else is new, right?).  2,375 more words


Erectile Dysfunction and Pornography

Those two words do not seem to go together, but in fact they do. Are you aware that ED does not always mean that you can’t get it up? 605 more words


Steps to take once a relationship goes bad

Once a relationship just isn’t working anymore, we can feel it in our gut. Most of us override that feeling with rationalising and justifying why we should stay because we have already invested a tremendous amount of time, emotion and energy. 618 more words


It's been 7 Years and Sometimes It Feels Like It Was Yesterday

There is something that I haven’t really talked about on this blog. A piece of me that I haven’t shared. It’s funny, how a person can be so open on one subject but so guarded on another topic. 817 more words

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#22 Too Much In Love (or Stalker, Ahoy!)

“Will DeeDee’s dependence chase Bill away?”

Yeesh. Pictured in prime stage 5 clinger mode on the cover is one DeeDee Gordon. The object of her obsession is her surfer boy beau, Bill Chase. 1,249 more words

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