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This is one of the videos that I created for my youtube channel, and after few months analizing about the reason we, as colombians, have so bad reputation around the world. 22 more words




Before I go into this subject I want to introduce myself and tell you all a little big about me and my surroudings this will give you a little bit ideas about why I  talk about some subjects that for some can be irrelevant or useless, and the why of some  of my points of view.  875 more words


Music Video Friday: Joan Jett - Bad Reputation 

Today’s video is Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation. Why? Because I’m finally watching Freaks And Geeks & this song has been stuck in my head for weeks since it’s the show’s theme tune. 347 more words


Adelitas Way – Getaway – Album Review - 64%

The new album, Getaway, was released in February 2016 by The Vegas Syn/The Fuel Music. Adelitas Way is from Las Vegas and formed back in 2006. 592 more words

Album Review

Bad Reputation - A Millennial on Other Millennials

We are often told to be a certain way when we grow up. We have to follow these rules, written and unspoken. These rules change depending on things like whom we are speaking to, where we are, and what message we are trying to get across. 1,086 more words


1994: Nobody's Going To Tell Me Who To Love

Four months and six entries later, we’re done with 1994 on 100 Albums. I originally posted a ’94 mix two years ago after being inundated with a slew of think pieces inspired by 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death; I stand by what I wrote then, though admittedly I forgot I had already mentioned my story of hearing Portishead for the first time when I posted my essay on… 239 more words

Kriofske Mixes


If you have never heard of Adelitas Way before, consider this your introduction. These guys are, in my opinion, one of the most talented rock bands that have not taken off to achieve the popularity they so rightfully deserve. 827 more words