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Track Of The Day - Bad Reputation by Joan Jett

Pretty much the unofficial theme of Shrek, this 1981 rock anthem is the best way to start any day, or start any night. Although the name Joan might not inspire the same level of camaraderie that the track itself does, Joan certainly delivers with a harsh and shouty vocal, sounding reminiscent of the Ramones with a hint of the Sex Pistols. 27 more words

Track Of The Day

Thin Lizzy, Phil Lynott, and the Song Renegade

If there is a band that is underrated, it is Thin Lizzy.  As far as rock band with two guitar, bass, and drums goes they as good as anyone.   392 more words


#1 Double Love

“Share the continuing story of the Wakefield twins and their friends- their laughter, heartaches, and dreams.”

Where, oh where, do I even start with this book? 1,304 more words

Books #1-20

I've always been that girl

The one that people always seem to assume comes from the wrong side of the tracks. The one who everyone looks down their noses at. The one that families hate during that first introduction. 275 more words

Mental Health

Bad Reputation

When you live in a country where a majority of its people aren’t Caucasian, you’re confronted with a lot of stereotypes about westerners. Most often, those preconceived notions are fairly negative. 731 more words

My Life In Taiwan

The Flirt's Reputation

James Alexander Wu

“As an aspiring man, the worst thing you can do is earn the Flirt’s reputation.”

As I finish my senior year in high school, I get the chance to see countless younger lads attempt to court ladies they like.

847 more words

Reputation Management Tips And Tricks You Should Know

Reputations are very important to businesses. A bad reputation drives customers away. A great one keep them coming back for more. Since customers and clients are vital to your business, so is your reputation. 283 more words