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Published: Are Statistics Misleading Sodium Reduction Benefits?

Salt Increases BP? Really? So does when I am hungry, or angry, or forgot to take a deep breath!

My article (only a one-pager) on blood pressureĀ and salt is finally out in print in a medical academic journal ( 185 more words


Review - BSI: Bureau of Supernatural Investigation by C. J. Pinard #DNF

I was so excited to get BSI for free on Amazon. I love “Supernatural Cop” stories, and this sounded right up my alley. Sadly, I was disappointed. 283 more words


The Guardian's Office - Freedom magazine Issue #1 - THIS is 'research'?

Hamstrung by Hubbard’s usually incomplete (and therefore misleading) and mostly completely inaccurate conspiracy finger-pointing – the Guardian’s Office was guilty of actually forwarding an… 1,801 more words

Historical Research

Smoking nazis and bad research again

It is bad enough when a parent or parents lose a child to SIDS but these false claims that smoking had anything to do with the death of the child makes me utterly enraged. 1,101 more words

FDA: watching the watchmen

It appears as if the FDA is covering up bad research.

This is the FDA, the agency that is charged with protecting Americans from bad drugs. 32 more words

How *not* to approach your doctoral viva exam. Or indeed your research.

If there were a league table of cool places to do doctoral degrees, it would have to be topped by Finland. It’s the only place I know where you are given a top hat and a sword on graduation (see picture), which is rather like being transformed into a rather elegant academic Ninja. 1,517 more words


1 in 100: A Human Decency Principle (With Special Thanks to Mark H. Hendricks)

I have never met Mark H. Hendricks, but he just became my new favorite person. As far as I am concerned, he is a glowing beacon of humanity in a very dark, dark world of idiots and imbeciles. 870 more words

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