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Bad reviews are good for business!

We manage the social media promotions for a technology company and we received a comment from one of their customers on their Facebook page, stating that they are unhappy with the support provided by the organisation. 114 more words

Corporate Stories

The Dreaded "DNF": When A Reader Rejects You

Okay, so… being an author is funny. Not funny in the, “Oh, haha, this is a barrel of shits and giggles,”—though, I struggle to find the joy in a barrel of shit—but funny in the more accurate, “I pour my heart and soul into every word of this piece of paper and then ask people I will never meet to shred it to literary pieces because I seek validation by my peers and already know I’m a hack but I will keep writing and do it all over again because I am also a masochist,” way. 1,118 more words

Book Reviews

Your Good Friend, The One Star Review

If you’re working on a book, I hate to break it to you, but you’re going to get negative feedback. It can range from critiques about the plot or the editing or the characters or any number of things. 487 more words


Good, Bad, or indifferent?

What is the most important achievement in an author’s life?

I can think of many thinks that are equally important, like

Completing a novel

Seeing your book in print… 218 more words

Life As An Author

The Kiss of Death eBook Review

With the advent of cyberspace and the ability to become a self-published author, independent of a publishing company, the role of an author in the 21st Century is different than previous centuries.  571 more words


Vodafone offering the worst customer service Ever!!

The Biggest Telecom giants like Vodafone, Airtel, Reliance etc promise to offer fascinating services just to stand out of clutters and cover more target audience or turn them against their provider by offering better package, 332 more words

When Reviews Go Bad

So I took a bit of a gamble the other day. Usually I have a schedule of books that I’ll read in order, to make sure that I get reviews enough for the weeks ahead. 749 more words