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Trolls exist . . . it's true, they steal your socks! #writing #amwriting #author #romance #fantasy

Any author who has novels on the market knows about “those reviews”. You know those bad reviews where you just know that the person sitting on the other side of the screen typed those nasty-beyond-nasty words just out of spite. 1,027 more words

Adventures In Writing A Novel

5 Tips on How to Take Criticism

There comes a point in time in every writer’s work when you send your little baby manuscript out into the world for feedback. You wait in agony for it to be read, only to get it back covered in criticism. 315 more words

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Why the Reader Put That Book Down

I do a ridiculous amount of reading because it is part of my job as a writer. My job in particular because I blog about craft. 1,521 more words

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Burger hunt 2

The weekend food outings started with a burger at D’ark in Bangkok.  I didn’t give it a very good review.  It was a long weekend in Thailand and by Monday night I was still in the mood for a burger.   257 more words

Bad Reviews

Burger Hunt 1

In my travels I normally can only get normal local food, but I am always looking for a burger.  I had this one today…looks good, taste like shit.   62 more words


Congress Wants To Protect Your Right To Post Bad Reviews

Bad reviews are a fact of life in our post-Yelp world. Sometimes they’re used for hilarity, sometimes for revenge, but they’re always going to be there. 220 more words

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2016 Library Challenge: A Book with a Bad Review


Worst thing I have ever read.

This book stinks!

Ever read any of these on an Amazon review? Ever intentionally sought out books with bad reviews?  606 more words

2016 Book Challenge