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My Ultimate Rejection Letter

A publisher that I’d met at a party once asked me,

“Would you like my honest opinion on your work?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“It’s worthless,” he said. 319 more words

A Complainer's Lament

When it comes to complaints, I’m better at the big picture. Inequities have a direct line to my indignation engine, so to speak. But for the smaller stuff – bad meals, long waits, disappointing goods or services – my strategy is different. 470 more words

Tuesday Topics


This blog post is going to be about constructive criticism, as a person who is bafflingly anonymous has accused me of not being receptive to it. 1,236 more words

Selections from One-Star Amazon Reviews of William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury



the biggest muddle

a bad ear for dialog

This is a strange book

so-called literary experts

I am an aficionado of classic literature… 556 more words


Why I'm not writing bad reviews anymore?

I started wondering recently why almost all of my recent reviews are positive. When I started this blog there has been few bad ones, so what happened? 218 more words

Book Review

To fake it, or not to fake it . . . #writing #amwriting #author #romance #fantasy #paranormal

I have been blessed with fantastic writer friends. Yes, I am one of the lucky ones that can say that.

In the past several months, in an effort to make more time for reading, I’ve been challenging myself to a book a month—a challenge that I’ve been able to keep. 496 more words

Adventures In Writing A Novel

Bad reviews = good company! #1-starClassics #SundayBlogShare

When I get a bad review…

I play the one-star game. It’s easy! Just take any classic work of literature, and check out its one-star reviews. 410 more words