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17 Types Of Sex Every Healthy Couple Has

1. Special occasion sex.

Cuz it’s his birthday or Christmas or his dog just died and you’re like “we should prolly…”

2. Sleep sex.

When you kinda wake up to a dispassionate butt-grab and decide to roll with it. 337 more words

Eating Out

Have you ever laid down in your bed, super casual, and just so happen to look down at the guy who’s going down on you? You only see like, maybe half of their nose, up. 578 more words

Indie Bookstores + Indie Fiction: 3 Books (and Publishers!) You Should Know

We love to celebrate our independence here at BookPeople. We also love to celebrate INDIE FICTION, books that have been published by small and independent presses. 958 more words

Just Ight


Turning to the Internet for action has been very “hit or miss”. I met this one guy who… kinda seemed promising. … Just not really. 554 more words


Ho Ho Ho!

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Honestly, Christmas is not as much exciting for me as it was when I was young. Somewhere in between halloween candies and black Friday shopping, people lost the essence of holiday spirit. 440 more words

6 Stages a Woman Goes Through When Enduring the Worst Sex of Her Life

You know how some people say there is no such thing as bad pizza — bad chocolate — bad sex?

Guess what? They were wrong! There is such a thing as bad sex and enduring it — well, enduring it requires the patience of a saint and the desire to avoid smacking the crap out of your bedmate. 41 more words


What have you been doing???

Last night a good friend said to me “But what have you been doing all these years?” And I had to respond that I had no idea! 149 more words