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'Murica Chicago: part 14

I had set my watch back an hour when we landed in Chicago because Florida was EDT and Illinois CDT. I might not have bothered to change the time, after all the only thing we really had scheduled was our flight home, but we landed on Friday the fourth and Sunday morning come two a.m. 819 more words


Bad Sex...R18+

It’s not every time epic sex and orgasms. Sometimes people just don’t click and then they end up having…this:


I lay on the lumpy bed and closed my eyes. 607 more words


Meeting HAF

Now the girls know most of my dating stories and knew I had arranged a meeting with him and cancelled, they did not know that I rearranged for last week! 516 more words


Don't fall for a Scab Man my opinion only

This is my Blog Post on Scab Men and don’t fall for one or you’ll find yourself in Hell.

Being called a Scab is your average 9 to 5, 40-50 year old guy who usually works in that extreme dead-end job and has extra, extra bullshit of baggage. 749 more words

Just My Opinion

Bad Sex

Fuck this, I say, pulling off another condom.
The mood’s long gone.
And me and this girl? We’re not vibing right.
As we bump and buffet like Thunderbirds puppets. 343 more words


33 Shitty Types Of Sex Every Woman Suffers Through At Least Once

1. Sex where you’re so close to cumming, but he stops before it actually happens.

2. Sex where he doesn’t even try to make you cum. 422 more words

What Must Happen When The Sex Sucks?

This blog post is based on my opinions.  I am not speaking on behalf of anyone else but me and me alone.  I think the greatest turn off in this whole wide world is a guy who wears this type of underwear.   798 more words