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Summertime Sadness Pt. 2- Can't Get It Up

Since losing the best cock since my last boyfriend, I got desperate. It’s not my fault I’ve horny as all hell. Look we all have needs, and I will be the first to admit that I love me a good pounding. 1,231 more words


Bad scene

So I had an icky experience Friday night. And I kinda knew it was going to be icky but I did it anyway.

This is not full… 1,561 more words


The Phoenix Project - Jacquelyn Frank

Author: Jacquelyn Frak
Series: Morphate #1

Pages: 142

Held captive, Amara is subjected to bizarre experiments that test the limits of her sanity. But nothing prepares her for being locked away–naked–with a sexy ex-cop… after they’ve been pumped full of drugs that increase their sexual appetites to animalistic intensity…

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Bad Romance

Have you ever had sex and it was so bad that you felt like you owed your vagina an apology when it was finally over? That was me Sunday night.  489 more words


Part 1: All your light in me

Thea clutched her stomach as the boat lurched. The pitching and tossing of the boat had turned her insides upside-down and had made her face a most unbecoming shade of green. 735 more words


Bad Sex

There, I finally said it. My ex and I had BAD SEX. I have only slept with 3 people in my life, but I know bad sex when I have it. 369 more words


C*cky Neighbor - Fettucine Holliday

Author: Fettucine Holliday
Pages: 16

This super fun book is about a conveniently close male heterosexual and the lady who parts her drapes for him. He shows her what a real man is, and satisfies(MT) her completely.

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