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You're Fucking All Wrong

Tantra is said to be the exploration of sexual energy. It is the practice that sexual acts can connect you and your partner to the highest power. 718 more words


Of Sex Diaries, Diets and Cloggy Organs...

There should be a law against having wall shaking, bed breaking, floor thudding, window rattling sex, in particular if you live in the above apartment of someone who isn’t getting any, is on a sex restricted diet with ‘cheat days’ or hasn’t gotten any in a while. 738 more words


Anyone can have sex... but few have GREAT sex

Anyone can have sex. Most people can have good sex. But few people ever had or will have GREAT sex. Few ever experience mind blowing, paralyzing sex… activating the entire body, at the highest vibration, where two energetically merge and become one. 165 more words

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Houston, we have a problem...

I know there can be some good medical reasons for it but let’s call it what it is…erectile dysfunction.

We kissed and made out and fondled around and… 319 more words


Age Old Love Questions: Bigger Better, Boring Sex & Cheaters

Wednesday was all about — Age Old Love Questions — Check out our top answers!

If she exchanges the engagement ring, does it mean she doesn’t love you? 392 more words

Bet On Black

The ongoing shitstorm surrounding the hook-up website Ashley Madison only solidifies a point I’ve been making for years: Married women are much more likely to have sex with your husband than single women. 795 more words

Single 180