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Perhaps my expectations are too high, but last night fell flat.  To start off, he wasn’t 6ft tall, as he had said, he was at least a couple inches shorter.   372 more words


On love

It is a sad thing to have your emotions stimulated and your body dry. To find prince charming only to realise his only talent is to kiss you goodnight (or good morning). 69 more words

Everyday Crisis

Do You Want to Teach a New Lover to Please You?

On Being Mary Jane Kara is schooling her latest lover on sex and hates having to do it.

At a certain age are you willing to still teach someone how to please you sexually or should they over 35 come already prepared? 267 more words

Bet On Black

How To Avoid A Sex Binge

First of all what in the world is a sex binge???

Like alcohol and other recreational drug users can go on a weekend binge or longer, so can sexual behaviors. 1,059 more words

Emotional Wellness

The Time I Dated a Portuguese Man o' War

Another really stupid mistake on my part. Right after I graduated college I had found a decent job in a professional office. Every week, however, people were getting fired little by little. 713 more words


16 Tragically Hilarious Times Sex Went So Wrong That People Just Bounced Out Halfway Through

1. Open wound

We spotted blood, it turned out to be a small split in my frenulum (the string of skin that anchors the foreskin to the head.) My dick was bleeding, it was “owie”.

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Women Reveal The Worst Sex They’ve Ever Had

There’s mind-blowing sex, there’s passionate sex ala Ryan and Reese in Cruel Intentions, there’s kinky and fun sex, and then there’s…bad sex. The worst of its kind, bad sex is something every girl has experienced, will always remember and have probably told all her friends about it. 550 more words