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11 Signs The Sex Sucks (But She's Too Nice To Tell You)

1. She never comments on your performance. She’s never called you a good kisser, talked about how hard you made her orgasm, or mentioned how much she loves that position you used. 561 more words

Let’s All Try And Do Less Ramen Noodle Sex

You know the kind I’m talking about. While you may not have ever heard of it being referred to that before, the name definitely does stand. 692 more words

19 Men And Women Confess To The One NSFL Sexual Encounter They 100% Regret

1. Just Skip This One If you don’t have a strong stomach

I dated a girl that didn’t really know much about…well anything, really, but more so her own lady parts.

3,185 more words

A Short Story about Bad Sex

Picture this; you’re having a carefree moment on the d-floor at a club you don’t really like when a reasonably attractive guy gingerly moves in and touches you. 451 more words

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32 Women Describe The Worst Sex They’ve Ever Had

Found on AskReddit.

1. Three words: three-inch dick.

“Three words: three-inch dick. He was grossly overweight and refused to take off his pants. It didn’t even remotely make it inside me.” 3,745 more words


Perhaps my expectations are too high, but last night fell flat.  To start off, he wasn’t 6ft tall, as he had said, he was at least a couple inches shorter.   372 more words


Do You Want to Teach a New Lover to Please You?

On Being Mary Jane Kara is schooling her latest lover on sex and hates having to do it.

At a certain age are you willing to still teach someone how to please you sexually or should they over 35 come already prepared? 267 more words

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