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Bad Sex

Ben Okri ended up winning this years Literary Review Bad Sex in Fiction award… My money was on Wilbur Smith all the way.

Literary Review Bad Sex Award Shortlist 2014… 552 more words


Fake It Till You Make It

Abbi Rode wrote this brilliant blog post about an awful guy telling her when she was 18 that she was crap at blow jobs/hand jobs etc and that made her determined to become the best blow job a guy ever had. 589 more words


First Date

Well I ended up going out with John last night. Had a few drinks talked a lot about a little bit of everything. It was a good night with lots of flirting, a little innuendo, a sneaked kiss here and there and overall a good time so as the bar was getting ready to close I invited him back to the house. 484 more words


If you're not really having an orgasm, stop f*cking faking it, ladies.

Tonight I attended Michael Kimmel’s talk about his book Guyland: The Perilous World where Boys become Men. That shit was enlightening. I learned so much and I feel like if I don’t write this blog right now, I’m doing his talk a disservice. 420 more words

Same old s***

I think the worst time was with Mike. Or at least, if I wrote a list of crap sexual experiences, he’d have a good chance of making the top ten. 1,101 more words


I Love You, You Fucking Asshole!!!

This is another tidbit from my time with the personal trainer; it would’ve been too much to write in one post so I decided to post it separately. 344 more words


and now in..Not Sexy.

Westies can talk about sex. a lot. sometimes. and we will discuss it all. #NOJUDGEMENT (again. I am JUDGING the SHIT out of these useless condoms. 200 more words