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"The OCD Pencil Penis"

Location: Toronto // Bedroom Rating: 3/10 // Overall Experience: 6/10

I already feel bad retelling this story because K was actually a sweetheart and a gentlemen… but this nice Tinder boy I met online turned out to be quite the tale… 907 more words

"The Blackout"

Location: Scarborough // Bedroom Rating: 1/10 // Overall Experience 3/10

I had experienced a little bit of trend of inexperienced young ones, so I decided to slide the tinder age range up a bit. 767 more words

Some Casual-ties

Cole Beckford and I broke up in June of 2003.  Our number one problem was our lack of a sex-life so it was no wonder that I went the other way for a while.  312 more words


Frigidly Yours

I just found out my ex-boyfriend Kevin is getting married and I am so happy for him. I sincerely hope he’s found everything he’s looking for, but couldn’t find with me. 447 more words


27 Ridiculous Thoughts A Woman Has During A Bad One Night Stand

When it come to a one night stand we have all our fair share of less than amazing encounters. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. 266 more words

No. 9

So No. 9 happened and dear lord I wish it hadn’t. Have you ever just had the worst sex possible and just thought to yourself, ‘how is that actually possible? 474 more words

How Bad At Sex Are You?

This has never happened to me before, I swear!
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Tick off all the things you've done during sex. 10 more words