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Sex for sushi

It’s been a while since I reported yet another failed online attempt at romance. Not because I haven’t had any, but because I had way too many and it was hard to keep up with them. 1,058 more words


Payton Interview: horrible sex, great sex, revenge fucks, hot drunk horny friends

Interview with Payton

I needed to get out of the house and went to a local dive bar around 11pm tonight, and there I met Payton and her friend. 1,641 more words


Book: Jan Stryvant's Black Friday - "Was he out of clean underwear again"

The cover of ‘Black Friday’ and it being on Kindle Unlimited were why I read this book – in fairness the cover also should have given me an early warning of the content… 173 more words


Lousy F*ck

This post is for all the guys out there.

There’s something you need to hear and I’m gonna be the one to say it:

Aftercare. 195 more words


Don't spare the details

We can talk about the effects of porn in the abstract, but in reality, so many young women have had questionable experiences as a result of mainstream porn. 387 more words


Eye See You, Why Doesn't Your Eye See Me?

The penalty of not looking into the eyes of the person you are clinking glasses with during a toast is 7 years of bad sex.  Yep. 714 more words

Advice for boys with big dicks

So it’s happened a few times now where the guy just didn’t seem to know that the girth of his member was larger than normal. This has led to problems sustaining an erection while trying to use normal sized condoms. 109 more words

Finding The One(s)