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The last couple days have been so full of dreams that I honestly can’t remember most of them by the time I get to my computer. 333 more words

Insomnia Is Back!

I’ll probably end up losing my mind while I am typing this because I took my meds for sleeping. Even though I took my meds an hour ago I am still not sleepy at all. 1,023 more words


Six Signs You Need To Use A Vacation Or Sick Day

Don’t you hate when a coworker asks you if you are feeling ok?  Well, that may be a sign that YOU need to take a sick day or maybe even a full vacation! 228 more words


Day 86: Hospital sleep

I was in hospital recently with my son (for some tests and yes, he’s fine). I felt for all the weary parents who would just manage to doze off to the sound of beeping monitors and whimpering children, only to wake as a quiet nurse slipped past to whisper to the mum behind the adjoining curtain.


Oh no...

I officially declare myself sick. There’s two kinds of sick, one where you just a touch of a bug and can sleep it off. Then there is sick. 545 more words


Viruses and deceased hamsters

I have good news and bad news. The good news is I now know what a hamster looks like…the bad news is I don’t know what a live one looks like. 512 more words


Injuries and Neck Pain

Once more I have bled for this computer. I took everything apart and checked everything over to see if anything was causing the situation where it freezes or shuts off. 891 more words