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January 28/2015 - Phew

Hey Pandas!

I was so exhausted yesterday so I went to bed at 8, (just like an old lady) And got woken up at 9 by my mum calling to see if I was wake… Manage to fall back to sleep but got woken up at 10:30 by my dog walking around the apartment checking into the bedroom to see if I was awake.. 119 more words


my thoughts are killing me...

my thoughts are killing me. I cant sleep because my brain is just stuffed with thoughts. When i try to relax i can concentrate about for about 3 minutes until the thoughts pop up again. 16 more words

Let’s Bounce Back After Bad Night’s Sleep

If you have had some disturbed sleep at night, then perhaps you were up till the late night scrolling through your facebook posts probably with mug of coffee as well or you may have been a bit disturbed. 391 more words

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The Stress of Eating - 11/4/14

Let’s get this out of the way right up front. I overate yesterday, and I’m probably going to overeat today. I’m stressed out, and I’m eating like it. 125 more words


Dry morning

Thanks for all the likes and sweet comments on my last post! It gave me more confident with the eyelashes <3

I went to bed directly after a shower yesterday. 67 more words

Day 25: Condiments and DOMS

Day 25! It’s like Christmas! Only different.

I had a good day! Everything went smoothly and I think if I hadn’t set my alarm for Gym Time and would have set it an hour later for Work Time, I would have slept all night! 657 more words

Bad sleep may increase suicide risk in older adults

Washington, Aug 14 (IANS) Older adults who complain of poor sleep quality, independent of a depressed mood, are at increased risk for suicide, says a study. 171 more words