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Fate whips me

I woke up to a nightmare last night (unfortunately it’s very common nowdays and I sleep pretty bad) then when I wanted to turn onto my other side and pull my blanket up, somehow I managed to let it go (I guess it stucked and I couldn’t pull it up, but I was half asleep) and my hand flew and flew above my head, and I hit it into the edge which goes along above my bed (it can be seen in the picture the post before). 108 more words



The last couple days have been so full of dreams that I honestly can’t remember most of them by the time I get to my computer. 333 more words

Insomnia Is Back!

I’ll probably end up losing my mind while I am typing this because I took my meds for sleeping. Even though I took my meds an hour ago I am still not sleepy at all. 1,023 more words


Six Signs You Need To Use A Vacation Or Sick Day

Don’t you hate when a coworker asks you if you are feeling ok?  Well, that may be a sign that YOU need to take a sick day or maybe even a full vacation! 228 more words


Day 86: Hospital sleep

I was in hospital recently with my son (for some tests and yes, he’s fine). I felt for all the weary parents who would just manage to doze off to the sound of beeping monitors and whimpering children, only to wake as a quiet nurse slipped past to whisper to the mum behind the adjoining curtain.


Oh no...

I officially declare myself sick. There’s two kinds of sick, one where you just a touch of a bug and can sleep it off. Then there is sick. 545 more words


Viruses and deceased hamsters

I have good news and bad news. The good news is I now know what a hamster looks like…the bad news is I don’t know what a live one looks like. 512 more words