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Dear all my neighbours in the entire building,

Are you okay?????  First of all, it was super quiet this morning.  Don’t get me wrong, it was fantastic!  I slept right up until my alarm, puttered around in a blissful morning peace that was a real throwback to Watertown (Northern New York redefines ‘quiet’, seriously), and skipped merrily to my front door feeling fabulous, fierce, and ready to face the day! 423 more words


A Response to Mike Cohns Comments on 64% of Software Features Rarely or Never Used

I have a saying.  “Scrum Trainers usually agree on 99% of Scrum, but they spend a lot of time debating the other 1%.”

Let me say this first.  705 more words


If you're not crazy, I'm not crazy.

This is it.  The beginning of something.  Right now…. it’s going to be about life.  I just wrote a long, beautiful, perfect beginning and then totally lost it with one click of the wrong button.   366 more words

Bad Boyfriends

Focus on Telling User Stories, NOT Writing User Stories

Ebin Poovathany has written a wonderful article on how we should focus more on the verbal conversation aspects of User Stories rather than focusing too much attention on “writing” User Stories. 189 more words


New York City "Stench Map"

At the London Museum of Water and Steam I learned a lot about the misunderstandings that people during the steam era had when it came to disease transmission. 133 more words


Causes of Vagina Bad Smells!

All women have it’s own unique smell of their vagina. But when a women experience extreme bad smell and it feels like you can smell it even when you are wearing underwear or when you are totally confused about that bad smell. 240 more words

All About Women Thing

191. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Tuesday, March 10th, 6:00pm
Melvin and Scott

Melvin: Holy shit man, did you fart?

Scott: No…?

Melvin: No way man. It was you. I’d know your farts anywhere man! 61 more words

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