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don't like surprises

One of the things I don’t understand is what people find surprising.

For example, I flew home from Auckland last Thursday — early check-in, so the common physiological imperative that normally hits me around 9:30 didn’t strike until I was 35,000 feet in the air above Bass Strait.   402 more words

Random Thoughts

The Office Microwave Smell Zone

Yesterday I was walking down the office hall at about 11:30 when I encountered a sphere of odor so pungent it had an almost physical impact.   375 more words



“Damn gina, your pee smells horrible.” That’s what I said to myself. Basically all day today because I have been eating asparagus with my lunch for the last 3 days and it shows… and also smells. 64 more words

Vulnerable Positions

In a strange city and state, I had to get across town to my hotel. Instead of hoofing it to the metro or hailing a cab, I called for an Uber. 562 more words


Dear Cooper,

You’re a great roommate, and things have been going pretty well for the past 8 years, but there are a couple of issues I need to address.   689 more words


Dear next door neighbour,

No, not you, my Speedo-wearing Buddhist friend.  YOU, my neighbour on the other side, the one whose kitchen shares a wall with my bathroom (a MAJOUR design flaw by whoever carved up what must have at one time been a truly beautiful building into the mess of over-crowded humanity it is now). 438 more words

Oh The Humanity

Dear all my neighbours in the entire building,

Are you okay?????  First of all, it was super quiet this morning.  Don’t get me wrong, it was fantastic!  I slept right up until my alarm, puttered around in a blissful morning peace that was a real throwback to Watertown (Northern New York redefines ‘quiet’, seriously), and skipped merrily to my front door feeling fabulous, fierce, and ready to face the day! 423 more words