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Something Doesn't Smell Right

Yesterday was a particularly long day. I had a list a mile long and found very little time to tackle any of the to-dos on that list. 421 more words

#1262 - Fridgethulu

The culprit was a combination of things that’s been in the fridge for a week or so. Sometimes food goes bad. Real bad.

Sketch A Day

Day 107: mine foe estate: most things rot ‘n the dark

Claire observed to me recently that my facebook updates paint a rosy picture of post-separated life; and I think that, by and large, that is true. 1,078 more words

don't like surprises

One of the things I don’t understand is what people find surprising.

For example, I flew home from Auckland last Thursday — early check-in, so the common physiological imperative that normally hits me around 9:30 didn’t strike until I was 35,000 feet in the air above Bass Strait.   402 more words

Random Thoughts

The Office Microwave Smell Zone

Yesterday I was walking down the office hall at about 11:30 when I encountered a sphere of odor so pungent it had an almost physical impact.   375 more words



“Damn gina, your pee smells horrible.” That’s what I said to myself. Basically all day today because I have been eating asparagus with my lunch for the last 3 days and it shows… and also smells. 64 more words

Vulnerable Positions

In a strange city and state, I had to get across town to my hotel. Instead of hoofing it to the metro or hailing a cab, I called for an Uber. 562 more words