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Bad Surprise by Blair Gaulton

Bad Surprise
The biggest mistake
was leaving your arms, he said;
as they lay together in bed.
Woke up in the morning, she was dead. 9 more words


SLGo's video stream - WAY Too Much of a Good Thing

My first whole month on SLGo, the wonderful service https://slgo.onlive.com/ that allows those of us with iPads, Android phones and laptops that sell for US$50 on eBay to enjoy Ultra resolution Second Lives at very high (for old computers) frame rates was rapturous.   402 more words

Second Life

What to say…

It was my turn to pick the “family Christmas present” this year or last year since it’s now 2013. I bought a tread-mill. The (bad) news was taken the hard way from hubby…I guess I didn’t do things right buying it… and then telling him. 714 more words


Why surprises aren't always a good thing. Oh, and a Chuck Norris baby.

Good morning, world! I had what I thought was an NT scan or Nuchal scan at the OB today to test for Down’s Syndrome. I guess I got my appointments switched and the NT scan is actually in 2 weeks. 710 more words

Side effect

I can’t think
I need a drink,
Heard the conclusion
now I’m ready to swallow the confusion.
and still can’t think,
all is blur… 19 more words


One more reason to finish the basement...

(crash…bang…silence…toy train sounds)
Me: (coming downstairs to the basement) What’s going on?
Oscar: Nothing, I’m just playing trains.
Me: Ok. I’m going to do some laundry. 16 more words